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Marquis Bush
Character information
  1. Alias
    Big M
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1987-01-24 (32 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Compton, CA
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
    African American
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Faded sides twisted top
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Affiliation
    6th Block Pirus
  8. Role


Marquis Michael Bush was born into a life where you had 3 choices. Make it to the NBA, sell Dope or rap. Douglas Park Apartments would house one of the most brutal and aggressive gang members in the Fruit-Town Piru set. On January 24th, 1987 a new child would be brought into the Section 8 projects at the corner of Rosecrans when Marquis's mother, Shawntel gave birth to the 1.7 pound baby who wasn't suppose to make it out of that incubator. Shawntel was a severe crack head and his father left after finding out she was pregnant. For 3 months Marquis was housed and kept on life support to make sure he would not die being so small,premature and addicted to Crack Cocaine. An emergency liver surgery left the 3 month old child with barely any life, but the young man pulled through. About 2 months later Shawntel took him back to the project where it all began. His mother spent long days and nights trying to provide for the baby, her welfare check would come on the first of each month. The numerous men in and out of her house would eat much of the food making it hard for Marquis to eat. She herself had no parents to look up to or help raise young Marquis because they too were taken by the streets of Rosecrans Avenue and the Ronald Reagan era. 


Shawntel worked as a prostitute in the Douglas Park Apartment complex and sold crack cocaine to many of the fiends in the projects. Marquis was almost left starving most days when his mother would spend the money she got for the day on a fresh bag of glass. She would lie on the couch and spark her pipe, laying motionless while young Marquis cuddled up next to his tweaking mother crying because of how hungry he was. As Marquis grew he saw more and more of the life his mother was raising him around. Shawntel would often give men sexual favors on the couch in the middle of the small apartment while Marquis wandered about the house trying to figure out what to play with.


At the age of 5 young Marquis had seen hundreds of men come and go to use his mother as a piece of meat or as a pharmacist. She was providing him just enough food for him to grow and hopefully be old enough to support himself. He had a hard time speaking due to the lack of teaching from his mother, but was able to speak enough to get him by. Marquis learned most of his language from the men going in and out of his apartment, so his vocabulary was based around sexual words and swearing. Marquis had no father figure or a dominant figure to look up to. With his mother's lack of parenting the environment contributed to his corrupt upbringing. Marquis met a friend across the hall from him when he was 5 years old, they were both the same age and the boy lived with his grandmother. His name was Tyrel. The two boys would hang out during the day and wander the building trying to find something fun to do. There was another boy Darion 2 floors down from them who they also started playing with. Soon the 3 became very close of friends, Tyrel and Marquis were basically were on their own. But Darion had a mother who worked 2 jobs and did her best to support him. He was going to school and was very smart for his age. Marquis was the smallest of the 3 boys, Darion was the biggest and the strongest, Tyrel was in the middle. Every day at around 8 am Marquis would sneak out of his apartment and the 3 would go out to the middle of the project to the swing sets. They would play on the jungle gym and build things in the sandbox and try to make friends with the other kids. The project was a hotspot for drug trafficking, murder, robbery and other crimes. Things like this happened on a daily basis. 


The young kids would run over and gather around the older teenagers who would fight. Marquis and his friends cheering on the fight, these fights would usually go until there was blood, and were 

usually not over until one of the people was unconscious or was able to run away. Marquis slowly became used to the lifestyle he was living. Coming home to his mother with a new man smoking crack passed out at the kitchen table, he would see what was in the fridge and sit down on the couch and turn on the TV.


Age 9 was when it all started, Marquis, Tyrel and Darion were outside hanging by the front of the building on Rosecrans avenue. The 3 boys were sitting up against the wall trading pokemon cards they had just stole off some kid an hour before. 


"I'll Give you a Bulbasaur for Gangar." Tyrel said to Marquis.


"The fuck nigga, you can do beta den that." Marquis laughed.


"Fuck you mean, Yount like that deal?" 


"Can yall niggas shut up i'm tryna hear what these niggas yelling about up here." Darion whispered. 


There were 4 men dressed in red yelling at someone across the street. The man had a blue bandana hanging out his side pocket. 


"Fuck you gon do pussy ass nigga, this our hood you betta watch your fucking back crab ass." One of the men in red yelled.


"Best run ya bitch out this hood before your ass get filled fulla blues fuck nigga, best start runnin!" Another one of the men screamed out, he pulled out a glock 19 and flashed it to the man.


"We strapped out here nigga!"


The man ran down the street and around the corner. Marquis and his friends started talking, wondering if there was going to be a fight. 


"Shit, yall think they gonna beef?" Marquis asked.


"Naww, that nigga ain't coming back to fight 4 guys." Darion said


The 3 continued to hangout and talk sitting up against the wall. The 4 men in the red shirts were still standing by the corner talking and smoking a blunt. They were yelling and retelling the story of how they punked that guy in blue. 5 minutes went by and Compton would change forever. A van came rolling down the street, not fast but at a slower pace. The van was old and beat up so a slow speed made sense, the van rolled right up to the 4 guys in the red shirts. Marquis looked up and the van door slid open. Inside was 3 men in the back with a blue bandanna around their face and 3 mini machine guns. In a seconds notice bullets were ripping through the men in red. They tried to pull their guns but they weren't quick enough. The loud crackle and bang of gunfire rang out and Marquis got up and went to run for the front door. Tyrel followed Marquis running full speed. The bullets were flying everywhere but Marquis made it to the door, his heart pounding out of his chest. Tyrel followed, the sound of the car screeching was followed by it speeding away. Marquis turned around and noticed that Darion wasn't with Tyrel. His heart stopped and he looked back to where they had been sitting. He saw Darion sitting up against the wall. 


Marquis and Tyrel ran over as fast as they could yelling to Darion to get get up and get inside. To Marquis's horror he saw his friend sitting there lifeless, a bullet passed through his head and a 3 more were in bedded in his chest. The 2 boys sat there frozen, not knowing what to do. Darion's body sat in a puddle of crimson surrounding him and coating the wall behind him. A bunch of people came running from the building and ran out to see the horror that had happened. The screams and cry's the people let out after seeing the bodies of friends loved ones and even a child shook the Douglas Park Projects. One of the people being Darion's mother. Her tears flowed as she held her son's lifeless corpse and screamed at the top of her lungs crying and choking. Darions blood soon was all over his mother's clothing and her body, she screamed out and fell to the ground.  


Marquis sat in front of Dario's mother with tears falling down their faces, Marquis went and hugged Tyrel and both children sat there and cried. The ambulance and the police showed up, Darion's mother told Marquis and Tyrel not to say anything to the police about what they saw for their own safety. When the detective came up to the 2 boys they both said they had been inside and ran out after hearing gunshots. The detective pestered them and kept asking if they were sure they had not seen anything, the boys insisted. Darions mother told the cop to leave the boys and her alone to mourn in peace. Darion's body was taken out by the police and the ambulance his mother followed sobbing uncontrollably, another man came running over to Darion and Tyrel.


"Ayo lil niggas, yall wanna tell me what happened?" The man had on a black shirt with a red doo rag. 


"Some men in blue masks came by.. they.. they shot my best friend." Marquis said as he burst out into tears again, Tyrel hugging him while sobbing too.


"Fuck! I knew those crab niggas were stirring some beef.. Ill tell you what, Ima help yall lil niggas out, meet me at the back of B4, 8th floor room 867, at 9pm on Friday night." He said in a calming tone.


"But were not suppose to be out once the street lights turn on." Marquis sobbed.


"Yall got the clear, trust my nigga. Yall good. Meet me den, I'm out for now." He said and ran inside the building.


Marquis ran up the stairs  to his apartment, he threw the door open to see his mother having sex with another man.


"Nigga don'tchu know how to fucking knock!" She screamed but the man did not stop. 


"Yeah have some manners lil boi." The man said snickering.


"Shut ya mouth bitch nigga." Marquis said to the man.


"You got somethin to say lil man?" The man said as he stood up and pulled up his pants. 


"I said you a bitch nigga, and I dare you to do a thing about it. You hoe ass nigga." Marquis said as he squared up with the man.


"I suggest you keep ya kid in line next time hoe." The man said to Marquise's mother, he slapped her in the face and walked out the door.


It was Friday, and almost 9 o'clock. Marquis and Tyrel walked through the courtyard to Building 4. Normally they knew not to go out after the street lights came on and they knew not to go to building 4 at any time. Building 4 was the hot spot for drugs, violence and murder. The 2 boys walked through the courtyard peering and looking over their shoulders. They would see people in huddles smoking weed and probably crack. The sound of yelling and laughter could be heard in the confines of the projects. They heard a few gunshots and screaming a few buildings over, hey both cringed and jumped. There were women out by the corners of the buildings in tight low cut shirts and short shirts, Marquis looked over at one of the women and she winked at him. There was an unconscious man bleeding out in front of building 3, a man stood over him with a small knife as he riffled through his pockets. 


"WHATCHU LOOKIN AT LIL NIGGAS." The man said as he swung around and got ready to stab either Marquis or Tyrel. He was tall, had a scraggly beard with a choppy lineup. His nose had a bunch of white powder around where his mustache was and his clothes were ragged and blood stained.


The 2 boys sat there frozen, they didn't move a muscle.


"I'M TALKING TO YOU NIGGAS. HOW OLD ARE Y'ALL ANYWAYS DON'T YOU KNOW NOT TO BE OUT HERE... IMA---" Before the man could finish his sentence someone came running out from the shadows and tackled him. The man began beating the other and told Marquis and Tyrel to run. They didn't have to hear the man say it twice they began sprinting as fast as they could toward the door to building 4. There was another huddle of about 8 men who were yelling and whistling as the 2 kids ran by. Finally they made it to the door.


They walked inside and walked up the staircase to the 8th floor, the building had a heavy stench of alcohol and different drugs. There was loud music and a lot of yelling. A dim light in the middle of the hallway lit up the row of doors all the way to the corner where there was another hallway. They made their way through carefully and quietly still nervous about being in the building.The walls were brick and the rug that lined the hallways was ripped up and stained from blood, to vomit. The police did not dare to enter these buildings and the inside was a free for all. They heard heard DJ Quik’s Born and raised in Compton  booming through the hallway and they knew they had arrived to the room.


"Should we knock?" Marquis asked.


"I don't know, Just walk in he said we were straight." Tyrel said.


"Shit okay, hold up. Let's say a prayer before we go in." Marquis stammered.


“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.." The 2 boys said then hugged one another and patted each other's backs.


Marquis opened the door and stepped into the room, there was a thick cloud of marijuana smoke that smacked him right in the face. There was 20 plus men crowded around smoking, drinking playing craps, there were women dancing and giving the men lap dances and the music was even louder. Marquis didn't know what to do. He slowly made his way through the tightly packed room looking for the man he had met before. Many of the people in the room were dressed in black and red, they had red doo rags, red bandanas or red shirts. Most of the people were too fucked up to realize Marquis and Tyrel moving through them. They looked around and finally they saw the man who had invited them. 


“Awwwwwwweeee Shit, look who it is the lil niggas showed up.. Im Andre by the way.” He said loudly, a blunt hanging from his mouth and an Olde English 40 ounce in his hand.


“Yeah, we got here. Shit was scary though.” Marquis said to Andre. Tyrel confirmed.


“Well im sure yall nigas wondering what ya doin here so ima tell ya. Yall know about your boy, rest his soul, but yall here to get help, or some guidance or something ha. I know who killt ya boi and I can help yall get revenge. I can help yall with alot mo than just that too.. Yall see this Fruit Town Piru territory, we at war wit them crab ass niggas.. Dey don pult ova and wet our fuckin block up and killed 4 my boys and a young nigga in the process. They right around tha cowna nigga, atlantic almo like 2 miles away frum this joint.” Andre explained.


“Ill get yall lil niggas, money, power, respect and security. There just be a small price to get in…” Andre said.


“Aight, whats that then..” Tyrel said.


“Yall see theres this snitchin nigga, Kendrick, call em Crazy… he live in building 9 on the third floor, room 345. He been fuckin this lady op tellin her everythin bout fruits and shit, Ima need yall niggas to run up in his brib and wet the place up.. He bleed blue too, yall niggas know them buildins rite? 7,8,9 been known for them crab niggas hangin. Be sure yall go though and finish the job aight?” Andre said and took a hit of his blunt, then sipped his 40 and exhaled the smoke.


“Aight, we can do that, You know if this nigga was in on that drive by..?” Marquis interjected.


“Nah, they all da same doe nigga. You gon find that out soon. Ima getcha a lil sumthin so yall be straight..” 


Andre walked over toward a cabinet and opened it up, he pulled out 2 automatic sub machine guns, 2 red ski masks, a backpack for each of them and 2 magazines. He walked over and gave them to Marquis and Tyrel and they walked toward the door.


“Soo Woo lil niggas, HA HA.” He yelled up to them.


“Aight let's do this shit now nigga, den we be fine..Well get this nigga by surprise” Marquis said to Tyrel.


“You sure nigga?” Tyrel asked


“Ye lets get it, follow me bro.” They walked off at a quick pace and headed down the stairs. Once they got to the courtyard they took to the shadows towards building 9. They heard much of the same they had prior, there was a loud whistle and a bunch of yelling this time. They crept around and arrived at the 9th building a few minutes later. There were 3 men standing by the door talking and joking. One had a blue shirt on. They walked by and into the building like nothing and the men did not even notice them. They walked through the hallway to the staircase to take them up to the 3rd floor. They arrived on the 3rd floor and heard a few people conversing in the room and a bit of music, now was the time. Marquis and Tyrel threw on their masks and pulled out the guns. 


“Aight nigga, I love you. Fo Darion.” Marquis said to Tyrel as he opened the door.


Marquis stood at one side of the door and Tyrel at the other. There was an “OH SHIT” just a second before. Marquis and Tyrel pulled the trigger and sprayed into the room. Bullets flew through the door and destroyed everything inside. The guns kicked around and their aim was erratic and everywhere. The sound of bodies hitting the floor could be heard and by time the magazine was through they took the other out of the back pack. They struggled to load the magazine and heard a shot coming from inside the room, the bullet whizzed by Marquise’s head as he panicked. Tyrel peaked the corner and fired 3 times, by this time Marquis had his mag in the gun and they gave each other a nod. Both of the boys stormed the room, there was 3 men on the ground blood pooling around them. They approached the bedroom and wet the room up through the wall and the door. The last man inside was dead. All 4 of the men in the apartment had blue pieces of clothing. 


“Nigga we gotta dip!” Yelled Tyrel.


“Hol up, we gotta get they chains and shit.. Those worth good money bro. Ransack the fucking house as quick as you can nigga!” Marquis yelled back. 


The 2 boys began stealing and filling their backpacks with everything that looked to be of value. There was a bag with what looked to be salt or sugar and they took that, there was money on the counter and a pistol with 3 magazines. They loaded them up and searched the bodies of the men. They found 678 dollars and a gun on each of them. They threw it all into their backpacks, pulled off their masks and ran to the stairs. They sprinted to the back door and burst through it. They ran to the fence and and heard yelling and screaming coming from inside the building, they took a left and continued running. They heard a few loud pops and flashes behind them. Bullets came flying by them as they continued running as fast as their legs would allow them to run. They bobbed and weaved back to where they were right outside building 4. They ran up the stairs and finally got to the room. They busted the door open and fell to the ground, huffing and puffing. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and started laughing. Andre came over and knelt down to the floor and put his hand out to lift the 2 boys off the floor. 


“Yall niggas good? We heard a buncha shots. Yall niggas pull off the job ah whut.” Andre said laughing. 


“We wet that whole fuckin room up. 4 of those niggas all dead.. We even stole all the shit in that niggas apartment. We took this bag of salt or some shit too.” Marquis said as both boys opened up their backpacks and emptied them out on the ground.


“Well well well, yall lil niggas pullt that shit off and yall got the money and some Bhina White... I aint think yall be able ta do it, let alone do it ina hour.. Yall had my word. Fruit Town Piru set welcome yall. Ayo bloods, we got 2 young niggas that passed the test an wet up Crazy brib. Let em know!” Andre yelled out, the room erupted in yelling and cheering, followed by the Soo woo and a few bleh sounds. From this moment on Marquis and Tyrel had a new family, at age 9 they were the youngest members of the Fruit Town Piru set, and they already had a body on their belt.  


Marquis began to be known as one of the most aggressive and toughest of the Fruit Town Piru set. He began selling crack cocaine following their induction with Tyrel. The 2 were making tons of money in their building and even his own mother and her men that came in and out of the house we're buying off of them. He participated in drive bys, beatings, fucking prostitutes, gambling, drinking, smoking, all of it.  His reputation in the gang was rising, even though he was just a little gangster or a LG he was making his way up the ladder. The gangs tattoo artist tattooed him from head to toe. He started with 2 tear drops on his left side of his cheek. 


By age 18 he had been in the life for 7 years, and had killed 3 more people. Him and tyrel had moved up to YG or young gangsters and had a very well known name. They were the rulers of the drug trade on Rosecrans avenue. By this time Marquis’s mom was in her late 30s and was no longer being treated like a whore and selling her body. Marquis paid for his mom and himself and had enough money to basically buy whatever he wanted. He found a girl named Chanel, she was a lightskin girl with a fat ass and long curly hair. They had been dating since he was 17. Marquis was loyal but Chanel was not. 2 guys ran a train on Chanel at a party up the road on Atlantic. Marquis beat the shit out of Chanel and killed one of the guys, his friends beat up the other man near death. At age 24 he moved up to the rank of OG and had added a few tear drops to his other cheek. He had killed 7 people in the gang life since he started. He had been charged with assault, DUI, and Drug charges during this time. He did about a year all together in jail. He also was shot, 6 times at age 24.


It was February 23rd, 2011. One Night Marquis was on the corner with Tyrel, it was about 11 pm and a cool brisk night on Rosecrans. Tyrel was expecting a customer who was a regular to come by to pick up a large amount of weight. Marquis brought 2 of his boys to help incase the situation got rough. The 4 exchanged a blunt and sat on the curb waiting for the man to come get his stuff. They were decked out in red and clearly showing their colors. They could hear someone playing pump pump by Snoop Dogg loud up the road. The car was coming fast and all 4 men got off the sidewalk and knew what was coming. A blue van speed up 5 deep, with the sliding door open. Marquis and his friends were already sprinting, Tyrel threw the bag with about 2 and a half lbs of cocaine. The men knew they were staring death in the face. Marquis thought the life had finally caught up to him. 


“Shit Blood, keep runnin!” Marquis screamed out. 


Tyrel turnt around and fired at the car 3 times, he began sprinting again when a hail of gunfire came from the door and windows of the van. Round after round was spewed into the road. A bullet hit Marquis in his calf and he staggered, another came flying by and ripped through his shoulder. Marquis fell to his knees as 2 more bullets came whizzing through his stomach and another through his rib. The final bullet went right through the middle of his upper chest. Marquis lay there in a puddle of deep crimson fading in and out. His life flashed before his eyes as he saw all the things that led to this point in time. Tyrel was shot in the ankle and fell beside the curb, the other 2 bloods got away. The van peeled out and drove away in a matter of seconds. The cops and the ambulance arrived and both Marquis and Tyrel were arrested and rushed to the ER. 


Emergency surgery was conducted on Marquis and he was in a coma for 3 days. The bullets had just barely missed major points in his body and he was lucky to be alive. Andre and a bunch of the other Fruit Town Piru members came to visit. Andre was in his late 50s now and was still gang banging. Following his recovery Marquis was on bail for a Drug charge and a Conspiracy charge along with Tyrel. The feds couldn't prove that the drugs were Tyrel’s and needed Marquis to rat on him.  4 months later Tyrel was on trial for Possession with intent to distribute a class A drug and a kingpin charge. They pulled Marquis to the stand and he lied under oath to keep his friend from 25 to life on parole. He said the people who shot them threw the bag out their window, they found slight blood from Tyrel on the backpack and it was enough to get at least some charge out of him.


The case was solved 5 months later and after countless times of running from the cops and drive by shootings, fights etc it all caught up to marquis when he was charged with perjury for lying while under oath.Tyrel was charged with conspiracy to Possess with intent to distribute a class A drug. Tyrel received 2 years in Pelican Bay penitentiary For conspiracy with intent to distribute and Marquis received 2 years for perjury and being an accessory to a crime.


During his their time in prison Marquis and Tyrel owned the block they were on and had ranked up to OOG, or Double OG. They had a lot of respect in Pelican bay after proving they were not to be fucked with. The bloods in pelican bay were commanded by Marquis and Tyrel. They gave their set in prison a name, Block 6 Pirus. The gang in the prison was viscous. Most of the bloods in Pelican Bay were doing life and had other very long sentences. They were the baddest and the toughest in Pelican bay. No one wanted beef with Block 6, and no one wanted beef with Marquis. Marquis got away with killing 2 members of the ms-13 gang during a time in the yard. On their way into the hall, some block 6 members pushed the 2 MS-13 members into the side pantry room where Marquis shanked and killed the 2 members. One was Hector Rodriguez, leader of the Pelican Bay group of MS-13 and the other was Juan Alvarez, second in command and high up in the MS-13 gang outside of prison as well. Word got around and soon there was a war between the MS-13 and the block 6 Pirus. Outside of prison the MS-13 and the Fruit Town Pirus were at war as well. 


Marquis was released at age 26 in the year 2013. He headed back to the block for the first time in 2 years and saw his mother who had developed a crack problem again. He sat down the Fruit Town Piru guys and let them know that he was going to head to Eastern Europe to enroll his mother in a mental health wellness plan and to get her clean. The gang agreed to move him to Triple OG and leader of the Fruit Town Piru Set. He was going to call shots over seas and his friends funded his trip to Chernogorsk,Chernarus to take care of his mother and to seek help for himself after his traumatic upbringing




Bringing this old character from before my yeet back eventually 

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gang shit

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