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Dr. Faith Capella
Character information
  1. Alias
    Geisha-One | Dr. Hawk | Acapella | Dr. Capella | Dr. Faith | Dr. Lady
  2. Mental
    Anxiety | Depression | Paranoia | Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) | Psychogenic Stuttering | Anger |
  3. Morale
    Fed Up of Two Faced People | Cut's to the Chase and doesn't Bullshit | Silenced
  4. Date of birth
    1988-07-10 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  6. Nationality
    British Citizen
  7. Ethnicity
    Mediterranean - Asian
  8. Languages
    *Knows = English - Japanese - Korean - Chinese - Italian (Minor) *Learning = Estonian / Czech / Russian / Norwegian
  9. Relationship
    [Husband: 7th October 2017 - Present] Cpt. Casper Hawk ( https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-212/ )
  10. Family
    Miha Asura (Mother) and Giovanni Capella (Father), Sayuri Rose Hawk (Miscarried), Maj. Kristian Holmen (Adopted Father), Kaede and Dexter Hawk (Sons)
  11. Religion
    (Not-Practising) Buddhism


  1. Height
    162 cm
  2. Weight
    49 kg
  3. Build
    Slim - Petite
  4. Hair
    Grey (Dyed) - Black / Brunette (Natural) - Cut into a Soft Blended Bob by herself
  5. Eyes
    Sapphire Emerald
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Conceived: 25th December 2017 ~ Birth date: 16th September 2018 (Delivered 18th September 2018)

    Mole under bottom right hand side lip

    Mandala (Left Ribs)
    Manchester Bee (Back of Neck)
    Bow and Arrow (Both Index Fingers)

    - Left Cheek ~ Freckles barely noticeable until up close from face ground against glass by The Riptide Collective (Anton from VDV) ~ 10/09/2017
    - Above Bee Tattoo on Neck ~ C.W. carved into her neck by David Banks of NATO and PCC ~ 27/12/2017
    - Minor rope burns around neck from strangulation from former UN peacekeeper, Ethan Quinn - April/May
    Left Shoulder to Collarbone - 4 Long Claw Marks from Wolf ~ 02/03/2018
    Lower Right Stomach - Bullet Wound from 'Commissar' of PCC ~ 27/12/2017
    Burn of the United Nations symbol on Left Breast by Ethan Quinn, former UN peacekeeper - 30/04/2018
    Arms / Hands:
    Rope burns on wrists from former UN peacekeeper, Ethan Quinn - April/May
    Legs / Feet:
    - Right leg ~ Scarring from Axe cut by The Riptide Collective and co. ~ 10/09/2017
    - Scarring on both legs from barbed wire holding her restrained by former UN peacekeeper, Ethan Quinn - April/May
  8. Equipment
    Wedding Ring (A thin gold band with diamonds encrusted around it all)
    Golden Locket (Shape of a heart with the date of Faith and Casper Hawk’s wedding inside with a picture together)

    MSA Ultra Elite-EZ Full Face Mask (Emergency Cases)
    United Nations Beret
    Camoflauge Hat
    Camoflauge Facemask
    Bobbles (To keep hair from face)
    Protection Goggles/Glasses

    Green Sweater
    Latex Gloves (For medical assigned projects)
    TTSKO Pants
    Leather Gloves - Brown/Beige/Mustard


    WHO ID - Number: A781-320-000
    Commonwealth ID card: Faith Hawk (Hidden away)
    Pink Notebook - Contains notes for using radio broadcasts and information given from WHO/UN (Hidden away)
    Blue Notebook - Contains notes of theories, clues and mathematics of the infection (Hidden away)
    SAT phone (Hidden away)
    Key to Eli Tate's Cabin (Hidden away)
    Gun License for Gun Embargo [Registered by Anarchy - Approved by Dimitri Tarasov]
  9. Occupation
    Forensic Pathologist
  10. Affiliation
    Royal Society of Chemistry / World Health Organisation / United Nations (3rd Response Unit of Uganda and 1st Response Unit of South Zagoria) / The Last Light
  11. Role
    Researcher | Doctor | Wife | Combat Medic



"We live on such a beautiful planet but in such an ugly world."

 Samantha Morrison


Miha Asura, daughter of a traditional Japanese kimono crafter was supposed to follow in the family arts. But Miha had different aspirations. Her love revolved around books. Her entire life she would spend her whole day reading whatever she could get her hands on. This of course was not what her father had in mind for her. So when Miha told her father that she wanted to become a book editor, she was forced to pursue it on her own. Throughout the years she had made many contacts and was given many job offers but when she was offered a job at Lance Corporal Editing at Manchester, England, she immediately took the offer.

Giovanni Capella was an aspiring chef who wanted to share his masterpieces with the world. He was born in a small Italian villa and raised as a chef by his grandfather. Throughout his childhood he learnt everything his grandfather had to offer and learned how to make some of the finest foods in Italy. Later on in his life, he decided he wanted to share his family’s masterpieces with the world. So he wrote a book, a book who needed an editor. After many months of rejection, Giovanni had finally received an offer from Lance Corporal Editing. The only catch was, he had to move to England so that they could review his work.

Upon arriving in England a few weeks later he had a meeting with his editor at a coffee shop. To his surprise it was a young Asian woman. Instantly Giovanni knew that he wanted her, but for the wrong reasons. He began to do whatever he could to ‘woo’ her. In his mind he used this woman for more than one reason. Giovanni knew that by having sex with this vulnerable woman, he would get what he wanted sexually and could also get what he wanted professionally… a published masterpiece. In Miha’s mind she believed that she had found someone who would respect and support her in all of her endeavours, unlike her parents. Because Miha’s life was so busy, she had little time up to this point to pursue her love life; Or even remember what love was.

After weeks of ‘love’, Miha came to Giovanni with two very important subjects. The first one was that his book was finally going to be published and the second being that he was going to be a father. Giovanni’s reaction to the later was more than what Miha had expected. He was enthusiastic and ecstatic. Giovanni even went so far as to marry her. Everything appeared to be ‘perfect’ even on the simple summer night in 1988 when Faith Capella was born.

After Faith was born, Giovanni’s life became difficult. In his mind he was being tied down and his dream of being famous worldwide was beginning to disappear. Giovanni eventually started to become resentful towards Miha and their child, Faith. His plans were gradually being destroyed. One night when he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore, he went to Miha. Telling her that his grandfather was dying where he had to go back to Italy before it was too late. Miha instantly told him to return to Italy for his grandfather’s last days. Never knowing that really this was the last time she was going to hear from him.

Being a single mother was extremely difficult for Miha. She had tried numerous times to find Giovanni but to no avail. Miha never gave up on believing Giovanni would return; she always believed that he loved her but just was too busy with family grieving. In later years Miha would tell Faith stories about her father such as his charm, goodlooks, masterful cooking and most importantly Italy. The place where he learnt his skillset.

In order for Miha to raise a child single handedly, she had to make sacrifices. She worked at all hours, day and night; even bringing Faith to work with her. In this atmosphere it was easy for Faith to grow up reading all types of books but her favourite books revolved around horror, mystery and murders. One book in particular inspired her entirely. The book was called, ‘How to Capture a Murderer’. Faith had read it more than any of the other books she enjoyed. She enjoyed it so much that it encouraged her to focus her entire life on helping capture criminal murderers.

Even though Miha always believed that Giovanni loved her, Faith never experienced her father’s love. Faith’s love and devotion was to her mother. Later in Faith’s life she had decided it was time to show her devotion to her mother’s culture, religion, and heritage. Miha’s Buddhist faith was a large inspiration to Faith, she had decided to take a giant step in her life when she had the symbol of wisdom, tranquillity, importance and love tattooed on her ribs. Close to her heart.

In 2003 she managed to achieve 8 GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) which helped her get a placement in Connell Sixth Form College for A level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. Over two years time, she managed to achieve grades higher than C grade which landed her into getting in Anglia Ruskin University. In 2005 she studied Forensic Science for three years. However, in 2008 she decide to do the extended four years to become apart of the Royal Society of Chemistry and achieve an honours degree. Finishing the university course in 2012.

During her years at college it was required to do work experience. Faith had always had the interest of working in a morgue, so her two years of work study consisted of getting herself used to working around the deceased. Working with the dead took away Faith’s squeamish tendencies throughout the following weeks of being there. This also taught her the numerous ways of preserving the deceased and gave her a better understanding of what happens to you when you die. In her first three years of university Faith took a new step in her training, at this point it wasn’t about preserving the bodies, but more of how to properly preserve the body parts that needed to be donated to organ recipients. She had learned the many ways of keeping the tissue alive so that it could be maintained for later use. In the last four years of university, she had finally made her way up the ladder in experience for preparation of her future job. She learned the many signs of trauma and how to identify: diseases, poisons and abuses on the deceased. Faith weirdly enjoyed the last four years the most, it reminded her of the books she used to read in her mother’s office. Every time she would investigate a body, it would make her believe she was the main protagonist in the mystery novel.

In her final year of university, Faiths career adviser took strong notice of her dedication, devotion and passion for forensic pathology. Approaching Faith with a job opportunity that did not have any other truly devoted applicants for. Before that day, she had never even heard of the WHO (World Health Organisation)...

At the end of the day, she jumped at the offer. Not because it intrigued her, but because when it came down to it, a job was a job. And the job paid well.

Faith’s first assignment was to be sent off to Uganda, East Africa on the 17th November 2012. Her job was to investigate the possible signs of Ebola. Little did she know, she would be apart of one of the biggest outbreaks of Ebola known to modern man. Throughout the next four or so years, the situation seemed to have calmed down and she was placed to the side until something new arrived. On the 5th July 2017, Faith was called to be stationed for what seemed to be another outbreak of Ebola. She would be transported to a place called Balota, Chernarus on the 17th July. On the 24th July the United Nations and WHO had finally set up to make progress on this outbreak. With suspicion of it strongly not being Ebola but something completely unknown to them.


  • Compassionate / Affectionate
  • Empathetic / Sympathetic (depending on the situation)
  • Self-Doubt / Self-Loath / Judgemental
  • Paranoid / Anxious
  • Can come across as a bitch or obnoxious but has no ill intentions
  • Focused on the priority of people's happiness
  • Mainly hides her emotions and only shoes frustrations - a 'build a bridge and get over it' mechanism
  • Holds her patience back to a point where it drives her into panic attacks or anger which cannot be controlled


  • Chocolate / Soft Pretzels / Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
  • Thunder and Lightning
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991 and 2017 Disney version)
  • "Capturing a Murderer" - Edited by Miha Asura (Her mother)
  • Jokes / Sarcasm used in a manor for humour not offence



  • Onoxious / Big Headed/ Manipulating / Abusive People / Drama Queens / Victim Card players
  • Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, Fascism etc.
  • The Book 'Giovanni's Family Secrets'
  • Thanatophobia (fear of death) / Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) 
  • Having to shoot infected to make sure her pregnancy isn't affected
  • Feeling like a failure - Like She didn’t provide or do good enough
  • People insulting the people she cares about the most i.e Casper (her husband) or Kristian (her father)
  • Having to seem to babysit adults who are perfectly capable of looking after themselves
  • Having to deal with problems everyone has voiced only to be made to look like she is the only one that has the problem...
  • People who claim to be WHO or UN and have done unspeakable things to others - Making it to a point where it threatens her life even more due false information / rumours


5977ad174c430_ezgif.com-gif-maker(2).jpg.d77f14e7d50f36f8ba001a642231999c.jpg iyCSRZ6.jpg imT0SDI.jpg






Depression; a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. 

Psychogenic Stuttering; Severe emotional trauma can cause what's known as psychogenic stuttering. "Anxiety contributes to stuttering and stuttering leads to anxiety." It may even increase the risk of an anxiety disorder — anxiety that is excessive and present even without good reason.

  • Caused by emotional trauma.
  • This can be resolved with emotional support.
  • Similar to PTSD - sounds or familiar situations can neurologically start stuttering again.

Anxiety; a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Example:

  • Prone to panic attacks in stressing / fearing situations.
  • Hyperventilation from panic attacks often given a large amount of oxygen overload causing lightheaded symptoms. Often causing unconsciousness.

Compulsive buying disorder (CBD); a characterised by an obsession with shopping and buying behaviour that causes adverse consequences. As with any addiction, the person becomes dependent on the behaviour to relieve negative feelings that cause distress and discomfort.

Paranoia; a mental disorder characterised by systematised delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defence or as a mission. Example:

  • Doesn't accept drinks from anyone but Casper Hawk or Kristian Holmen.

Anger (added 20/02/2018):

  • Self-inflicted anger, which is directed toward the self and may be caused by feelings of guilt
  • Overwhelmed anger, which is caused by life demands that are too much for an individual to cope with
  • Judgemental anger, which is directed toward others and may come with feelings of resentment

State of these mentalities currently:

  • Paranoia [CRITICAL]
  • Anxiety [CRITICAL]
  • Depression [CRITICAL]
  • Psychogenic Stuttering [BETTER]
  • Anger [CRITICAL]






"I, Casper Hawk, take you, Faith Capella, to be my friend, my lover, the mother of my children and my wife.

I will be yours in times of plenty and in times of want, in times of sickness and in times of health, in times of joy and in times of sorrow.

I promise to cherish and respect you, to care and protect you, to comfort and encourage you, and stay with you, for all eternity."




Casper Hawk - At first, you see a Captain with humour and you immediately get a crush on him. I was never judged by him and he was there in my worst moments such as my panic attacks. I fell for him heavily and nothing stopped me from trying to get him. He was my warmth when everything was cold and harsh. My shield when I needed protection and never failed to do so. I... found out I was pregnant with his child... And soon he was put in a position where if I didn't do something... him and others would've been killed. He was my priority, like I was his. I risked my life for him - at the end strung up on life support barely breathing. I needed to joke to get rid of the pain, "Would you want to marry me?" And he said yes, the expression on his bruised face told me he didn't take it as a joke. And we married. He was and still is my best friend, my advisor, my shield and husband. 

Kristian Holmen - At the start, I saw him as a high rank and fierce leader since our Colonel was never around. I always had trust for him, even the worse known scenarios I could think of. But after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, we somehow became closer. Not like a best friend. He was my role model. To better myself. Until eventually my mind saw something I had never had, a father. He was like my dad... No, he was a father I never had. A strong role model with compassion and respect. If I needed him like a daughter who lost her first boyfriend, he'd hold me and tell me it will get better. If I was in pain, he'd make sure I was shifted into comfort. Something I never saw, I never thought I'd see.... I got.

Ella Strakova - At first I saw her as a lost young girl who couldn't depend on herself. She seemed to be hyperactive in order to distract herself from something. I learn't more about her, the child-like mind she had was to distract her from pain. She lost her family from all this chaos and I felt obligated to do something. Anything. Whether it'd be cans of soda or peaches. Attempting to learn archery which was an interest of hers or even teaching her how to drive. Though I don't know what it's like to have parents killed, I know what it's like when they're not there for you. It's hard. I want her to have her fun as a teenager and adult, she isn't responsible to make anything better or to look out for anyone but herself.

Liam Hart - Viridian. A bunch of stuck up assholes who didn't care anyone but themselves; I didn't want to give them time of day for the stupid acts they committed and got others hurt from it. Nearly getting my family killed from a wedding that wasn't even proper.  And then I met one of them, Liam. I was harsh, I admit it, but for all the right reasons. Who knew what Viridian were up to. I couldn't shake the feeling off and I felt like a mother being protective of her children... I saw he was scared. And more so, abandoned by the people who were supposed to give good examples. I had to stop and take a moment, putting my selfish thoughts aside and said fuck it. Probably one of the better decisions I made because I made a great friend out of it. Who would stick his neck out for anyone and has a similar mindset, a reasonable one. And sees past lies of others. I guess I'm not crazy after all, or I guess we're crazy.

Reed Hamilton - I met Reed when I worked in our W.H.O / UN camps. He would follow around a girl named Elizabeth Smith. I saw how stuck he was in a situation that only helped. But there was more too it. I got to learn about Reed, finding his relationship he was in with Smith to be toxic. He was a sheep in a flock with others. Men would abuse his relationship, snuggling up to the person who he loved. Being made out to be the bad person when I saw him attempt to communicate with Smith. It wasn't fair. I remember telling him to grow some balls. And he did, eventually. And I'm proud of him. He's who he should've been. He sticks up for the right reasons and doesn't get smacked down anymore like a puppy but continue to love it's owner. He can make his own decisions now and not be a lost lamb. He's a good friend, with a great attitude who always advises or helps me whenever I steer to a wrong direction. Played for all the wrong reasons but has a heart of gold.

Markus Letter - Markus. Sometimes he can act.... very irrational. He was like any other peacekeeper but I don't really know how we bonded so close. Perhaps the tattoo of his fiancee's name on his arm. Or the fact he was bleeding out in a hospital stairwell. All I know is, he has a lot of secrets but trusts me to hold them away. He struggles, but he's coping especially with his great sense of humour.... But I think that is a defence mechanism. I just want him to go home... Every day... Every week... I see him becoming someone he isn't... And shouldn't be...

Thomas Kruger - Misunderstood and mysterious, that's what Kruger will always be to me. One thing I learned is, he has the same mindset as myself. Logical. Understanding. Know when things need to be.... gone. After shooting Dennis in the head, it all made sense. Even though he was hidden to others, when you needed him, he'd be there. He hid the body, giving a proper burial. Something I'm glad he did. Not many friends help you in those situations and have your back. I know now I can trust him more than I did before. Because he wanted to make sure everyone else was safe, and that my reputation, whatever I may have left of it, isn't destroyed.

Dolores Haze - I can't remember when I first met Pinkie but.... I remember the day I saw her bruised face from 'Uncle Seth'. Knowing me, I couldn't just sit there and think nothing would be done. If that happened, who knows what that little girl may of done... Dolores' parents... I think... I know are gone. Just like Ella's. And it must be so rough not to accept the truth about things. Though I don't communicate with her, she's a great kid. You'd think she was a little shit - luckily I was proven wrong. She's intelligent and naive sometimes but it's all the process of learning. I want her... and Ella to be safe. To be happy. And to know that they have no responsibilities but to be themselves and make mistakes. 

Elizabeth Smith - At first I saw her as a smart woman, but she lacked a lot of common sense. And it pained me to see her get hurt. In fact, it pissed me off but I didn't speak up because I knew she'd cry. She never seemed to learn and always got herself hurt. I spoke up finally, I realised I'm like a sister - we always fight, we don't get along sometimes and I hate seeing her get hurt. Guess someone has to be the bitchy sister...


  • Make sure the wedding is followed through to a exceptional standard
  • Contact Miha Asura 
  • Making sure the pregnancy follows through correctly without anyone to interfere with it ( 1st / 2nd )
  • Find information about the current progress of cure 
  • Continue further studies of the infection 
  • Find who Everyn is and what her intentions are for the purpose of everyone's safety in South Zagoria
  • Better herself for the matter of others
  • Control her patience and anger before she does something she will regret to avoid a criminal record when she goes home after the infection... 
  • Do whatever it takes to protect her, her family and the people close to her 
  • Remain strong for Casper and Holmen
  • Remain out of problems anymore - It's not her problem anymore and everyone is grown up enough to deal with there own problems. 
  • Keep Kaede and Dexter safe..
  • Find Casper...
  • Find Holmen...


  • Combat Medic Training
  • Forensic Pathologist Skills i.e Toxicology, Firearms/ballistics, Trace evidence, Serology (blood analysis), DNA technology etc.
  • Cooking certain dishes others believe cannot be available in said situations
  • Knows how to deal with other people's panic attacks since she suffers them herself
  • Good at building rapport with other people - Decreased 
  • Apparently, but not self claimed, to be a good singer
  • Being sarcastic - Though the lowest form of wit, she's good at it. Being able to make good come backs or jokes. (Though Nedved and Kruger hate her jokes...)
  • Faith takes time to listen to information before making a judgement (sometimes a bit poor but attempts to get the whole story). She tries to be logical and reasoning before making a 2 + 2 = 4 judgement.
  • Attempts to give people a choice / advice or solution in order to better and eliminate problems. If this doesn't happen, she will give up caring and begin to lose respect depending on the situation.




Sarcastic 'good for you'- CL5.gif

Sarcastic 'kill me' - giphy.gif

I'm staying out of this one - giphy.gif

Acknowledgement - 95f78738ece61c2e2c3e3c25d6cdada199768e02

Laidback - source.gif

NOM NOM NOM NOM - tumblr_ngbhv9AJ851tvk7euo3_250.gif

Trying to be cute for Casper - giphy.gif

Admiration - tumblr_nu3qaaSqxU1qe3m04o6_r1_250.gif

Does this face look bothered - giphy.gif

Good mood - tumblr_mqt98e1ISY1r3ugmoo2_500.gif

Hurt / Heartbreak / Worry / Scared - tumblr_ngou9r8eOk1skugx2o1_400.gif

Well then... I didn't expect that... - 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e617773

Here we go again - tumblr_mykqu9NCqk1s1qcnfo1_500.gif

No way!? What?! - original.gif

Take a picture, it lasts longer mood - 0925713d0459877a9c89490f32c6371866191073

Understanding/Agreement - 1DTg.gif

I missed you! - tumblr_ni10cyXqFk1qmu30ro1_250.gif

Cringe... - a3e50281fc05d2bf443a6ac1fc5e8a55.jpg 

Sorry... Got something to say? Didn't think so. - tumblr_n1u9rzP87s1rnr7lbo1_250.gif

Depression - tumblr_mjbnkfSVZi1qgi4w5o2_250.gif

Alright, I'm done with this. Buh bye - a6b7bc7ecebae058e2019d83037c76569a9ac94e

I can act like the bigger person, don't worry - tumblr_nhmnx8DrQq1sapki2o1_500.gif

People hate me? *Counts how many friends I got left* - giphy.gif

Bitch say what? - tumblr_ngzg5n0IbS1raxzc7o1_500.gif

Muah! - tumblr_o8jv8lbWvE1vsv1fso1_500.gif

So what's your name? - tumblr_n1uhmws3ww1skwvu2o1_r2_500.gif

Rebel - 2ne1_come_back_home_by_omgitsely-d78thgj

Yeah, whatever - tumblr_m6jyou4EHI1rsskhm.gif

Disbelief - tumblr_ltmp8eboj51qfihljo1_500.gif?w=840

Don't fucking lie to me - giphy.gif

People She's Killed...


(21/03/2018) Dennis Farlov - The man claimed to be apart of the July UN and W.H.O campus who assisted in research. But, the things he said made the situation worse. Claiming he was apart of the W.H.O, the man mentioned about the live research he conducted on non-infected and infected. When burrowing deeper into what he was hiding, it was discovered he was not apart of the United Nations nor World Health Organisation. This was leading to red alert, putting no only herself but others she worked with in danger and the people around her with his false claims. The man admitted his team dissected non-infected people and didn't justify the things done, and that they were wrong. A so-called Virologist whom initiated a mortician's job illegally did not settle well with Dr. Hawk. And in need, she needed to rid of the threat for not only for herself and her child. But everyone in South Zagoria.... A simple suppressed shot to the head. Nothing more, nothing less.



1 hour ago, Autumn said:

It's aight. Just wondeirng WHO is this chick



got a problem with that?

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36 minutes ago, Lemons said:

Cute character you have here :P

She has already a boyfriend Lemons ;)

But +1

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Profile looking awesome, song Is just perfect, considering what's happening IC :P 

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12 hours ago, Lemons said:

Profile looking awesome, song Is just perfect, considering what's happening IC :P 

Hehe too bad I changed it up with graphics and a better song explaining her situation :P 

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9 hours ago, AlwaysGamer said:

Holy Hell that character design!!! This is the best character profile I've seen! Good job!

Aw thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback!

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46 minutes ago, Javoo said:

Love the character! 

Awh shucks! Thank you! What part do you like the most if I may ask?

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6 minutes ago, Faith said:

Awh shucks! Thank you! What part do you like the most if I may ask?

Of course, well i think you picked a perfect tune to go with this girls character. She's more to her self and the music is a great way to express how she is calm and whatnot. But i just love the idea of like a humble but almost secretly depressed girl. It's just very interesting to me because it was a great and unique idea. You did great.

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Just now, Javoo said:

Of course, well i think you picked a perfect tune to go with this girls character. She's more to her self and the music is a great way to express how she is calm and whatnot. But i just love the idea of like a humble but almost secretly depressed girl. It's just very interesting to me because it was a great and unique idea. You did great.

Awh, I'm so glad! I try to make my character wear a masquerade - always weairng a mask but she goes overboard due to her anxiety so people kind of wish she shuts up but eventually I'll make her stutter again from something or another. Got to see what happens I suppose. It's complicated to roleplay with so many conflicts but luckily I made it easy on myself cause of how it mainly merges into one :D Thank you so much for the feedback tho!

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Just now, Faith said:

Awh, I'm so glad! I try to make my character wear a masquerade - always weairng a mask but she goes overboard due to her anxiety so people kind of wish she shuts up but eventually I'll make her stutter again from something or another. Got to see what happens I suppose. It's complicated to roleplay with so many conflicts but luckily I made it easy on myself cause of how it mainly merges into one :D Thank you so much for the feedback tho!

I love it! Feel free to check out my character as well. Not as detailed but i tried xD. Anyways where do you spend time In-game

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Just now, Javoo said:

I love it! Feel free to check out my character as well. Not as detailed but i tried xD. Anyways where do you spend time In-game

Secrets :P Eventually we'll probably meet but for now I can't say. If you want I can see if I can help you on your character page if you want more detail? 

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Just now, Faith said:

Secrets :P Eventually we'll probably meet but for now I can't say. If you want I can see if I can help you on your character page if you want more detail? 

Sneaky bastard xD:). I would love that!

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Great character, can never get a read on what she is about. Fun attempting to get info from her.

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12 hours ago, Pain said:

Great character, can never get a read on what she is about. Fun attempting to get info from her.

Whatcha mean :o 

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The wedding vowels literally made me cry, holy shit... this has inspired me to make my character page better :)

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