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John Lowe
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1982-04-19 (37 years old)



john had been in Europe when the during the outbreak, or at least off the southern coast of Europe. he quickly learned that while the dead were a threat on land they could not swim. he was one of the lucky ones, his 42ft yacht was designed according to his hobbyist needs: long term stints away from land, no support from the outside world required. he had a small desalination system that turned sea water into something he could drink as well as a supply of MREs that he could supplement by fishing. sadly this wasn't enough to keep him out at sea indefinitely and around a month before he was due to run out of food he started heading for a land destination he thought would be his best bet. it sounded insane but the source of the infection in his mind was the best place to be, it was a relatively low populated area even before the outbreak and on top of that from what he had seen the dead were behaving like corpses, they were decomposing. so with that in mind the place where the dead had been dead the longest would be ideal, even if they were still walking now they couldn't stay that way for too much longer, could they?


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