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Jalik Petrov
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1965-01-23 (54 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian and English
  5. Relationship
    - None -
  6. Family
    Viktor Petrov
  7. Religion
    - None -


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
    Muscled, big
  4. Hair
    Normal brown hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    - Chedaki logo on his neck -
  7. Equipment
    - A hunting knife that he got from Dimitri Konashenkov -
    - A old compass that was from his mother -
  8. Affiliation




Jalik Petrov was born in a poor family. His father was a high ranking officer in the CDF and his brother Viktor was working on Prison Island when he was born. He only lived with his mother who took care of him as much as she could. When his mother passed away both his brother and father never came home anymore so he had to take care of himself. He started to hate his government  since noone cared about the poor. He decided to start stealing to survive.

One day he sneaked inside of a house where he tried to steal some bread. Suddenly he heard a loud scream and he saw a big man standing behind him. He looked around and he saw a knife. He took the knife as fast as he could and told the man to back off. The man laughed since Jalik wasn't that big when he was 14. The man kept coming closer and when the man was in range Jalik stabbed him. The man fell to the floor while he choked on his own blood. Jalik stared at the man, dropped the knife and ran away. He decided to leave the country and go to Russia. When he arrived in Russia he met Dimitri Konashenkov. Dimitri was a part of the Chedaki forces and asked Jalik his name. Jalik answered and Dimitri laughed while he saw the bloody shirt. "Come with me" he said while he grabbed Jalik's arm. 

From that moment on Jalik was getting trained by the best soldiers you could find in the Chedaki. They knew he was the child of a high ranking CDF officer so they wanted him to betray his father. After years of training the civil broke out. Jalik was a part of the 67th "Lopotev" Sotnya. They moved into Chernarus where they started to slaughter not only CDF forces but also civilians. One day Jalik walked trough the streets of Chernogorsk when he suddenly heard whispers in a house. He knocked on the door but noone responded. He looked at the other Chedaki soldier next to him and he nodded. The soldier kicked in the door and there they saw civilians, children included. Jalik looked and them and smiled. "It is going to be alright" he said and he took out a piece of bread. He handed it to a little kid. Just when the little kid wanted to grab the bread Jalik took out his knife and stabbed the kid in his throat. The mother screamed and charged at Jalik but it was to late. Jalik took out his AKM and started to unload his magazine on the group of civilians. He laughed while his bratr poured gasoline over the bodies. He took a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it and throwed it on the pile of bodies. The whole building started burning. Jalik and his brother moved out since the fire would alert alot of people.

After the Chedaki got pushed back into the mountains Jalik sat up a camp with his bratr's. One day he went for a piss but slipped. He fell from the high snowy mountain and broke his leg, arm and rib. He crawled to an old hunting stand where he sat up a little camp. Months passed and Jalik decided to leave the black mountains and search for more warmer places. Years passed and one day Jalik decided to go back to his brothers. He moved up to the Black Mountains where he found the left overs of the 67th "Lopotev" Sotnya. They already went back to Chernarus a couple times but got pushed back once again. He also heard his brother Viktor joined the Chedaki but got killed by a woman named Constance DeVoe. From that moment on it was his duty to find and kill Constance DeVoe.





Slava my nuts, ❤❤ great page my man

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1 hour ago, Watchman said:

Slava my nuts, ❤❤ great page my man

Thank you baby😘😘

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