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Luca Moretti
Character information
  1. Alias
    Canary | Birdie
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2008-12-25 (10 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Sicily, Italy
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English | Chernorussian | Trace Amounts Of Italian
  9. Family
    Handler - Brother/Sister (Non Hereditary) (Deceased)


  1. Height
    138 cm
  2. Weight
    36 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Style : Short Mess | Color : Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
    Sky Blue Outer Iris | Hazel Whisks From Pupil To Inner Iris
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    - Physical -
    Sicilian complexion
    Rings under eyes due to presumed sleep deprivation and commonly rubbing eyes
    Occasional bleeding under nails due to anxious scratching of body
  8. Equipment
    - Items -
    Pocket sketchbook, the pages of which are covered in demented scribbles, hidden inside jacket.

    - Clothing -
    Black Radio Cap
    Green Shemagh
    Red Sweater
    Khaki Capris
    Blue Trail Shoes

    - Weapons -
    -MP7 PDW | Vityaz | UMP45
    -Suppressed Sidearm
    -Hunting Knife
  9. Affiliation
    Corporation Defector
  10. Role



< Open Log File >


Subject : Luca "Canary" Moretti

Subject Status : ̶A̶c̶t̶i̶v̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶D̶e̶p̶l̶o̶y̶e̶d̶ | MIA

Active Station : Unknown

Editor : Agent █████

Foreward : Review of Corporation operative.



< Warning Acknowledged >


This is Agent █████ beginning personnel report on Corporation special operative Luca "Canary" Moretti.

- Psyche evaluation -

Luca "Canary" Moretti, a Corporation special operations project, has had the Corporation's values engraved into his psyche since his birth. Luca's conditioning may be deteriorated over time, though this deterioration can be managed through scheduled reconditioning. Luca has worked with multiple handlers, though most have opted to leave the program due to some finding his emotional ineptitude or psychotic behavior to be unsettling, or have been re-socialized due to failure to comply with standard procedure. Luca will follow any and all commands given to him by his handler, though any commands given from AA ranking or above will take priority. If Luka disobeys direct orders or ignores the chain of command, he is to be re-submitted to conditioning immediately and his handler is to give a report to the a case manager. Luca's conditioning should suppress any urge to ponder the morals of commands given to him, or actions of other corporation personnel. If Luca shows signs of emotional distress or questions his actions, his handler is to attempt to divert this line of thought, failure to do so will result in Luca's immediate re-conditioning. Luca has been noted to find causing pain to others as "entertaining", though this has been confirmed to be a side affect of his conditioning, and will deteriorate his conditioning's base. Injuring others without order, or without said individual being a threat to Luca is to be quickly ended, and punished as his handler sees fit.

[ Addendum - A ]
It is to be noted that while on the field, if Luca is not actively operating in a hostile environment or in a high stress situation and following an order, Luca will persistently rub his eyes, this is not to be discouraged, but if hindering his ability to function efficiently, Luca should be ordered to stop.

[ Addendum - B ]
If not operating in a hostile environment or involved in a high stress situation while executing a command, if put into a confined space, awake and in the dark or during the night, or if worried about a enemy attack, Luca will begin excessively scratching his body, namely his arm, causing the area being scratched, and the skin under the fingernails to bleed. In the event of such behavior, Luca is to be ordered to stop immediately. Luca's handler should then proceed to inquire as to Luca's reason for the behavior, and his response is to be documented and sent to the active research team as soon as possible.

- Stages Of Development -

Luca Moretti was born in ██████ , Italy on ███████ ██ , ████ . His parents are Agent █████ , father, and Agent ████ , mother.

Sensorimotor Stage - Luca was taught through subjective repetition training, introducing him to the conditioning procedure early in life, allowing his psyche to adjust to the harshness of conditioning.

Preoperational Stage - This stage of Luca's mental development had been hastened to allow for the beginning of complex thought to be built. The use of complex thought introducing training such as linguistic usage, memory enhancement, and physical operational use of imagination.

Concrete Operational Stage - Beginning earlier than average, was centered around operational usage of information in imaginary, non-physical scenarios.

Formal Operational Stage (Current) - Luca is currently progressing his ability to format long term strategy and predicts hostile tactics, but is currently struggling to identify specific emotions, and occasionally has trouble simulating such emotions on his own. If Luca's current handler feels his emotional simulation to a situation is inadequate, a demonstration or explanation is suggested to aid him.

- Luca's Current Use In Chernarus -

Luca is to be used as a informant and/or assassin. Luca's past training aids him in information acquisition and retainment. Information retained while active will then be given to his handler, who will process and relay such information to the appropriate chain of command. Luca has also been trained in a wide array of firearms, allowing him to kill targets in any scenario needed. Luca can make use of almost any weapon, though more compact firearms are preferred for Luca as most assault or battle rifles are simply too bulky for Luca to utilize efficiently. Luca's shown a bias towards the use of the MP7 PDW, due to its compact size and automatic fire capabilities. Luca is required to carry with him a suppressed pistol as a sidearm, so he may defend himself whenever necessary.

- Luca's Interaction With Active Handler -

Luca will refer to his handler as a brother/sister in order to explain his being with his active handler. This is also a tactic used to enhance his need to preform his duties to the Corporation in an adequate capacity. Luca will be referred to as either "Luca" or some variation of "brother" or "little brother". This requirement enforces his bond with his active handler. Luca's handler will talk to him as if he were their sibling, and will not become overtly aggressive with him, vocal scolding or punishment in the form of solitary confinement is suggested. Luca will respond to a physical threat, such as his handler attempting to beat him, with lethal force. Luca's handler is not to allow Luca without contact for more than three days on end, failure to comply with this standard may cause Luca to sustain irreversible crack in his condition's foundation. When a handler is introducing Luca to the compound he will be infiltrating, said handler will give Luca a basic understanding of what information he is not allowed to discuss with the inhabitants.

Edited by
Agent █████
Corporation Resource Management Team


< Close Log File >


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