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Anti Mike
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2000-01-08 (19 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    english greek
  6. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
    He is good at surviving and scouting
  4. Hair
    he has a bold
  5. Eyes
    his eyes is dark


He was a normal kid in a normal family but as the time past the family started becoming more sad and more angry becuase the dad didnt hove moneny and the mother have left the family and leaved and the dad started hitting the kid and yeeling at him but the kid where growing and as long the kid was growing anger and madness started to getting bigger and when he turned 17 he killed his dad while he was sleeping and left greece to start a new life in chernarus.When he got to chernarus the life good and simple he started as a worked at a restuarant place but the money wasnt enough and his boss was a dick.He dad no changes he started to work illegal he was selling drugs in the streets of chernarus and the police couldnt catch him he was starting to getting more crazy as he was before.When the outbreak begone he was at his house with his friends and counting his money and his drugs and suddnely the police knocks the door and starting yelling EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR NOW he gets on the floor and the cops started handcuffing everyone when it was his turns to get handcuffed cops hearing a weird noise outside the door and go outside to check.Antri understood that something weird was going on becuase the cops were late to come back so antri decides to go outside to check with a secret gun that he was hiding under his couch and when he goes outside sees the cops half eated and dead he thinked that was some kind of animal and when he turns his back sees a fucking zombie he runs immediatly and lefts his friends behind 2 days after he returns to get some things from his house his friend were not there but he saw them from the window they were turned to zombies he gets his things lefts the house to start a new life a life of surviving


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