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Jeremy Ryan
Character information
  1. Alias
    Echo 3-2, Echo 3-3, Clarence Blake.
  2. Mental
    Standing Strong
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1987-10-20 (32 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Phoenix, Arizona
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Broken others
  9. Relationship
    Ex Lover: Julia Haas
  10. Family
    Father: Fredrick Ryan Mother: Lilly Ryan Brother: Edward "Eddy" Ryan Friends: Carter Nickles (Echo 3-1) Alastair Muir (Echo 3-4)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark brown (Dyed:N/A)
  5. Eyes
    hazel (blue green)
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Usually short haired but the last couple months has had long hair because he doesn't have a reason to cut it, trimmed Stubble, multiple gunshots and knife scars on his chest, gunshot scar on his leg, a brand on his right shoulder blade of a wolf, fresh cuts on his fingers, Healed infected bite wound (is immune)
  8. Equipment
    Clothing: a set of dog tags from his dead operator Echo 3-3 Clarence Blake, Military gear mixed with civilian for quick response to dangerous situations. Other clothing: Dog tags from his pmc group a green paracord bracelet, find out the rest in game Weapons: Trained in various firearms and hand to hand fighting. [skills:] Knows how to play guitar (more coming)
  9. Occupation
    Private Military Contractor For Vulpine Vanguard Security Solutions
  10. Affiliation
    Current:N/A Ex: The Departed, VDC, Black Roses
  11. Role
    Private Military Contractor


Early life: 1987  -  2006


Jeremy Ryan grew up in a small town in Arizona known as Tonopah with a population of 4000 people and was raised by his mother Lilly Ryan as his father, Fredrick Ryan was only in the picture till kindergarten when he decided to leave Lilly for a younger woman in Colorado so he could binge on beer and act like a teenager again. Ryan's mother had very little income soon had to move back in with her parents, an Ex-United States marine scout sniper named Thomas Horn and Ryan's grandmother Janice Horn. Having no real male role models in his life, Ryan began to idolize his step-grandfather, Thomas. Hanging around with him when he wasn't in school the duo would watch old ww2 and Vietnam documentaries or working on trucks though Thomas was verbally abusive. Jeremy found out how to be an adult at an early age how to act how to be courteous how to hold silverware. Life was good for the most part that having his best friends Carter and Kyle living a quarter mile down the road was a godsend. Jeremy would travel along with his grandfather and his motorcycle buddy's but before he knew it it was 5th grade, and his mother was moving him again because of an intense argument between his grandfather and his mother where things were being thrown, and a lot of cursing took place. Before Jeremy's mother took him and left the house the next couple months Jeremy went to 10 different schools staying for no more than 2 months at any given time. Till ultimately he settled in a suburb of Phoenix where he remained till he graduated from high school with a 3.0 and set off to college the following fall with his best friend Kyle Nickles to study criminology and other such criminal justice courses for the next 3 years when they were picked up by a recruiter for the DEA looking for the next batch of candidates for the department. 



Working for the DEA: 2006  -  2008


They both agreed and were taken to go into training to be members of the DEA. In the end, only Jeremy was made a field agent while Kyle was set up as intelligence and logistics. It wasn't long before Jeremy was given an undercover assignment where he was tasked with sneaking into a biker gang who was suspected to be smuggling drugs. Getting in was the natural part, the hard part was seeing that his grandfather was running the biker gang. Jeremy's grandfather welcomed him in with open arms completely oblivious to his grandsons devious motive's. The DEA agent played his role to the T from getting the brand on his right shoulder blade of a wolf, to running drugs and dealing with the competition. This went on for well over a year and a half the entire time he became closer to his grandfather, and some of the men in the gang through the majority of the bikers were hardened criminals some were just good guys given a bad hand. So when the agency had passed on the info that the gang was to be raided in 20 mins, And to stay down once the  raid  started. Jeremy tried his best to get the good guys and his grandfather out without blowing his cover, but things just caught up to him. Before he knew it the front door of the cycle club was busted open and flash bangs were thrown in and Jeremy hit the floor tackling his grandfather yelling at him to stay down. Some bikers  decided they would rather die than go to jail and pulled guns and started firing but were quickly gun down Jeremy told his grandfather that he needs to stay down, his grandfather shoved him off and got up to run Jeremy stood to stop him and was shot through his lower abdomen by one of the DEA agents as pain filled his vision he fell clutching his gut and searched for his grandfather who was now laying in a pool of his blood. After the incident, Jeremy took a few months off to recuperate but he never was the same and ultimately left the agency after a few more operations.

Working for the V.V.S.S 2009  -  Operation Wilted Rose


He soon found himself in money trouble not to mention difficulty with relatives and relationships but one day at a bar he was approached by a man in a tee shirt with a fox logo and the letters V.V.S.S on it he introduced him self by buying the next round "its me Carter you know from grade school your girl told me I could find you around here" Jeremy happily hugged his old friend and asked what he had been doing that's when the man explained his shirt and that he was a part of Vulpine Vanguard security solutions (A Private security force) and that they had contracts all over the world. After a few more hours of slugging beers, Jeremy agreed to join up with him and become a Private military contractor. 

Jeremy boarded a flight to Texas, to the training center which he flew through and landed a slot in Carter's  (security, Recon, military presence) hybrid echo unit under the command of Charles Lin. with Carter as the second in command, Dante Wells as the team's marksman, Clarence Blake as radio operations, Kenny Burns as the medic and Jeremy recruited as assistant marksman/ rifleman. He worked his way into the team integrating with little troubles.

It was a few months of meager security jobs before the unit was deployed to Japan to help with the earthquake that rocked the country which gave the group much needed good press opening the door for more overseas contracts. Including a secret contract called red standing where four hybrid units (Echo, Juliet, Sierra, and Xray) were deployed as security for a dictator unknown to him rebels paid more to have him assassinated through the teams suffered casualties they completed their task and escaped luckily for Jeremy and carter echo team suffered no injuries.

A year later V.V.S.S security team was deployed on an escort mission to extract a humanitarians from a hot zone only to be ambushed, and the whole  team was either killed or capture the hostiles contacted the company and asked for a ransom, so V.V.S.S flew in Echo team to extract the survivors the task was completed but at the cost of the team leader Charlies lin's life in a daring moment when the unit stormed an enemy occupied house. His actions single-handedly saved the day. With his death, Carter was named the leader of the Unit which rescued the remaining captured team members and the humanitarians to safely with no severe casualties. Allowing Carter to keep command though Charlies dying was fresh on their minds echo team was sent on a rescue mission code-named Wilted rose. Some spec ops troops for asked for V.V.S.S back up during their op purely as a reactionary force providing aid if needed. The Spec ops teams became underfire and V.V.S.S was asked to help extract the men they sent hybrid team echo, Security team bravo and Recon team whiskey the operation turned sour quickly as they tried to extract the men to safety by helicopter and ground only to have the heli get shot down leading to Kenny dying in the wreck and  wounding the New heavy weapons specialist Nathan Lopez who had only just joined a week prior. The V.V.S.S teams decide to hold down the fort while the majority of the Spec Ops escaped promising to return with extraction. An hour went before a second extraction heli arrived by that time very few recon team members were still alive so they were loaded up along with the wounded from both echo and Brovo before the heli left again leaving the teams to hold out. when the heli arrived only operators Carter nickles, Jeremy Ryan, Clarence Blake, were left alive from echo team  Dante was killed when an RPG was fired at his hide in a nearby building. Only Bravo second in command along with three spec ops one of which was  named Alastair who didn't want to leave before the PMCS behind.

Operation Wilted Rose aftermath - Start of the outbreak

The company quickly brushed wilted rose under the rug and removed echo team from Hybrid status. Allowing them to work as a security element working for the United States embassy in a small country called Chernarus that had been recovering from a civil war. the team was reformed with new members leaving Carter as Team Leader, Jeremy as Second in command, Alastair Muir was recruited to replace Dante after he left his old unit as the team's marksman, Clarence Blake as radio operations, Leo Andrews as Armed Transport specialist, and James Erickson as surveillance and back up Transportation specialist. 

The days often were filled with false alarms or drills either along side the state troops or purely with the pmc's. Jeremy was assigned with the duty to act as the direct protection of the ambassador who almost like a badly romantic comedy Jeremy started to fall in love with her. so when the warning siren rung in the middle of the night making him fall out of his bunk he had enough time to grab his bullet proof vest and grab his service weapon and rush to his post he kept his eyes out side watching as everything turned into a mad house personnel burning documents and destroying hard-drives his team was grabbing bags as Andrews and Erickson pulled the cars up around the back before jeremy knew it they loaded the vips with the help of his men and the military forces 


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