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Abdul Al Zawadii
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1984-07-22 (35 years old)


  1. Alignment
    True Neutral


Abdul Al Zawadii was born at small village called Zawadii at Iraq, when he was 12 years old some Iraqish corrupt soldiers killed both his parents while he watched but attempt to ascape, then he was alone in the world. Beeing alone made him tough, made him to be able to work and steal to feed himself so sneak into places so he could sleep. The need to get revenge made him hateful and focused only on the purposes he had with no compassion to anything, at 16 years old he met a muslim stranger who made him see the ways of Islam and make him belive in god, then he started work as assassin for Iraqish religious organizition and work there for almost 18 years. He met his wife at jordan and bought her for 10,000 dinars but she died giving him his first son and 2 hours later fighting on the son's life he died as well. He ended up at the country when the plauge started with no way out.

his childhood was really bad and it wasnt the best time of his life , when he was 7 years his brother died in a fight between two gangs , after his parents die he was alone in the world with no family and no one that could take care of him .

When Abdul was 35 years old he stopped working as assassin and he left the organizition that he used to work for , he wanted to try something new so he went on a trip around the world , 258 days and he tried to visit the most countries that he can , after his flight to his first destination he arrived in his hotel , he wanted to take a nap and then go outside but the luck wasnt on his side , he woke up on a Island with an injector stuck in his arm and he is screaming out of pains , he had no idea where is he , he started screaming for help but no one heard him , he took the injector out of his hands and started walking around looking for thing that can help him figure out where he is.

while he was looking for items and stuff , he saw 2 armed people and he wanted to scream and tell them he needs help but as soon he wanted to yell for help he saw the people killing someone , so he started running away from the area.

Abdul was looking for food , weapons and stuff that he can get helped with.

after a few days of walking on his own a group of 12 people pulled up on him and told him to give him everything that he has , Abdul told the leader of the group that he has no idea how did he got here and he is unarmed and he needs help , the group let him join and roll around with them.

He went to sleep and got up suddenly when people robbed the group where he was and their camp the bandits killed the head of the group and the rest were taken prisoner, Abdul begged them that he was not connected to the group and that he would not kill him or take him prisoner and they let him go.

after he left the prisoner life at the invaders group he went to chernus to look for food and supplies and the last thing he wanted to meet is other people he was scared in the soul from what people can do to each other and has almost gave up life but then he found a Chechnyan book of sheikh Abu-baker that explaind the meaning of life and the responsibility of islamic people to the world and how much life important and why no one should never suicide but if it's the last result so he understood his place in the world and his purpose in life to spread islam and good faith in the world and do as much good as islam command, so this when his adventure to spread islam and faith in the world...

thats how the story beging...


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