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Michael Penson
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1998-12-09 (20 years old)


  1. Height
    175 cm


Michael Penson was born at a really small town named Koron in Norway, when he was 13 years old thieves broke into his house and his parents tried to make them leave with force and sadly they both died trying to protect their son from a pistol that one of the thieves pulled and shot them both. they died after at the hospital due to their injuries. when he reached the age of 16 he was still thinking about that incident that happened infront of his eyes and promised to protect everyone in his country and become the strongest of the all, he trained very hard day and night even if it was raining or snowing outside he made himself very strong and almost undefeatable thanks to his motiviation.
at the age of 18 after being well trained and fit, he went to open a bank account at the main bank of the city, at the same time three thieves came out from nowhere and tried to rob the bank, it reminded him the incident he have been through in the age of 13 with the thieves. he remember the promise that he made and now when he is strong and skilled the chances of stopping the thieves are pretty high, he turned around and started walking towards them when one of thieves is pointing gun at him he moved to the right quick grabbed a chair and knocked him down when the other two thieves were busy with taking the cash from the banker he turned around and started running towards one of the thieves when he got closed he punched him with a lot of force and knocked him down, the third thief was shocked and didn't know what to do because he had money in his hands, Michael quick picked up the pistol from the floor and aimed it on him until the police came and restrained them all and got them in jail.

After this incident he met the president and he thanked him for his bravery. he felt really proud of himself because of the time that he spent it on trainings was worth it.

After half a year he moved to the country he dreamed to live in, the United States. he was working as a waiter in a small restaurant in Los Angeles and one day a Colonel in the United States Army came to the restaurant to have a lunch and surprisingly he approached Michael and asked him if he was involved in Norway bank incident half a year ago. and he replied "Yes sir, I was the guy who stopped the thieves" right after the Colonel invited him to sit with him in the table with the other soldiers and Michael explained to him what he have been through and how he got the motivation to do all this from nothing. the Colonel asked for his phone number and Michael gave it to him. at the end of the day he recieved a phone call from the Colonel and asked him if he want to try to get in to the Navy Seals, Michael was so excited and he accepted the offer, the Colonel asked him to be in his office in the next day at 8:00 am to start his trainings.

Michael managed to finish the trainings and successfully got accepted to the Navy Seals and lived the good life in the United States as a soldier.


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