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Fred Pham
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1995-03-09 (24 years old)


  1. Occupation


Fred grew up with intention of taking care of children and becoming a teacher. This derived from his older brother who was born with autism and he always taken care of his older brother and his two younger brothers. He was always groomed to take care of family in case his parents passed so he always grew up taking care of everyone else instead of himself. When he turned 24, he got a job to help in a special education classroom which he thoroughly enjoyed. The school he worked at was where most of the troubled kids and special needs kids were and although some of the kids were hateful towards him at first in an effort of rebellion as far as the troubled kids went, they soon warmed up to like him and some became friends with him. They would come to him when they had problems whether it be personal or academic. All the kids loved him even though he was only just a helper in the classroom. Everyone even administration thought highly of him and treated him as though he was an official member of staff. One day a proposition came across on the schoolboard where the school would allow any student to attend this trip, but the only problem is there needed to be an equal amount of staff to help mediate the students on the field trip. Fred obviously volunteered immediately without a second thought and in turn the teacher he would be helping also volunteered. There were some problems with the trip though because none of the people that drove busses would volunteer to go to a country, so the school ended up hiring someone from Miami to drive the children around. The trip information was that they were going to go Chernarus in order to take the students out to see the world and look at some history of the country as there were some castles.

When they got to the country the it was a great trip at first and all the kids had fun but as the infection spiraled out of control the kids got panicked and volatile when the death of the teacher happened. The bus driver Devon stopped the bus to look for more supplies when a horde of infected came to attack the bus and unfortunately the teacher had died but fortunately Devon and Fred got the kids back on the bus safe.


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