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Chance Morrison
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    couldn't catch me upset
  3. Morale
    Pretty high
  4. Date of birth
    1996-03-26 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Venice Beach, CA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    American & English
  8. Languages
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
    Slighty built
  4. Hair
    Short blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Equipment
    backwards hat
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation



The names Chance.. your umm.. not so average DJ.

Growing up in a shit household, with just a cheap iPod to my name and some friends that enjoyed doing wild shit whenever we could, I added my two hobbies together and made a career out of it.

               It all started when my best friend Jaxon shows up at my house clearly panicked and was just straight loosing his shit. He told me, "Bro I NEED you to come help me, I.. fucked up big time."                

  Now this was one of those moments in life that people mess around with as in, "They not really your best friend if they won’t help you hide the body" or "Which friend would you help hide a body for?"           

We both hopped on our bikes and we started riding, this is when I asked Jaxon what the actual fuck was going on. "Chance I fucking killed someone.. James asked for his money yesterday and I didn't have it."   

I looked away for a second trying to process this shit, we had done crazy stuff before.. Stealing shit from the store, running from the feds, and we recently got involved in drugs... but murder?? Naw, not us.                   

"and WHY did you kill someone??" I screamed at him as we sped up around the corner. "Man I.. I told him to just give me his wallet and watch.. he just wouldn't fucking give em to me."                            

          "So after I stood there for a few minutes with my glock aimed at him, he pulled his phone out and I just.. I just FUCKING SHOT HIM!!" He yelled at me, and Jaxon was a calm guy, this had fucked him up.                    

       So we get to the alley where it all happened, I see the mans arms poking out underneath the trash bags Lane had thrown over him to hide him until he came back.                                                            

"Ok empty a couple bags over there and we'll wrap him up and drag him somewhere." I told him calmly so we wouldn't panic & so we could get this shit over with and handle our emotions later.                                                    

              I grabbed the wallet and watch while Jaxon was emptying bags, "Just think it shouldn't be for nothing ya know?" I say trying to add some humor to the situation.                                                  

We got him all wrapped up and we sat in the alley till it was 2 a.m. so it would be as dark as it could be outside. I've never been so god damn nervous in my life walking the lifeless body around town.                    

There was this local skatepark we always chilled at, and it had some shitty ol' stank lake behind it down the hill. So we headed there. When we got there we tossed some bigger rocks in the bag.

We both looked each as we grabbed the bag getting ready to toss him with wide eyes still not having fully processed what has happened. "One, two, three!" we both counted down as we threw the body.      

After that we just kinda walked in silence towards James house.. James was our boss man, we sold drugs for him.

Jaxon had lost a load when he had to ditch the bag of drugs when he saw the cops rounding the corner, he had taken the wrong route to the drop off spot.. So he owed James money.. big time money.

I handed James the wallet and watch when we got there, there was only about $83 in the wallet.. BUT, James then stood up in shock after he took a look at the mans ID.

"This is fucking Mario Romero! How the fuck did you find him??!"

"I.. I just" Jaxon stuttered. "Spit it out!" James yelled. "Okay, okay. I was just walking behind Tony's Pizza and I saw this guy, he had a nice watch so I assumed he'd have money... Why?”

James let out a long sigh.. "I fucking knew that's where they were hiding out at.. WAIT! Did anyone see you? Follow you? Anything?!" " Um naw man, naw no one as far as I know." Jaxon said intrigued.

                    "Boys all you need to know is, you're no longer going to sell my drugs.. you're gonna kill my competition…”

     James proceeded to sit us down to talk for a good couple hours. He explained how the only damn reason we got close to that guy was because we don't fit the part. We don't look like a threat.

For the next couple weeks James trained us, showed us the ways of the business.. & believe me, there's a lot more to the drug game than you think.

Jaxon & I became good at what we did, we didn't even always kill. Information was always valuable as well. As the years went by, and the money grew.. We realized we could do something BIG.

 Jaxon was good with tech, and I had an ear for music & I was naturally an entertainer. I had been making neat little beats for a while now, and Lane taught me how to use the damn stuff to make em".

  6 years later...

 "Fuck man tonight was lit, & holy SHIT did you see the chick in the front row with the black top?!" Jaxon said in his cocaine crazed tone. "Haha yeah man I seen her, I was eyeing the blonde to the left though”

"Get changed though man, #73 will be at the spot in 30 minutes. I'll see you in the car in 5" I said in a quieter serious tone.

Rio, raving, having a blast DJing clubs, afterparties, you name it. But we we're always in a location for a reason. The thrill and the job. #73 was our job this go around.

He was a cocaine lord in Brazil, hard to track, but enough enemies to make it worth it. Oh, and the money too, we were getting paid 599,880 in Brazilian Real... $150k in US dollars.

From spending weeks studying his movement, he met with someone at a club every other Saturday night.. & he always took this back door down to a basement.

#73 would have guards around him as he walked at all times, full 360 protection. So we devised a plan to take out the guard to his back first and no less than a second later, take him out.

"Now remind yourself to not shoot at the exact same time PLEASE" Jaxon whispered to me, as we had practiced this on certain targets in a field days prior.

The timing had to be so perfect as to not just put two bullets into one man, and not too slow to let #73 react in time to move once he heard the first shot. "Should be here in 2 minutes" I whispered.

& there he was.. same procedure we had witnessed twice already. He'd turn towards the stairs to head down, he'd pause a second to let the man in front of him get down a step or two.

That pause was our time frame to fire. "Remember, drop the guns and we jump out the back window. Ceaser will clean it up later." I reminded Jaxon. "Okay here we go, ready?" "Ready”

Dead, hit em' with the one two. That's what we called this Job, "The One Two wammy". #73 was dead and we we're in the car speeding away to the hotel near the airport we'd be leaving from tomorrow.

Our boss called us an hour later when we go to the hotel room, "I'm transferring the money now, thank you boys. I'll be contacting you soon”.

So yeah, from one accidental job. To working for one of the biggest dark web mercenary groups worldwide. DJ Chance, your friendly, funny, cunning, and always lit DJ. You'd never suspect me, no one does.

     Couple months later we had gotten a real short quick job in a city Called Electro…

This was one of those scare tactic jobs, scare the target shitless & get him to take his business elsewhere. Basically get him out of someone else's drug territory. We usually don't take last minute jobs…

But this guy was willing to pay a lot of money for a generally easy job, so we said why not. We had 3 days before we had to get to Portugal for another job, so we started studying quickly.

Our boss got us a gig at the club the guy ran his business from, that's how we always kept eyes off of us. How could it be the DJ and his tech guy?

That night, well lets just say we didn't have to get the job done. His own security fucking bit into this neck & was a total buzz kill to the party. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!" Jaxon yelled tapping me on the arm.

I looked to my left and saw the reaction from everyone, people went into panic and we both dipped out the back door. We ran straight back to the room we were staying in the those few days.

Days had passed, no contact to boss man or anyone really. Jaxon had gone missing one night when we got split up scavenging for some food, still don't know where the fucker is...

   Fuck it, guess it’s time to party    


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