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Letonia Pelham
Character information
  1. Alias
    Letty, Calli
  2. Mental
    Mostly Stable
  3. Date of birth
    1990-05-23 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    59 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Reddish Brown
  5. Eyes
    Dark Hazel
  6. Features
    Tattoo - the name Rhea in jerky and untidy script on the inside of her right wrist, she did it herself after the incident.
    Tattoo - a raccoon front paw print on her left ankle.
    Tattoo - a sleeping red panda on a branch along the back of her shoulders in full color with cherry blossoms on the branch

    Scar - a couple of scrapes that never quite healed back to smooth skin on her legs both from before the outbreak and after, a badly healed scrape on her right knee from childhood
    Scar - bullet hole on the left side of her abdomen
  7. Equipment
    A beanie - gifted to her by her fiancee
    And she'll usually carry bottles of water and a few pieces of food with her if she's not hunkered down for a few days.
    And a knife and/or machete
  8. Occupation
    Primary School Teacher
  9. Affiliation


Long before making it to Chernarus, Letty was born to a woman in the state of Florida, when her mother died in childbirth, she was given to the state put into her first foster home when she was healthy enough to be released from the hospital she’d been born into. Letonia grew up moving from house to house every couple of years until she was sixteen, when she graduated from high school two years early and managed to emancipate herself that same year. She started working a couple of jobs to support herself before she applied for college at the age of eighteen. During her time in a 4-year university studying Elementary Education with a minor in music, she worked at a hobby store as the store clerk when the man who owned the place could no longer work long hours by himself. The store sold anything from airplane and automobile models to comic books, any gamer or nerd’s dream. She made a decent amount of money, but this was by no means her endgame in life. When she finally graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching License, Letty was so happy. Finally, she’d achieved the one thing she’d been working for since she was young.

Not long after graduating, while she was applying to different school districts and trying to find the right fit, she received a very nice job offer from a school district in Chernarus that was looking to teach their younger children in English, rather than primarily Chernarussian. So with little to nothing holding her in the States, Letty set off for Chernarus. Her first year was rough, she was not fluent in the language and their style of living, thought not vastly different, was just different enough for the culture shock to set in. Letty felt herself break down slowly, and then all at once. She found herself in a pub late one night, drinking quite heavily, when she found herself in a rather awkward situation with a Chernarussian man. Any language barrier was amplified by her drunk mind and any attempt to brush the man off was met with near violent anger, until finally a woman stepped in and acted as if they were quite old friends and managed to persuade the drunkard to buzz off. This woman would be the one that would become Letty’s fiancée within the next few years. However, they started as friends first and worked their way up.

When the problems began to crop up in 2017, it was kind of one of those things that started as a whisper and then exploded. At least to Letty. And when it exploded, Letty found herself trying to help those she could. She couldn’t leave Chernarus now, her life was here, her family was here. So she volunteered when volunteers were called for, or she just simply sat and listened to her students when they needed someone to just listen to them, to help them process what was happening to them, to try and calm their fears as the world started to crumble around them.

Then the virus appeared. And that same whisper to explosion happened, but at a much faster rate. First it was just stories on the news, and then it was an incident a town or village or city over. And then. Then it was waking up to growling and groaning and the sound of shuffling feet coming from somewhere inside the home she shared with her soon-to-be wife. It was calling out to Rhea and only hearing the sounds of a creature that was no longer her life partner. It was tears and screams and broken furniture as she barely evaded being hurt by this thing that wore her lover’s face. And then six shots as she unloaded the handgun Letty and Rhea had chosen to purchase to protect themselves when the riots started. And when the creature fell on her she continued to pull the trigger until finally her mind clicked back into reality and she realized that she’d kill the woman she was going to marry, the love of her life…

It took more time than Letty actually remembers before she moved from her spot against the now bloodied couch, wincing with the bruises and scratches from the broken glass of their living room table, and figured out what to do next. She didn’t even process what had become of the rest of her home, instead she begrudging packed the rest of the bullets and the gun into a bag along with a few sets of clothes, some food, a couple of bottles of water, and the largest kitchen they had, and she left. Letty has wandered Chernarus just trying to survive ever since. She’s met people, groups, that just hadn’t been able to make it—managed to have her supplies stolen off of her numerous times, but damn glad she no longer had the gun that killed her fiancée—and she’d hung onto the one thing she has left of her old life, that damn beanie. Now she’s got what she needs to last her for a few days, while she tries to find a new group to survive with, new people, something to keep her going in this world.


For the past few weeks to a month now, Letty has been living with the Wolfpack, having reconnected with her friend Phoenyxx.  She hasn’t quite found her feet around the group, but she’s trying her best.  She’s been in the middle of quite a few situations, and is slowly coming to the conclusion that she’s going to have to use the guns she’s been given to protect herself from something other than the infected that wander the city streets.  Letty wants to help, but just the idea of shooting another human being is still a hump she’s working to get over. 


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