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Francesco Biagiotti
Character information
  1. Mental
    Come back to normality
  2. Morale
    Pursue the good
  3. Date of birth
    1990-07-07 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
    Italian,English, French , Russian
  7. Religion


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
    Well Placed
  4. Hair
    Medium-long brown hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    -tattoo of a wolf behind his back
  8. Equipment
    -Khaki coloring bomber
    -Black Backpack



My name is Franceso Biagiotti, born in Rome in Italy in 1990 from a wealthy family, I had a comfortable and carefree childhood spent among friends, arcades and comics, I have an older sister and a large family from both family sides , my family members were very religious but I never particularly believed in the existence of something after death. I attended good schools, I had excellent language training, learning various languages such as: English, Russian and French.
Obtaining the Diploma with an average of 85/100.
I graduated in Business Economics level 1, the choice was dictated not so much by passion but from a point of view of economic convenience.


Once the university was finished, it was the summer of 2010, Europe was going through an economic crisis, my country Italy was hit hard by it. I was fortunate that many of my friends had no chance to make a choice to stay in their native country, I had luck elsewhere ... elsewhere, this was the initial problem that had occurred to me at the time, where was this elsewhere? I knew many languages I could enjoy my family's money as a base, but I had to seize the opportunity that could not be presented in Europe and this opportunity came from a newscast a year before a nation named Chernarus had emerged from a terrible civil war that it had devalued its economy, and having decimated its population, in 2010 it was one of those countries where to seize the opportunity, large resources of raw materials available to foreign investors and many jobs, my work was right for them and thanks to the family knowledge on which I worked, I managed to get a job with good pay in the region.


It was not easy to admit it, the setting and the interaction with a new way of experiencing such a harsh region, with inhabitants so wary of sunny Rome, they did not guarantee an easy setting in the new reality, I could not blame, I had not seen the suffering of a war on my skin, never being safe. being always alert strengthens you but at the same time destroys you.
My first real friend was my neighbor Alexei, a respectable nerd and conspirator to the core, we spent several evenings together introduced me to locals, people and the vast territory of Chernarus from the mountains to the coast was my first real still for the most difficult period because homesickness rose in the darkest periods.


I was aware of this for some time but I could not imagine a similar escalation after the election of the nationalist center-right statist party, there was an intensification of military activity in the north, all this hatred of the Russian population led to the famous and somewhat tragic the fact of marriage was the end of April 2017. All this led to violent demonstrations in all territories with Russian ethnic percentage who even went so far as to ask for secession. I and all those I cared about were out of it were in the territories considered safe by all but this was detrimental to business and the rumor of a closure of the company became ever more insistent.


After the time of doubts about the future, the present posed other serious problems on 7 July of the same year, which we then pass on as "The first week", Alexei in his pleasant trips out of town had noticed a growing number of the many places of blockade on the roads that led to the BlackMountains he began to ask himself questions, but I was convinced and I tried to convince him that it was only precautions that it was not up to us to ask questions about what the military did for our safety, but to wrap up the thesis of Alexei there was a very viral video on Twitter that triggers public indignation, indignation that sharpens with the roundups and the displacement of several civilians from the Nagornoe area who were piled up in the schools south of Sevorgad, there were several shootings of Kamensk. Then the local press became suspicious and I began to think that Alexei, so fixated with his theories, could be right.
We woke up the next day with terrible news with winds of war blowing over Chernarus in the night the clash had started, the Russians mobilized their troops towards the south of Zagoria by bombing a base that was at the center of a dispute for some time. The press reported the attack of several angry and insensitive soldiers who ate cattle, in my eyes it made no sense but in Alexei's I could see all his worry, and then we heard him hear a loud noise in the distance presignalano the the beginning of a bombardment that went on to the bitter end this was the Russians' ploy to hide the truth what was happening, and as planned it worked, the press did nothing but talk about this by diverting its eyes from the troubling voices of Sevorgad who was escaping in terror, he told of a multitude of out-of-control people who attacked the innocents with extreme violence and anger, and spoke of people bleeding from their eyes in a pain without limit, all these stories had frightened me.


We prepared the best for myself and my best friend Alexei, we raided the supermarket preparing for the worst and running away as far as possible to the South.
On July 10th we had stopped in the capital now in the throes of mass hysteria looking for comfortable accommodation in the night that we found easily because the various hotels were empty but we fell asleep but not serenely.
The next day we woke up with a start caught by the sound of ambulance sirens and police all had one direction the North we didn't know what to do and at first we looked for help in the remaining authorities, there was talk of a North in the chaos hordes of people that attacked everything that was on their way by eating the meat, Alexei had renamed them as Zombies as those of those colossal American movies or TV series a name that fit perfectly in the current description that despite everything I thought far from reality because I entrusted myself blindly to the police and what they told us. In the afternoon a detailed account of a doctor who spoke of a highly viral and at the same time deadly disease, which had spread to the north of the nation, even reported the times and symptoms that included a 6-hour incubation of the virus accompanied by Tosse, sneezing and after 16 hours the infected person began to attack other populated places and hospitals seemed to attract the virus. After all this outbreak the chaos that generated traffic jams exiting from the main cities nobody trusted anyone anymore, all this was aggravated by the mobilization of the armed forces in the southern zone that were going to occupy the various checkpoints and refugee camps; Alexei and I wisely avoided such places trying to reach the airport but being careful not to get too close to refugee centers or large inhabited complexes preferring one night in the car to an eventual exposure, this leads us to a longer and more winding road.
Then the tragic news the country had closed its borders, there was talk of flights taken off to Europe with infected on board bringing things to a global scale, the thought immediately went to my family and that probably I wouldn't see them again I didn't see a way coming out of a situation so terrible left to ourselves and with an army reduced to the bone we were probably the next the only natural thing was to move towards the coast, where we opened that the infected had seized Berezino and Solnichniy.


It was the 17th after the tragic events that occurred on the following days. Alexei and I were in a hostel located in a small town located on the southern coast of Zelenogorsk whose name I can't even remember when what happened was called stupidly defined the turning point. At first we heard a great roar of engines in the sky and then I saw them big planes of the born directed to the Aerodrome of Balota where more than 200 guardians of the peace gathered and other 300 between researchers and doctors of the born that they established a complex of search to Miroslavl. A detachment of 100 was quickly sent to Chapaevsk where a basis for treatment and research was created. NATO operations on 17 July focused mainly on strengthening CDF troops in southern Zagoria, deploying troops from its Kirovograd base to combat epidemics in the city itself. The information that came was gratifying for the whole population it seemed that the worst was over.


The days passed sleeplessly tossing and turning in the bed and feeling the wind that carried the most diverse noises wrapped around it seemed to hear the screams but the remote place of the fishing town was far from the front. On the night of the 19th there was an intensification of the lunimosi flashes coming from the front, this could only say one thing another attack by the infected was underway, and in the morning officially they ceased we did not know why we did not know the outcome we could only wait . We spent the night at the window admiring with extreme terror the glow and then the great boom coming towards Chernogorsk, which foreshadowed the worst for me and dear Alexei who gathered his stuff the next day, I did the same, said goodbye and we thanked them for their hospitality by heading into the countryside, favoring the hypothesis that isolation was the best solution.


It was the dawn of July 22, at least I think it was the day I was alone ... I will never forget the screams, Alexei's excruciating cries while being devoured by one of those beasts, the fact that I could not do anything the fact that he had understood, his last request had been, kill me do not let me become one of them, it was his last will but I could not perform a will so simple yet so difficult was the last time I saw a face of a person who was not of those monster, shis only memory is the green cap that I still wear with me. I write all this if anyone ever finds me dead or simply one of them with this diary in my pocket, now I prepare myself for another journey looking for someone a glimpse of humanity in a black tragedy to find the normality that has been lost since time immemorial and now at the end of it all, I can think of a poem I studied at university:

"Extinction is the rule, death is discredited. Survival is the exception."


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