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Eric Clowd
Character information
  1. Alias
    Eric. C
  2. Date of birth
    1987-08-15 (32 years old)



Eric Clowd. Originally from the UK. He would have worked for various farmers around where he lived at the time, learning the ins and the outs of growning food to their maximum potential. This is something that he would thrive and be good at. Being alone most of his life and lack of interaction, he wouldn't really like people much. He doesn't mind idle conversation, but he wouldn't want to get close to anything or anyone.
Eric would have come to Chernarus a few years prior to the outbreak, wanting to live just a simple life. When the outbreak could not be contained, staying put would be his goal knowing that trying to leave would most likely be more of a danger than staying put. The main idea or goal that he would be trying to accomplish would be surviving, building alliances and trying to keep peaceful with most folk with trading. With his previous knowledge of farming, he would hope that he wouldn't be a target for many people knowing that he could help them.


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