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Desric Itera
Character information



Desric was born in NH, USA. He had a typical childhood: had friends, went to school, studied somewhat. After 4 semesters at the University of New Hampshire, Desric decided he wanted to venture out into the world, and at least spend a little time away from the white mountains that was all he really knew. Having majored in international relations, he decided a logical choice would be to apply for a state department internship. This had two major downsides: it doesn't pay, and its about as competitive as internships get. 

Long story short, he made the cut, but barely. Desric quite literally got the last choice of any person requesting an oversees assignment. Chenarus wasn't beautiful, rich in culture, or historic. It was a backwards soviet satellite stuck an era behind everybody else, and had about as much excitement to it as a morgue. On the bright side, it was cheap....

After spending a few weeks learning the tricks of the trade (which for a state intern, meant getting coffee), he was actually sent on an assignment into South Zagoria. The ambassador had wanted a piece written on the cultural aftermath of the Chedaki "disappearance" Another long story involving airstrikes zombies and lots of hiding in a shed short, he's stuck here. 




Ho shit! when the fuck did you get unbanned?

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Pfftch I was never banned except for that one time ages ago 

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