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Hector Enrique Del Toro
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    lost, looking for what belongs to him
  3. Morale
    better to die standing, than on your knees
  4. Date of birth
    1985-12-07 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Michoacan, Mexico
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Spanish, English
  9. Religion
    someone is out there...just haven't found it yet


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
    normal, everyday
  4. Hair
    black and short
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    has many scars on his body, is determined
  8. Equipment
    A picture of his daughter
  9. Occupation
    Cartel hired hitman


My name is Hector Enrique Del Toro. I don't know how I'am still alive. Well lets start from the beginning.
It was almost like yesterday, when she came into my life and stole my heart when i was 27yrs old. This beautiful creature standing infront of me, because her mother was killed in the streets of Mexico. She was caught in a gun fight between two gangs, she was walking home from work and just was in the wrong place and wrong time. My daughters mother and i didn't get along because of the life i lived, so i never even seen my daughter until she was brought to me after her mothers death.
My family is from and lives in Mexico. My family is not like other families. Some families spend holidays together and working to enjoy each other. My family is all work and Cartel business is all my family is involved in. From running guns to sending every kind of drugs to those who require our product. Our Cartel is our family and I'am about to tell you how my life Changed when Alita came into my life. I wasn't involved with drugs, but guns and what guns do is what i felt most comfortable with. My fathers of the Cartel started me as someone that would help and collect form people that didn't pay or that needed someone to reminding to them who's money and product they were using. i got use to killing, it came easy to me, "doing it for the family" is what I was always told. As i grew with my Cartel family i came a contract killer form our family and some of our close friends. i liked the hunt and the mission that was given to me on every task and i was good at it. So one day at dinner i remember most of the family was eating and talking and the sound of music and chatter was almost too much to take, but it was normal. This woman comes in the hall where we are having dinner and asked for me, my fathers ask me to take of this before they see or hear something they didn't need to. I followed the women to the hallway near the front door and she told me the story of my daughter and her mother was dead and i was the father!....The woman leaves and my daughter just stared up at me and i was almost fell in tears staring and the angel that was dropped to me. I remember falling to my knees and hugging her and telling her i was sorry for not being there for her, but i would be there now and she would never have to worry again.
Now few years have pasted and as much as i tried to keep Alita form Cartel business, my fathers told me that she would need to learn someday, because it was the way. So i taught her what i know best. She knew i was a killer and i did it for my family, But as i taught her i felt like i needed to give her a better life than here, with the Cartel, with these people, this life. One day i went to talk to all the fathers of the family and believe me, it was the hardest thing to tell them that i wanted out and to leave with Alita and have a normal life. They laughed and told me the only way i would leave if my daughter left without me or i left without her. This Angered me, but i had to by my time and wait for the perfect time to get out.
So where it went wrong. One day i was given a person to find and given order not to come back until it was done. The person wasn't hard to find, but when i got there it was a "SET UP"...It was my fathers of the Cartel and they had Alita tied and blind folded. I yelled " WHAT THE [email protected]#K IT THIS"?...My fathers told me i had to make a choice, that i would have continue to work for the family or die or they would kill Alita if i wanted out. So I chose to stay and work, when i gave them my answer, one of my father said, "you still have a job to do"...the man i was supposed to kill was in the room with us. I quickly pulled my gun and fire from my hip, hitting and killing the guy with one shot to the head, but as he fell he let off a shot form his gun.....BOOM....the bullet hits my daughter in the chest and she falls to the floor as well. With RAGE i open fire killing everyone but my oldest father. i hold my daughter in blood and tears. Watching this perfect life be taken was the last blood i wanted and i sat with her and screamed to the top of my lungs, "NNNOOOOOO". Once she was gone, i stood up and reloaded my gun and held it up to the last fathers head and was going to pull the trigger, but he spoke and told me if he spared his life that he would let me leave and would only have to take a boat ride and never return. I knew that i wanted out and this was the only way, or it was a bullet. So i took the boat as Security to protect the drugs and money, But what we didn't know that everyone's life was about to be put into the black void where the dead rise and life is over......or so we thought.
I'm alone waking up on the shore in this strange place and the boat is wrecked and the money and the drugs are missing, i need to find them and others form the Cartel family if they are still alive...i will find what is mine and never forget how everything was taken form me and how i will inflict vengeance to those who get in my way again!




For the people

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Ha....a tear rolls down!

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