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Vojtech Kovacs
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jack, Teivel, Bastian, Sioux.
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1982-04-24 (37 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Vojenská Fakultní Nemocnice, Novodmitrovsk.
  6. Nationality
    Dual-Citizenship, Polish and Chernarussian.
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian, Czech, Polish, English, Spanish.
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    (Father, Ulysses Kovacs. Missing.) (Mother, Bojana Kovacs. Deceased.) (Brother, Hayden Kovacs. Killed.) (Sister, Amelia Kovacs. Deceased.) (Daughter, Liza Kovacs. Killed.)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    205 cm
  2. Weight
    99 kg
  3. Build
    Toned, muscular, broad.
  4. Hair
    Short cut, trimmed blonde hair.
  5. Eyes
    Light blue, piercing.
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Wounds: Stab Scars: Right shoulder, lower left abdomen, upper back. Laceration Scars: Left temple, right bicep, right calf, right thigh. Gunshot Scars: Right leg, three gunshots, Center upper chest, left forearm. Burn Scars: Left arm to shoulder.
  8. Equipment
    An old journal. A beaten up laptop, and otherwise interchangeable other items.
  9. Occupation
    Formerly: Infiltration Specialist. Currently: None.
  10. Affiliation
    Vultures. Future Denied. Broken Envy.
  11. Role
    Social Engineer, Fixer, Liar and Enforcer.



"Honesty is the key to any relationship. If you can fake that, you're set."




"As a foreword, to my journal. I'm going to try and date as many of these snippets as possible. Some I don't remember, others I do. Whoever reads this has either captured, killed or stolen this from my possession. If it's the latter of the three, you had better hope you did one of the former correctly."

*The below pages are bookmarked by page dividers in the old, leather bound journal.*

(Page 6) August 11th 1996 - Operation Cherub: Project Chameleon



What my father saw in Operation Cherub I would never understand. Hosted alongside another one of the my Father's projects in Somalia, Broken Envy saw value in training recruits from extremely young ages. At this point I recall not knowing my father was even alive, when my mother's home was raided nights before I recall him shooting her, my sister and taking my brother and I for a long, guarded and restrained walk. We were fourteen and thirteen, I being the older, when he took us from our home in Poland and it was there he let us know he was coming to collect what he owned, us. In truth and in retrospect I believe my father wanted to secure a bloodline for his company. B.E.A.S.T as it was and still is called was a very small but incredibly well trained unit operating under the guise of a PMC. Young men were incredibly malleable so he said, and could "do great things if put under the control of disciplined, forward thinking men." Naturally my brother and I fought our fate after watching our sibling and mother die, the crime I later learned they had committed was secreting us away from our father.

Operation Cherub was simple. Recruit five teenage boys, assign them to a specialist unit and begin training them to be B.E.A.S.T operatives. Five call signs for five letters of the acronym. Dragon, Wolf, Chameleon, Raven and Lion.


As project Chameleon I was to undergo extensive facial reconstruction surgery to provide me with generic but masculine facial features in line with my ethnicity. The bones of my face were revealed to the air, grazed, shaved and chipped away before sewing and leaving to heal. The pain was incredible and never aided by any of the staff of the headquarters, instead I was ordered to focus on a series of flashing images on a monitor above, namely detailing the number in Pi or the Fibonacci Sequence, with my father's voice in the background advising me on how useful I'd become to him in time. There was a "boot camp" at the compound after we had all healed from our respective surgeries, the young men and women around me had changed permanently, the one supposed to be my brother no longer recognised me and it wasn't until my father addressed us again that I even knew who he was. 

While many super soldier and wunderkind projects had been attempted in the past, few succeeded and this was no exception. We were forced to do a four week routine on a rotational basis to test endurance while being trained on how to employ the effects of our surgery. I received multiple courses on disguise, sabotage, larceny, firearms training and more. I learned shortly after that both Dragon and Raven had died from exhaustion, which led to the revelation that we were related distantly and connected by our mutual father. You see the problem with training children is that they have no baseline experience, no emotional maturity, and when the chips are down they really don't know how to take care of themselves, so by the time things were said and done we were husks of our former selves. We never became the superior entities of war my father wanted, and instead we were representative of his failures, which inspired only his cruelty when it came to his considerations of whether or not we were expendable.

Operation Cherub continued for several years, up until we reached the age of twenty, I believe.

*The contents and specific details of the operation go on for several more pages.*


(Page 25) May 27th 2002 - Operation Foxtrot



Operation Foxtrot was simple on paper, complex in execution. Broken Envy had taken to dealings with Takistan, Ardistan, Karzeghistan and Chernarus at a premium. The civil war-torn, post soviet countries left shards and forces of men in need of weapons, training and bodies for their individual causes. Ulysses saw little issue with supplying separatists, rebels and chaotic entities. B.E.A.S.T were considered War Dogs, opportunists that encourage the proceeds of conflict to further their profit margins at the sake of the many. With such a small operation the profits were high, but I remember my father being unsatisfied, like it simply wasn't enough to promote that level of conflict, there had to be something more. Operation Foxtrot was put together as a deal to seize a convoy of vehicles manned by other arms merchants heading West of Takistan, my role was easy enough, take out and pose as one of the convoy drivers escorting the payload with an armed vehicle, Wolf and Lion were intended to do the rest. However what we encountered was instead intended to be nothing but an orchestrated test. 

Much of the convoy contained migrants, innocent civilians nestled among the cargo, Ulysses' orders were to kill any aboard by any means necessary to ensure the scene was as much of a warning to any other potential business rivals. The numbers played over the radio, and I played along like a good soldier. After which we spent several years among the aforementioned countries, always posing as guerrilla fighters looking to die for some useless cause, and beneath the guise always profiting from the revenue of surplus, weapons and equipment sales along the way. War was easy, profitable and with my father at the helm it was an easy enough job if you could forget your morals between operations.

*Smaller, less interesting entries continue, outlining the next few years of business ventures for Beast, namely the location of several supply caches along the South Zagorian coastline, small but notable firearms included.*


(Page 49) July 10th 2017 - Operation Red Hat



Our arrival in Chernarus was actually intended to simply be a layover for supplies before moving into Russia, tending to avoid flights due to the complicated nature of moving armed men through public channels, and the paper trails required to own any aviation equipment. I was to pose as a Russian national returning to his home country with a cache of supplies disguised as rations for the border towns, considering the saltwater divisions heading up the eastern coast, it made poor farmlands but beneath a fine layer of civilian MRE's laid the weapons we were intended to deliver. A good layer of make up, a set of contacts and a fake beard was enough to fool most enquiring parties especially with my recently learned fluency with the Slavic dialects of the particular region.

We settled in a block of hotels in Berezino the night it happened, the panic set in rather quickly then and there as misinformation masked the truth of the matter, but this didn't halt our progress and we pressed on further to Svetlojarsk. A short, complicated drive turned into one of the greatest stampedes of human life we'd witnessed in a long time, it seemed whatever happened in our week long layover had culminated in this particular moment and we had no choice but to temporarily abandon the vehicle as we had no means to continue forward without raising attention. Wolf and Lion, the call signs I was with at the time moved the vehicle as close to the hotel we'd stayed in previously as possible, opting to move the caches to the hotels themselves until the matter passed over, naturally it didn't.

By the time we'd received summons to return to HQ, transmissions were lost and the borders were closed, the world as we knew it was ablaze and in the mass hysteria both Wolf and Lion lost their lives to the infected members of Chernarus. My talents however caused nothing but damnable persistence through the entire ordeal, I'm no superhuman, watching the deaths of men I'd spent years of my life training with effected me a great deal, and even in my deepest of dreams I still hear their cries for help. Days melded into weeks and weeks into months, I took the opportunity to make as few friends as possible in that time, people complicated matters especially those as variable as the majority of Slavic survivors intermingled with dashes of Western, African, Middle Eastern and Russian influences and especially those with itchy trigger fingers.

Instead I bide my time until now, but I've all but confirmed non-contact from BEAST, yet the ultimate mission persist. I must first gather information on a greater enemy, those aforementioned survivors, and see if any of them may be suitable for recruitment with considerable training. There is so much I could write in this entry alone, but I feel I'll dwell on those another night, for now I've established my motives, now to act on them. Further entries to follow.


(Page 72) March 9th 2018 - Survive



*Several pages have been torn after this one, leaving only one, relatively short entry*

"I have encountered a man named Vlad and his people, seems they're producing some form of drug. Need to get my hands on it and see how it functions, need to stop the shaking.





"I'd like to keep these ones around."



Alyona Danilov

"I think there's a division between trusting someone, and liking them. I'm not sure whether or not I'm aware of what I feel about Alyona. She seems kind but able to hold her own. Watching her get shot was difficult, seeing her pull through that was a relief. I seem to both like an trust Alyona, despite barely knowing much about her or her life. Perhaps sometimes that just makes things simpler."

Anya Petrasek

"Friend is not a word I'd use to describe Anya yet, but in due course I might imagine she'd be one of the few people I'd like to make a long term ally. Her drug addition worries me only so much as my own, I regard such things as a necessary coping mechanism, but also recognise them as man made poisons. Perhaps when we know each other slightly better I'll have a chat with her, strike a deal. Then perhaps I can let her in on the plan."

Ellie Hoste

"I've watched Ellie evolve rapidly over the time I've known her. It has been short lived so far but she's strong, smart and capable. I'm worried about her involvement with Nikolai, something about that strings the wrong tune for me, but that isn't my business and I can't expect her to let me know, yet. More time is needed, but like the others, I think I'm starting to care. Quite frankly that scares me.

Katherine Jones

"The kind of person I wish I hadn't lied to. Altruistic, friendly, welcoming. All of the aspects you'd want in some body you'd trust. I don't know her well enough for that, part of my wishes I'd chosen to live with her and the group in Alexandria. Lies have a way of slipping though, perhaps one day I'll introduce myself properly."


"An old friend, wish I'd gotten to know him better, I will find out what happened to him one day."


"I know of them."



Vlad Visus

"There's something reliable in Vlad's cruelty to his enemies. I know if I don't piss him off generally speaking I'm going to be on the winning side, and that works well enough for me now, but for how long? He's resourceful, charismatic and charming in his own way but I have a feeling he's hiding something, and for that I don't trust him. Despite that He's useful to me for now, and he knows I am to him, "done is better than perfect," so they say."

Andrej Kilian

"Can't read him, don't know him, can't trust him. Seems like a wildcard, if he was in our deck of cards he'd be the joker, and that's not a good thing. Still, he's resourceful enough and has no hesitation in his decision making. Now if he applied that to becoming a little more stable? I'd imagine he'd be a force to be reckoned with, so I'll keep him at a distance for now."

Betka Komarek

"Friend of Anya's and Vadim's. Don't know much about her, seems alright."

Vadim Hora

"Pragmatic, stern and very good with a gun. My brief interactions with Vadim would indicate that he's nothing more than your average slav, definitely more than just a Chernarussian however. Perhaps some Russian blood, doesn't seem overly national like most of the locals. Something about him makes me waver my opinion however, I don't think there's much loyalty in him, It'd be promising to trust a man like him. Simple men are easy to predict but there's something beneath the surface, like a calm volcano, it's discomforting."

Radek Svarc

"I can smell the rage on this one, it pours from him like a thick fog of anger. Despite that he seems incredibly loyal, reliable but ultimately stubborn. I feel him and I would get along better if Ellie wasn't in the picture, but his only focus is on her it seems, and for that I'm going to keep my cards close to my chest with this one."

Kathryn Miller

"A kind soul, but one capable of a brand of cruelty inherited from Vlad. I don't know how to judge Kathryn, how much of what I have said is relayed to Vlad. Her honesty regarding matters with Lucy were touching, but was that really her? Actions will speak louder than words when weighing this one's intentions. 

Benjamin Knudsen

"Seems like a good man, simple in a complex way. Shame he got mixed up with the others, he could have been one of the good ones."

Kazimir Yazov

"Friendly, open minded. Perhaps the best of Vlad's men I've met. There's something a little strange about him, disingenuous. I need to get to know him better."


"Not a fan, personally."



Ulysses Kovacs

"My cold, distant and manipulative father. You know who you are, and you're likely reading this. Personally, old man? What you did to me, those people? I'll make you feel tenfold when I find you. I'll repay for you the thought modification, the brainwashing, Operation Foxtrot, all of it and more. Your continued existence is a risk. One I'm unwilling to let go unaddressed, and whatever you're doing in Chernarus needs to be stopped."






The below are the frequently used identities of Vojtech Kovacs


Ranger Teivel

Character Description: A well meaning Chernarussian national with a penchant for hunting, a survivalist of sorts, the kind that keeps his ear to the ground and listens more than he speaks.


Bastian Voronin

Character Description: An escaped Russian convict with very little to lose. Penchant for weapons trading, smuggling and narcotics.


Jack Saladin

Character Description: An English national, drug enthusiast and former PMC operative. 





Overall Health Status: Fine


Survival Points: 2

Permanent Ailments: Slight Limp

Dismemberment: None

Mental Ailments: Borderline Disassociation Identity Disorder

Mental Breaks: None

Addictions: None.

Withdrawal Symptoms: None.


Attributes.png.a6e7cc927fb89fb509aeef65b74b882b.png +Skills.png.419ddd6ef963ec9e21c1b992d08c046e.png



Infected Killed: 272

People Killed: 5


Strength: Average

Dexterity: Gifted

Constitution: Poor

Intelligence: Gifted

Wisdom: Average

Charisma: Poor


Points: (1/25)

Total Hours: 53 hours = +1 points (+ 1 per every 50 hours played between identities. Application of points must be role played via IC training.)

Legend: No +, Untrained. 1+ Basic Training. 2+ Moderate Training. 3+ Expert Training. 4+ Elite Training

Weapons Handling: ++

Melee: +++

Stealth +++ 

Investigation ++

Insight ++

Perception ++

Survival ++

Deception ++

Performance +

Persuasion ++

Athletics +

Sleight of Hand 

Intimidation +

Animal Handling

Nature +

Medicine +







[Day 750] Establish interpersonal relations with a major faction of Chernarus once again. (COMPLETE)

[Day 760] Integrate successfully in one of the major factions as a member. (COMPLETE)

[Day 785] Gain influence and leverage over a survivor. (Changed)

[Day 800] Use this leverage to gather information across Chernarus.

[Day ????] Gain multiple bodies of influence to reestablish B.E.A.S.T to its former glory. (No Longer Required)






Jack, Jack, Jacky Jack Jack. 

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I dig it.
Love the setup and graphics. 

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13 minutes ago, McLeranth said:

Isn't that just daniel craig

I'm wholly confused by your comment, but yes, the image used for the identity Jack Saladin is of Daniel Craig to represent a likeness. 

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