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Even Richardson
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-08-03 (29 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


Hello, my name is Even Richardson. I'm 29 years old. I was born August 3rd, 1990 in the United States in a small farming community called Bascom in North Florida. I had a fairly normal childhood and teenage life, nothing crazy, stayed out of trouble, and spent most of days at school and spending time at home. It was fairly boring and not a whole to see out in my neck of the woods. By the time I was 20 years old I decided I want to branch out and experience something different. I wanted to go new places and see new things so I joined up with a Private Military Company called Lion's Crest in South Florida. I was just a basic pencil pusher, filling out paper work, reports, and keep track of contracts and finding new ones for a nice chunk of change. I enjoyed my job and a lot of the ex-military guys that hung around. I learned a lot in the time I spent around them. Around 2015 Lion's Crest expanded and opened a cell in West Bulgaria. Between 2015 and 2017 work got some-what slow so I took multiple fire arm courses, trained with the pros, and even visited a few combat zones. I learned how to use military guns properly and even some military equipment like night vision and long range radios. Around July in 2017 shit kicked off across the Black Sea in a country called Chernarus. A massive civil war , and some kind of viral outbreak, and the sinking of Costa Risacca which caused nearly 3,000 deaths. Shortly after Lions Crest was offered a contract from the U.N. to help play 'clean up' in Chernogorsk. By this time Lions Crest had already made a name for itself in Takistan and was known for taking contracts in that area. The U.N requested that Lions Crest pull all the resources it had to come help for some cash, this was one of the biggest contracts we'd been offered so we jumped on the opportunity and pulled all assets from Takistan, Bulgaria, and Kurzeghistan and sent them to Chernarus, which turned to be a living hell. We were instructed to help escort political figures and people of interest out of the country until everything was under control, however the U.N did not want to be directly involved with helping these political figures. The initial plan was to get in, do our job, and get paid. We flew in on July 9th and dropped off at a Southern military airfield which was occupied by the U.N. but we didn't seem very welcomed. Things ended up going sour very quick about 15 days later shit really kicked off. Not long after arriving Lions Crest's plentiful staff population was nearly wiped out and radios went silent, leaving only a handful of operatives left who were left to fend for themselves in hostile territory. I've been trying to link up with any members left from the abandoned group and survive in this hell hole until we can get enough supplies to leave, if that's even possible at this point, I came in contact with another member over the radio not too long ago who claims to have been a part of Lions Crest and knows more about the situation than I do, Aiden Wakefield. Hopefully he is in fact who he claims to be and we can find a way out of here and get back home or at least somewhere untouched by this infection and feels like home. I've had some encounters like this before but it just turned out to be someone looks for some free loot or a deranged cannibal looking for his next meal. It hasn't been easy to survive out here since Lions Crest sorta died off and lost most of it contacts and government help. Aiden claims to be North somewhere near a town called Vybor or something along the lines of that. I've tried to stay down South in the 'safe' areas and with a good coastal view. I still cant piece together how we've been here so long and I've yet to encounter him as many times as I've broadcasted on the radio and called out for help. Maybe having someone else to trust will make surviving out here a little easier and safer. In all the time I spent with Lions Crest I don't remember hearing his name and it was my job to know where everyone was for legal reasons and so they could be accounted for, but he claims to be from the Takistan Cell and came over on a ship from a freighter contract.


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