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Sergey Yurievich
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Careful, Patriotic
  3. Morale
    High morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-07-07 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Novodmitrovsk, South Zagoria Region, Chernarus.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, English
  9. Relationship
    Galina Yegorovna - Girlfriend (Escaped during evacuation)
  10. Family
    Parents Died during factory incident. Brother - Anton Yurievich (Escaped during the evacuation with Sergey girlfriend)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Standart CDF issued uniform
    Field Transceiver
    AKM service rifle
  8. Occupation
    CDF soldier


Sergey Yurievich was born in Novodmitrovsk and grew up in a middle class family. Sergey's parents were factory workers. His father was a manager in the local factory while his mother was an accountant in the same factory. An unexpected incident has in the factory where Sergey's parents were working and they both died in that incident. When all of this happened Sergey was of the mere age of 13 and was left to live with his grandparents and his at the time 21 year old brother. This was a sad moment in his life, but with it Sergey has found his life interest and that was informational technology and radio communications. He would spend countless hours programming on his barely running windows XP computer. While other times going outside and setting up his own radio relay networks and etc.
By the age of 17 Sergey learnt how to fluently speak English and was forced to start scamming rich westerners from abroad. Sergey was running various romance scams, rich Chernarussian baron scams and all sorts of nasty scams. At the time Sergey was the only one who was truly financially supporting the unstable family he was apart of. His grandparents were very ill and were suffering from Alzheimer disease. Often Sergey's grandparents turned violent when he tried to help. Also to add to insult his brother started using heroin and stole everything valuable from the house to buy himself more drugs. The only escape from this hell that Sergey was living in was the internet and computer that he had.
When Sergey turned 18 his doors were busted down by OREL units and he was arrested for cyber crimes he has done. Luckily Sergey had an uncle who was the chief of the police, in Novodmitrovsk. Sergey's uncle was always encouraging Sergey to join the police force and stop the illegal activities he was doing, because OREL will kick down his door any minute, but Sergey declined all the offers stating it is fine as it is. After all Sergey was making good amount of money scamming westerners. Anyway Sergey was lucky enough. His charges were dropped because "lack of evidence". Sergeys uncle was called in some favors to save Sergey from being shipped out into Storozh prison island. After being released Sergey wanted to go back into scamming but his uncle has forced him into joining the military and rethinking what he wants out of his life. Eventually Sergey agreed and voluntarily Joined the CDF. The care of his grandparents and his addict brother was given to his uncle who gladly looked them over as he was proud that Sergey is turning his life around. Shortly after taking care of his grandparents and brother Sergey's uncle booked his brother into rehab and continued to take care of Sergey's grandparents.
In the military Sergey's talents were not overlooked and he was trained to use the military communication equipment and other military skills. After his training Sergey was assigned to 313th “Elektrický” Signals and Electronic Warfare Company. By the time he completed the training the deadly civilwar has broken out against communist separatists known as the Movement of the Red Star. Sergey was stationed in Tisy military base and haven't seen much as he was responsible for securing communications with other regions of Chernarus.
During the civilwar Sergey got an letter that his grandparents passed away along with his uncle. They got killed in the mists of civilwar by the Chedaki forces. The hatred for the communist separatists has grew inside Sergey along with patriotism for his country. He has set a personal goal to make sure Chernarus prospers and grows and the way he will contribute is by serving in the military.
After the civilwar has ended Sergey found himself a girlfriend Galina Yegorovna and was planning to marry her. Everything was going fine for Sergey, his military career was doing great, he had an soulmate that he was about to propose to, but unfortunately Sergey was deployed in rebel controlled regions of Takistan to neutralize the threat of ballistic missile attacks and chemical attacks from the Pro Aziz Takistani Army. The things that Sergey saw in Takistan is disturbing and resulted in Sergey suffering from light form of PTSD. After that deployment Sergey grew a hatred towards Takistani people. - "Such inhumane animals... How could they do just things?" Sergey said to himself.
When the apocalypse happened Sergey was stationed in Tisy military base, he monitored the communications and kept a secure connection between south zagoria region and Miroslavl. While in Tisy Sergey made sure his girlfriend and brother evacuated to Miroslavl while he stayed behind. Sergey stayed behind as much as he could but there were too much infected and he managed to send out last message - " Miroslavl, this is Tisy, south Zagoria we are being overrun! I must go. This is Corporal Sergey Yurievich ending the last transmission over and out. Sergey took his AKM, ran toward evacuation chopper, but it was too late and he was forced to turn around and escape Tisy because it was a death trap. On the way out, Sergey grabbed a Field Transceiver and escaped Tisy military base.
Sergey has felt that he was left alone and knowing the fact he settled down in a basement in some little village up north. The basement was filled to the brim of food and all other essential supplies. Sergey would eventually go out and get more supplies but other than that he was set up and was ready to face the apocalypse.
After a few months has passed Sergey sneaked back to tisy military base and took some of the military communication equipment to set up a listening outpost in the basement he was set up in. It was successful and Sergey was writing down each and every transmission he received. During his time in the basement he picked up bunch of civilian calls for help, it was heartbreaking but Sergey knew he couldn't do anything to help.
Years has passed but Sergey was still marking down every transmission he has heard. But one night unfortunately Sergey fell asleep with a cigarette in his hand which resulted in making a huge fire. Sergey woke up and said - "O KURVA", he knew the fire was too big to extinguish so he picked up his AKM, Field Transceiver and escaped the basement in time.
To this day Sergey is now wandering the land of south zagoria still writing down the transmissions he gets through his Field Transceiver.
Ever though he knew about other units in the area Sergey made no effort to contact them as he enjoyed the solitude he had. After his listening station has burned down only then he went out and tried to make contact with other units.


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