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Max Power
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stoic and Stern
  3. Morale
    Gloomy but hopeful
  4. Date of birth
    1989-02-28 (31 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Languages
    English and Portuguese
  7. Relationship
    Sarah Power - Infected
  8. Family
    Daugther Emily (Millie) Power - Missing
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
    Fit but not too strong
  4. Hair
    redish Blond
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Hunter scope

    Kitchen knife
    Hunter knife
    Splitting axe
    Stechkin Automatic Pistol


A professional firefighter who was on holidays when the outbreak started.
While sailing through a storm Omni's sailboat sank and he was stranded in a remote island through out the outbreak.
Over 2 years passed and no rescue showed up. With the island's resources running low Omni's last chance of survival would be a risky attempt to sail a raft to the continent.


I found some paper and a pencil, I might start

DAY 1 - Real food



After 10 days sailing my improvised raft to the continent I have finally arrived. The city was dead. Something has happened, some sort of zombie infestation. So far I haven't seen anyone still alive.
I rushed to my house in Mogilevka to check up on Sarah and Emily (Millie). I still had hope...I was a fool. Sarah was turned into one of those zombie things and was locked in our bathroom. I found no signs of Millie. I sat at our dining table and cried...

Next thing I remember is coming back to my senses in the middle of the west forest of "Mogi". Gunshots. Someone was still alive! The sun was setting fast, the night was crawling upon us and darkness fell upon the town. I couldn't see any lights on. I started to get thirsty and tried to crawl to the nearby well but the gunshots intensified. There was a full war going on. I couldn't risk myself, Millie is still out there, somewhere...I know it.

I decided to try to reach the hunter's camp to SW of Mogi. A place my father used to take me when I was a teenager. I knew there was a well there I could have a drink. Big mistake. The night was too dark, I got lost in the woods for hours. So thirsty, and getting hungry. I ate my last apple and continued to try to find my bearings. Eventually I felt a road under my feet, I decided to follow it north. I walked for hours and couldn't find anything, I wasn't going to last long...Millie...

Almost at the end of my strength I got lucky. I heard water, a stream! I was walking over a bridge. I finally knew where I was, the only road that long going north is the road from Mogi to New Sobor. I was pretty close to the town but I couldn't afford to get there, I was dying of thirst and would surely pass out if i didn't get anything to drink, so I ran down the bridge and drank from the stream. I got immediately sick, I could feel it. I decide to go to Sobor, but half the way there another gunfight. They were even using automatic weapons, military grade stuff. I had nothing to defend myself, nothing. So I decided to backtrack my way to the stream. I knew if I followed it south I would reach a summer camp. I remember being there with my father. There, maybe, I could find a rifle.

I followed the stream by ear, stepping on the water to know where I was going. The night was dark. I finally reached the camp and could see dawn breaking. I quickly searched the medical building but couldn't find anything to help with my illness. I took a whole packet of paracetamol but was still sick, it must be bacteria but I didn't find any antibiotics. I found a cantine, which was a relief. Now I would be able to carry some water with me, but I was running low on food. I had only a can of tuna that I found with one of the zombies I took out at the camp, I needed to find something else. So I decided to follow the blue trail west. The trails usually go trough isolated areas, maybe this way I could avoid conflict with whoever was shooting.

After sometime I reached the farms south of Guglovo and found a rifle with some bullets in it. Finally some means to defend myself. I could see my luck was changing. I looked all over the town and found some interesting things. Lots of fruits from which I feasted, so hungry. And also found some matches and an axe. Now the only thing I was missing was a knife and then I could hunt some deer and cook it, have some real food for a change. I decided to walk east, through the forest, to Shakhovka. My luck continued to improve as I quickly found a knife and I could hear some deer calls real close to my position.

And there they were. One shot. Deer is down. I have food. I went back to the forest, deep into it so no one could find me. I found some trees to hide and set a fireplace. It was the first time since I left the island I felt good. Now I have a real chance to find Millie. It's time to wrap this up and sleep till tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day, and might be the day I find her. Good night, Millie, wherever you are. Goodbye, Sarah, I love you forever.

DAY 2 - Saving someone



Today I saved someone. For the first time in months I feel like a firefighter again. It is a good feeling. I was on top of this building, scanning the apartments for Millie, when I hear a zombie getting agitated on the ground level. I looked down and saw someone running away from it. He didn't seem to have any weapon so I took my rifle and shot the zombie down. It took 2 hits and 6 bullets to get it done but I did It! I'm good enough with a rifle to kill a deer at 60-80 meters away, but a moving target at 200m, that was a first. Whoever I saved never got to see me and by the way he was running I think he thought I was shooting at him. If only he had looked back, he would have seen the zombie dead on the ground. Today was a good day...

DAY 3 - Finally healthy



After scavenging 4 medical facilities and 2 hospitals I finally found the medication I need. No more disease. It was a long day. After being back to Chernarus for 3 days, now, I noticed I'm carrying too much and it is making me slow. I'm going to need to set a camp somewhere. I'm going to need a tent.

I've been listening to the radio every now and then but I still haven't heard a single voice. Aside from that person I saw yesterday, I haven't seen nobody around. I'll keep trying the radio.

DAY 4 - Still beauty in the world



It's been four days, now. So much death and destruction. Killing zombies became the norm. Am I really killing them? Are they dead? Can they feel? I sure did leave Sarah "alive", locked in our bathroom. I still hope there is a cure for this, that there is hope for everything to go back to normal...so much death...Sometimes I wish I had never left the island, it was a beautiful place... NO! What am saying? Millie is still out there! She must be! I can't give up on her! I WON'T give up on her. Wherever you are Millie, I promise, daddy is coming.

A zombie hit me hard a few hours ago. So hard I started bleeding. Does that mean I'll become one of them? I don't know. But to be honest, I know nothing about anything that is happening. So, yes, I am afraid of not surviving the night, afraid of turning into one of them over my sleep, afraid that I'll never see Millie again. So here I am, at the top of Pik Koslova, watching the sunset, reminding myself that no matter how much death and destruction surround me, there is still beauty in the world.

And for what is worth, I hope there is a tomorrow. for me and for everyone...

DAY 5 - She's alive!



Emily is alive! My Millie is alive! She must be! Today I went back to the apartment buildings. There are so many of them to search. I was looking at them one by one when suddenly I found it! Brian the Bear! That's Millie's teddy, I'm sure of it. I remember the day it got that heart sewed. Millie and Sasha, the neighbor's kid, were playing in Millie's room when out of nowhere Millie comes out crying. Apparently they were fighting over who was going to play with Brian pulling the bear in 2 directions. They almost tore the whole bear apart. Emily was so sad, she told me and Sarah that Brian was dead because she looked inside it and she couldn't find his heart. She was only 6 at the time. So Sarah carefully took the bear and all its stuffing foam on the ground and patched it with a heart she made from an old cushion we had. She even wrote Brian's name in it. Now Brian had a heart again. The smile on Millie's little face was so big that Sarah even shared a tear. 

So yes, I found Brian. And as far as I can see, it hasn't been long since it was left in that apartment, maybe a few months. It wasn't too dusty. The apartment had another 2 beds so I think Millie is not alone, she must have someone taking care of her. There was a piece of paper inside it but nothing written in it, though. I wonder if that was a note that wore off. And why would she leave the bear behind? But even though I've got many new questions, my hope has been renewed. Emily was here not long ago. I will find you, Millie. I will find you.

DAY 6 - The horrors of war



The horrors of war. I though I was never going to see it. Now it is ever so close. My old grandfather used to tell me his war stories. Sometimes he would stop in the middle of a sentence, his eyes would change to this empty stare. I never understood back then what was happening, I always thought he was getting old. Now I'm beginning to understand. As I walk through piles of dead bodies in the streets I find it hard to shake off those images from my mind. They haunt me day and night, while awake and on my sleep.

How long has this been going on? How many survivors there are? I keep trying the radio but I got nothing so far. I thought I saw another man running between a few houses. I was too far away to try to talk to him and when I moved to his position, he was gone. I'm sure he was alive, there were many open doors around that area and as far as I know, zombies don't open doors. Please let that be true! I kept searching the town for him,  but I couldn't find whoever it was. Nightfall came out of nowhere, I found this 2 stories house to spend the night. I can barely see my writing right now which means I better go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day...

DAY 7 - A settlement, maybe



After hours of walking I ran into this place. What it might be I don't know. A settlement, maybe. Or perhaps a camp, base of some sort. It was empty when I arrived and it remained like that for the entire 2 hours I waited. I turned on the radio but there was no chattering in any channel. I circled the structure a few times but couldn't hear anyone. No one came in or went out for the entire time I was there. If it is abandoned it was just recently. The lock looks fairly new, no rust no dust. I found many footprints coming in and out of the place. I'm not a tracker but I'm pretty sure those were recent. I'll make sure to check on it from time to time now. This might be my opportunity to make first contact with someone else. They might even know about Millie's whereabouts.


End of week 1


Follow the rest of Omni's journey at: 




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I loved reading about this character! I hope the written story progresses! 🙂 

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