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Brick Freeman
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  1. Alias
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As Doomsday prepper, I was ready for the infection but lost everything in the months after the outbreak, I managed to help grow the community of survivors after the outbreak, times got really tough, supplies ran low, the moral of the community was really low. I was the only one able to hunt effectively but it wasn't enough to keep the community together most people left, the ones that stuck by managed to strive. It wasn't until one of the deserters brought a horde to the community, I'm sure no fault of his own, He knew it was safe here and he didn't know that we wouldn't be able to fight them off. Most of us died, some of them fled, I was left for dead but managed to survive. Must find the remaining survivors and build the community once again and try to enjoy what life we have.

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Taking stone wall RP to a new level...

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