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Eliot Belic
Character information
  1. Alias
    Anežka, Eliot
  2. Date of birth
    1992-08-21 (27 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Family
    Ivan Belic (twin brother) || Kyle Michaels (half-brother) || Ekaterina Belic (cousin)


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    55 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    small not very visible scar on the right side of her top lip, gotta when she ran into the corner of a wall as a child
    scratches and marks on her hands from bar (and other) fights as a teenager and young adult
    scar under the arrow tattoo, thin and barely visible, from an altercation with her step father

    treble clef on an arrow tattoo on outside of right forearm
    abstract treble clef on inside of left forearm
    compass with watercolor backsplash on the back of right shoulder
    branch of cherry blossoms along her spine
    large rainbow toned phoenix tattoo starting on lower back; phoenix body is across her lower back, wings spread out and wrap around her front to end on either side of her navel; tail moves down her left leg and wraps around until the end of the tail feathers end on the outside of her left leg with the longest tail feather ending above her ankle. the names of her family are hidden in the design with "rosa" and "anton" between on the end of each tail feather
  8. Equipment
    Backwards ball cap
    some kind of mask/face covering, usually a black surgical mask
    White/Cyan/Grey Button-up or rock band t-shirt
    ripped blue jeans
    Black Timbs
    Black Fingerless Gloves

    Courier Bag
    usually a Glock as her chosen sidearm
    baseball bat
  9. Occupation


Twenty-seven years ago, Anežka came into life shortly after her twin brother, Ivan.  Born to Anton and Rosa Belic, Anežka didn’t really want for much in her early years—well, actually, she wanted for a not-broken family.  But that wasn’t something she would be getting.  Her father, Anton, happened to be a businessman of the legitimate sort; he owned at least two legal businesses that she knew of growing up, the pawn shop where he sold bits and bobs, with a lot for used cars, and a bar just next door.  Alas, the legal businesses were not the ones making him the money he used to support his family, Anton also smuggled in illegal weapons and sold an assortment of illegal drugs as well, but mostly it was the guns that made him the money.  When Rosa discovered this, she filed for divorce and the ensuing custody battle left her with Anežka and Anton with Ivan—not wanting to see the man she still loved go to jail, or her children lose their father, she’d neglected to tell the authorities about her now ex-husband’s less than legal businesses.


However, Rosa did not want her daughter or herself involved, and in order to steer completely clear of it, Rosa moved to the States to stay with her sister who had married a nice American businessman quite some time ago.  It wasn’t long before Rosa found herself doing the same.  Anežka was just starting school when her life was seemingly uprooted yet again, and she had a new father and the start of a new family—as her mother was pregnant with a half-brother.  It, however, wasn’t all fun and rainbows, as they say.  From the get go, George Michaels was unhappy with the daughter he’d found himself with.  Her name was too foreign, where Rosa’s name was viable in his world, Anežka’s was not and he made this known quite early on.  His discomfort with her name turned into a legal name change, to which Anežka was allowed to choose her new name—but the caveat?  It had to sound American.  So after a lot of deliberation little Anežka had chosen a name she’d come to like:  Eliot.  And the best part?  George didn’t really like that any better, however Rosa would not let the man pester her young daughter any more than he already had with the needless changing of her name.  So Eliot became her legal name, with Anežka becoming her middle name, and keeping her father’s family name as her surname.  No matter what George wanted, Anton Belic would not budge on such a thing.


Before the end of her first year of schooling—what most people would call “pre-school”—Eliot had a new little brother, and a healthy dose of daddy issues.  George was like your typical abusive step-dad, while he may not have hit her, he made it well known very early on that he had no interest in Eliot, especially once Kyle had greeted the world with a wave and smile.  Eliot spent the rest of her formative years trying to keep her step-father off her back, while also making her mother proud with grades and school performances, anything she could to make the woman smile—while also spending some of her breaks back home in Chernarus with her twin and her father, and having her twin visit her in the States on some of his breaks from school, it was the one thing her step-father couldn’t take from her.


It was in high school when Eliot found herself completely enmeshed in the kind of business her father was in—while she hadn’t been involved, she had found herself in the middle of some things accidentally growing up, as some children seem to do—her father had started to get her involved with the small business ventures State-side.  The woman he had running things took her under her wing and taught her everything she’d need to know.  The bar the woman ran things out of became like a second home to Eliot, who would arrive at the bar after school every day after she’d reached the age of sixteen and do things to help out while also observing the way the woman did business.  When Eliot turned eighteen and started college, to which her father agreed to pay for as long as her degree was something to help with the family business, the relationship between the woman and Eliot grew and the young Belic woman found herself quite enjoying herself.  However, after receiving her degree from the university she was attending, Eliot finagled her way into owning the bar and kicked the woman out of ownership while also breaking the woman’s heart—Eliot didn’t care, her father was proud of her and she was given the go ahead to run the American branch of the Belic family franchise.  Immediately, Eliot began to branch out—it wasn’t just small caliber weapons sold illegally to gangs and such, it wasn’t just small time weed sales.  Eliot found herself immersed in the small criminal empire, she started moving larger weapons to different groups across the US and eventually became an essential cog in the machine that brought illegal weapons into Chernarus.  And while she didn’t grow or manufacture the drugs she sold, Eliot found herself learning how to do so for future enterprises.  All the while, running the bar and keeping everything above board so the authorities wouldn’t catch wind of the growing business.


However, all of this would be put on hold the moment she received word of her father’s death from her twin.  Knowing she would be forced to take the seat of power—as she had no reason to believe Ivan would do so, as she was under the impression he’d been kept out of the business—Eliot packed up what she could, which included the man she’d come to call a friend and her half-brother, and boarded a plane to Chernarus.  She knew she’d have to assist in putting her father’s affairs in order, plan a funeral, and then begin the process of taking over the business, which included teaching her half-brother how to do her job in the US—what she didn’t expect was her twin brother and their cousin Ekaterina to be just as immersed in the totally legitimate business enterprises of her father, or that she would be given the bar her father owned in his will with the expectation that she would be there to run it herself, as well as help her brother take over the family business instead of doing so herself.  Eliot, a little pissed off that she wouldn’t be doing as she’d originally planned, is ready to get the show on the road with the evolution of the business with Ivan running it—expecting to get back to what she was doing in the US before her father died.  But with the borders closing yet again, and being carted off to a quarantine zone as the third wave of the infection hit, Eliot was a little (a lot) concerned with how this would effect everything they had going for them in Berezino. 


When they were finally allowed to leave—although they were all advised against it—Eliot and Ivan took everyone back to Berezino to check on the state of the shop and the bar, and got on with their normal lives.  Or at least tried to, since half the group was stuck in Chernarus now, and it wasn’t looking like they’d be getting out any time soon. 





Good to meet ! Look forward to our drink!

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Fun read 👍

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