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Zakhar Bobrov
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1964-04-22 (55 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Nazarovo, Russia
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    83 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    Scar down right cheek, scars all over back, crooked pinky from multiple breaks


Zakhar was born to a broken home in a small country town in Siberia Russia. He was a troubled youth always aggressive and bullying other kids and that mentality followed him to adulthood. Zakhar found himself often spying on other people he had interest in, in order to gauge the best ways to "get in tight" with them before robbing them blind or killing them for no other reason than he could. He became very skilled in the art of deception and espionage through his doings and quickly found himself on the Russian KGB watch list in 1986. Skilled as he was he could not outrun them forever and was eventually caught and brought into custody in 1988. The KGB wanted him but more as an asset than a prisoner and offered him his life in exchange for servitude and a chance to utilize his skills regularly and almost unchecked. With no reigns and the freedom to be as brutal as he wished to his targets while being paid for it was something he could not pass up and happily agreed.

When the KGB dissolved and was succeeded by the FSK he was offered the same deal and of course took it but with less freedom with targets, that began to slowly drive him crazy and pushed him to a nearly breaking point of madness. Zakhar was about to break when Putin made a change, the FSK was renamed and reorganized into the FBS and with it his brutality was once again let loose. He underwent many missions for the Russian government with a 100% success rate for him and his team... That was until he was ordered to infiltrate and make connections with the High ups and soldiers in Zelenogorsk alongside a civilian team who had other orders. Soon after arriving he was having dinner with a Chernarussian Commander when the restaurant they were dining in was swarmed with CDF forces and took Zakhar into custody. He was tortured and taken to the brink of death in an underground bunker in Tisy many times over in an attempt to uncover what he was after and why he was there.

Then the day came, day 0. Zakhar heard a lot of muffled explosions and the ground shook a lot one day and after a few days the sounds stopped. Zakhar hadn't seen a soldier or food deliverer for 8 days now and was approaching dehydration after the water in the toilet in his cell had all been drunk. He needed to find a way out of there, with no guards coming and going he was now free to look around the room for anything he could use to dig, break or pry his was out of this hell but there was none. He began kicking the steel toilet with the heel of his boot and eventually two of the screws holding it fast to the floor gave way and a fountain of water spewed from the floor. He collected as much as he could in any containers he could find.

Weeks have gone by now with no sign of life outside of the rats he had captured and somehow was able to stomach without vomiting. One day he was laying on the ground nearly out of water once again, then he noticed it... A small glinting piece of metal on the floor near where the toilet used to be. It was some kind of spring or coil of wire! He was ecstatic and immediately began twisting and turning it to a familiar tool he had used many.. many times, a lock pick. Zakhar picked the lock in minutes and made his way cautiously through the building, peeking every corner and moving quietly. He found an AKM in a room near the stairwell and proceeded to head up and out of the building to find a deserted military base. He was walking around when he found a barrack and decided to scavenge for anything he could, while searching he was no longer trying to be quiet, he was throwing everything aside and looking for only be necessities of survival. One he was happy with what he found he headed towards the door only this time he heard lots of footsteps outside of the barrack. He quickly ducked down and quietly slid across the floor and headed to the furthest back window where he opened it and hopped out.

As soon as he made it out and turned the corner he ran face first into a man almost devoid of life, the man was bloody with peeling skin and no lips. After a moment of shock the man lunged at Zakhar, taking him down and biting at him over and over. Zakhar was managing to hold him off with the butt of his AKM for awhile but the noise was attracting all the other dazed like people in the area, Zakhar had to act. He pushed off as hard as he could, flipped his gun around and killed the man atop him. He jumped to his feet and started spraying the small hoard that was gathering and ran away as fast as he could. He had no idea what was going on and needed answers, what was happening, who were those people and most importantly.... Who gave him up to the CDF. Zakhar made a decision to travel back to Russia to get his answers. After months of walking and using any car that still had petro he arrived but the FSB was in the same state as Tisy was and there again he had to think... Where are the answers?


Then it dawned on him, the civilian team he was sent with initially but split when separate orders were given. Then began his long arduous journey back to where it all began to find those men... Those Little... Green... MEN!


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