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Ivan Popov
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1998-07-24 (21 years old)



My name is Ivan Popov, I was 18 when the war struck out in Chenarus. Before the war struck out I use to live in Russia as a little kid my family had made the move down South-west to Chernarus, to this day they never told me why. Chernarus started to declare it's independence so I decide to apply for the CDF. My father always told me stories about the KGB and the USSR. Military just always seemed to spike my interest. After the state declared martial law in South Zagoria and the infected started to show up I was struck for words I didn't know what was going to come. All soldiers of the CDF started to disperse. The outbreak was becoming to much. Reinforcement was not enough it was spreading to much, South Zagoria was done for I knew it. So I tried to help others, but every other major Country was going through the same thing. It was becoming too much for me I left the CDF. I wanted to make sure my family and friends were okay. I made the hard decision to head to Chernogorsk and look for anyone I knew . I already knew in my head this was pointless. I found no one and now I am not in contact with no one even the CDF. I am now just trying to find any way to contact civilization.

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The whole timeline for your character backstory is messed up my dude. You state you're 20 years old and joined the CDF just after Chernarus gained independence? 

This independence was in 1991, even if you're on about the civil war in 2009 your character would still only be 11.

I suggest also reading my guide to help guide your ex CDF character. It contains viewpoints as well as crucial time line dates.


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