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Niko Stratos
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-11-02 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Ontario, Canada
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, French, Russian & Takistani
  9. Family
    Father & Mother
  10. Religion
    Greek Orthodox


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    101 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Occupation
    Private Contractor
  8. Affiliation
    Legion Corp.
  9. Role
    CBRN Threat Response Operator



Niko was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Ever since Niko turned 17 and when school was over during the summer, Niko was struggling to try to get a job so he would be able to make money to buy things or just have money for things he wanted since his parents stopped spoiling him. After a few weeks of him searching and not finding anything do to do he decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist. During his basic training Niko underwent a various amount of physical and mental training in months time. Niko also went through months of classroom and battlefield training during his basic training. Niko ended up being placed in the 56th Army Communication and Information System Specialists Division, Once his graduation happened during his basic training within the Canadian Armed Forces, Niko was rewarded with multiple commendation. He was commemorated with Best Shot, Leadership and Management. After about 6 years and achieving the rank of Sergeant with his division he decided it was time to leave.   

Niko was reaching the end of the money after a coupled years of being unemployed and was buying a materialistic things, but not only was he starting to drug deal marijuana and flipping it for more money around his city. Niko knew he needed to do something and at one point Niko decided enough and something clicked, he wanted to do what hes good at best, joining the military, but as a contractor. After two to three months of searching what would make him the most money to where he was applying his choices became slim to none other then Legion Corp, Niko was excited to be accepted after a coupled months and started to work in the private sector within the military and making more money then he expected. Once again Niko went through multiple advanced training's which took place before he was sent out overseas for operations.

(A picture of Niko during an advanced firearms training at homebase)


A few months later Niko had been contracted with all his close friends he trained with at his homebase in Iraq, with Legion Corp. doing Protection Detail, Armed Combat, Armed Convoys, Base Security, Infrastructure Security and train local authorities. Although the contract with Iraq were quite boring and with little pay Niko's involvement with Legion Corp. would soon grow even more then he thought. Niko was hand picked to join a new CBRN Threat Response Division with a few of his former friends, so Niko set out to Syria within months. It was not a quick job but the morality was questionable, what they seized was not sent to a government, but to a man. This sudden shift in morality was quickly overlooked with the new bonuses they were receiving. This pattern only continued for Niko as what lied next was Donetsk and soon after, Chernarus. Niko quickly found himself in team lead by someone he knew pretty well, Jericho Carmichael and a handful of other of his men. The new mission was not going to be. Multiple WOMD have been spotted in the South Zagorian region, Jericho's employer wants them, whatever cost it carries. Niko was tasked to be a Operator within the team.


Not much is now know about Niko's whereabouts within Chernarus.



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