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Erik Soderstrom
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1981-02-09 (38 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Swedish, English, Russian
  7. Relationship
  8. Religion
    Non religious, despises all manner of organised religion


  1. Build
    Average Build
  2. Hair
    Short black hair
  3. Eyes
  4. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  5. Equipment
    Full black NBC suit, Black gasmask, Medical equipment, notes, documents and an mp7 for defense
  6. Occupation
    Contracted Field Researcher
  7. Affiliation


//THIS CHARACTER IS KOSABLE -- You may shoot this character on sight. 


Information gathered on subject *Erik Söderström*  using both public and intergovernmental sources.

Erik Söderström used to work as a biological researcher for Cyano Biotech in Berlin, Germany. Known for often using questionable methods to further his own and his employers research in the fields of bio engineering and various RNA strain constructions. After a rather upsetting incident [See file 4b] for the company of which Erik was liable for multiple accounts of missmanagement of resources he was fired from his work. Not long after a company named Better Tomorrow reached out their hand to him and offered to pay off all of his legal fees and fines in exchange for Erik signing a long term contract deal with their company. It is believed by our sources that Erik holds a signifiact amount of knowledge of [redacted] and posseses the ability to construct complex [redacted] in controlled lab enviroments.

We have been unable to come to a conclusion of his whearabouts or his current job description. Our continous Inquirys with Better Tommorow have led us nowhere and a court order has been filed on our behalf on the company. However, it is to be believed that this action will go nowhere due to the amount of time it would take for it to be processed and the significant legal pressure the company can exert. 

As for his family, Both his mother and Father are currently still working and living in Stockholm. No attempts have been made of any communication between them and their son since he started working for Better Tommorow

More information will be added to this document in the future once we have gathered more information. 


Timestamp [2017-05-10]

Signed Vice President of Cyano Biotech: Kurt Hartmann


§ rlogin [system]

§Remote Computer login detected

§User: Yggdrasil

§Password: ***********

§Better tommorow welcomes you back Yggdrasil!

§Yggdrasil§ personal logs

§security privilages required, Unauthorized use of this system is against the law.

§Yggdrasil§ ******

§Personal logs version 0.72. Type ? for help.

id                            Date                          Subject

0                  Thu Nov 10 2016      Welcome message

1                   Fri  Dec 16 2016       Security Protocols

2                  Sun Feb 19 2017           Site proposals

3                 Mon Feb 27 2017           Rejected Sites

4                 Fri    Apr   7  2017      Security Restrictions

5                Tue   Oct  23 2018       Restrictions Lifted

6                Sat   Apr  27 2019   Zouth Zagoria Expeditions

7               Tue   Jul    2  2019        Incoming Transfer


        7                            Tue Jul 2 2019             Incoming Transfer

         I cant fucking believe this shit! 

        Ive worked as a lab researcher for almost 4 years now and they want to send me off as a field researcher with the third wave to the Chernarus province?

        If i repeal their decicion im afraid i will no longer be of any use for them, i cant quit now, if i break the contract im done for.

        I got a week to clean up my desk and lab equipment, appearently they will provide me with whatever ill need but i seriusly fucking doubt they can airdrop an entire lab module.

        This terminal needs to be purged, ive tried to use it sparingly since my security previlages got revoked but im sure that most of the stuff ive typed in here is going against their way of thinking. I should have never accepted this job proposal, sucked up and paid off my fines on my own, i havent even talked to my family in years. As for the airdrop, not only do i only get a week on me to clean up and gather whatever ill need, i will also have to take a quick training course in paradropping, im sure that will be as much fun as the endlessly tiring research reports i get sent every day. At least i get a gun to fire i guess.

§Yggdrasil§ q

§quitting personal logs

§Yggdrasil§ encode cd

§encoding Personal files 

§Yggdrasil§ move cd dir to > cd.txt

§Personal files moved

§Yggdrasil§ delete compiled_rec.snd

§deleting compiled_rec.snd . . . . . done

§Yggdrasil§ cat cd.txt

§printing cd.txt

§Yggdrasil§ delete cd.txt

§deleting cd.txt . . . . . done

§Yggdrasil§ exit

§Better tommorow wishes you a productive work week!

§d rlogin

§remote login disconnected




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