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Collin Rose
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
    High, never waivers
  3. Date of birth
    2003-02-17 (16 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Colorado, USA
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Family
    Jason Rose and Samantha Rose
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
    Slim, slightly Malnourished
  4. Hair
    Brown and Curly
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - - - - - - TALENTS - - - - - -
    ! - 2 years of dealing with wounded and injured taught him a lot, creating practical experience unrivaled.
    ! - Wounded and broken, he survived in the forest, sharpening his will and survivalist attitudes.
    ! - Being no stranger to loneliness has tempered even the softest bit of him, becoming a valuable asset and a closer friend.

    - - - - - - SCARS - - - - - -
    * N/A
  8. Equipment
    - - - - - - TOOLS - - - - - -
    | - A collection of herbal recipes and mixtures.
    | - Survival equipment for the worst of times
    | - First Aid Kit with modifications for gunshot wounds
    | - Journals and notebooks for logging patients




"Now I'm all alone..."






          Born to a wealthy and influential family of accountants and lawyers on his father's side and a side of oddities and unknown cultures on his mother's side, Collin Rose was expected to uphold his father's torch of being the CEO of his banking firm in Denver, Colorado. 
          Throughout most of his years Colin was a soft-spoken kid, seeing his father's temper swing wildly out of control made him unable to speak up and thus made it difficult for him to make friends. Middle school was the worst for him, as his lacking social skills caused him to be seen as the "quiet kid" and bullied for it. This experience and the many others that followed uncovered a dark depression in him, but his mother suspected it and against her husband's wishes she took him in for counseling and therapy where her worst suspicions were realized. Collin had fallen into that abyss but all of it was remedied with a friend.

He would look at Alex with loving eyes at some point, but now she understood what the boy had gone through.


High school had arrived, but not with its own issues. Alex had promised one thing, "Anyone want to fuck with ya, they go through me, got it?"
The promise wrung out even when she got into a fight in the halls with a senior football player and broke his arm and knocked out a few teeth over nothing but a small insult about his hair. The tall redhead taught him a lot for the few months he remained at Greenfield High School, he knew how to defend himself, not take shit from anybody and to keep his health above anything. He really thought he was something, apart of this big world once and for all. He dropped the pills that had once helped his psyche and went up the hill to smoke weed with Alex, allowing himself to drip slowly into love. She had broken him down and built him back up, when he just sat there and did nothing about it.

Things would not be so simple though, as the results had came back from the doctor's office. Collin's father had cancer, an extremely aggressive kind that shoved him into a hospital bed for the 2 weeks he was given to live. The man's heart still didn't die even as he was right at death's door, he yelled out in his last moments, his last words:
I wish I could've been better!"




With nothing left, but his mother. He sat above his father in his hospital bed as the machines blurred his vision of reality.
His mother feared as much, he couldn't stay in this place or risk her son becoming something she could not watch and see. She told them they were leaving, to her home in South Zegoria.
Collin desperately pleaded to stay, for Alex. However his mother told him that she would understand, and that she did when she walked in on the now empty room that she spent nights in talking about many larger-than-life questions. She looked at Collin, who laid on his bed and they went out for one last adventure. She took him by his hand and raced to the hilltops, covered in snow by winter's icy grasp. When they reached the top, he could see all of it. The entire city, the lights, the stars, and the glint's in Alex's eyes. He leaned in and kissed her goodbye, she whispered in his ear, "
I'll be waiting for you Collin, I promise."

The plane left for a country of plain folk, away from the harm of the states.


Things got out of hand fast, once they were in the country for only a month a wild infection burst into their home in Zvir. The townspeople warned of the apocalypse, a sign of the end of times, but his mother and Collin thought otherwise. His mother was an emergency doctor at the hospital back in the states, so when a person came in with an extreme fever and a bite wound, she volunteered to help him. The old man was hurt and his mother allowed him to watch her stitch up the wounds and give him some antibiotics and saline solution. However in time the man started to vomit excessively and soon in the night he turned. The sound of a gunshot rung out of the living room and when he investigated he saw his mother with a pistol and blood over her face, the man now grasping at her feet and trying to pull her under.
She shot him again and the two packed up what they could carry and set out across the country.


For the first year of the infection, Collin was around his mother, the two fought against waves of the infected and they vowed to protect each other. During this time Collin took notes from watching his mother operate and patch up random people who needed it. She started teaching him, overseeing an operation that saw a man with a gunshot wound to the stomach get extracted and stitched up. The man thanked Collin and he grew to enjoy helping others, as well as being a natural for it. He feared nothing, but the insane people of the country. He saw some murdered in front of his eyes, and when a man approached with a mask and a rifle to his mother's head, Collin shot back and killed the bandit.

The bandit was not alone, and the two were followed for days before they were cornered in a field. They beat Collin and tied up his mother in front of his eyes, they did unspeakable horrors to them whilst they chatted about having "The Father" deal with them personally, but they needed a body. His mother said she would die if they would leave Collin alone.


And they did, they surrounded her and cut her to pieces in front of his eyes. Then when they weren't looking he wiggled out of the rope and ran for his life. The family of maniacs chased him for hours as he ran through the forest, gunshots ringing in his ears as they shot at him, landing a lucky hit on his shoulder.
Thankfully after the moon rose, he sunk under a tree and tended to his gunshot wound, letting his emotions of hate fuel his fire and subdue the pain. Night stayed for a long time and after falling asleep Collin awoke hungry and with torn clothing he wandered back into the wasteland, tending to people who came to him and hunting down his mother's murderers. 

"Gotta keep going, can't stop now."



- Personal Relations -


~"The Masked Family"~


"A collection of insane brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers who see the apocalypse as an excuse to induce insanity and kill any they come across."

Members: 6-8, ranging in insane tendencies.
Objective: Avoid at all costs, get revenge.

"I'm so sorry Mother."


~Chapter 2~
"A friendly bunch of survivors and people I call friends. Their motives are generally good, but my own are clouded for their safety."

Members: 10+, all I can call my friend.
Objective: Survive along side them, hide my vengeful journey.



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