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Popet MacNeil
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    2000-10-05 (19 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    United States, California
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    155 cm
  2. Weight
    52 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes



 200w.gif.b741f086b71fdacce9dec92c5d4ff77c.gif  ezgif-3-22c91f8c7ed5.gif.261481a9d4f42d9d72cf9681ba4952f5.gif200w.gif.b741f086b71fdacce9dec92c5d4ff77c.gif

                                                                     Popet is a young, cute and considerate individual, her personality is unique and different, maybe strange to the average girl you may come across. Popet grew up without a family, she shifted from state to state, to country to country. Her accent? Well, not sure if there is one. Since born she grew up in a foster home in the United States, California, she ran away at the age of eight and got by on her own somehow. She may seem slow and unable to keep after herself if you were to meet her but she is smart when it comes to taking care of herself. Lack of education at school, she knew the world just not the history.

Popet could potentially have brothers and sisters in the world, a mother and father and so on but she believes that she was born without one, you see... Popet doesn't know about the birds and the bees. She can come across as very innocent and very fragile in some cases, Popet is very absent minded and has the sort of personality where you are unsure what she would want. You will either love her or hate her. Popet had a talent, she could sing! She could play the guitar, finding one in a dumpster not so long ago, she taught herself, she strummed away, along with it, life.


Her sense of fashion isn't the most fashionable, Popet lacks in skills when it comes to dressing herself properly, dressing up silly or weird was something she did often, she will wear anything and everything. When visiting clothing shops she would throw something on, rip the tags and make a run for it if someone were to catch her stealing.
And therefore Popet was on the run a lot, since getting into trouble she did sometimes get caught stealing, but was never caught, but wanted.


 Popet never got much interaction with the same species as herself, not saying that she had spent time with aliens or anything! She wishes! She did get some sort of interaction with the homeless. since Popet lived on the streets for ten years, she got to know few people this way. Stealing was nature to her, she had to steal to survive. 

She learned about the world in her own way, she had her own theories and own ideas when growing up, she believes in aliens, she believes in the above and beyond, she spent a lot of her time observing the sky.  If you were to happen believe in aliens, believe in the above and beyond, she would happily sit with you and talk with you about such thing. 


Popet was in New York at this time, she found a book in a dumpster near Stonybrook St. She decided to read it. It was a book about Chernarus, Chernarus had some good spots for UFO sightings and this striked her interests into going there. Although Popet had stolen to survive, she would never steal for her own amusement into getting and doing what she had wanted. She went ahead and thought of ways and ideas to make money without stealing, she had her guitar that she had found not so long ago. She had seen people perform on the streets so she had decided to give it a shot. And on the streets of New York she did! Popet eventually managed to save enough money for her travels to Chernarus. People would glance, stare and whisper about her sense of fashion and the way she had spoken and percieved herself as an individual. She was so different, but she still glanced at them with a big warm happy smile, positivity she would spread her happiness to others, unknowingly. 

When being in Chernarus she found an abandoned house in the city of Gorka, this was perfect for her, she made herself at home. Eventually when traveling around Chernarus she came across a map, just what she needed! She then decided to draw on the map, places where UFOs will be most active. Excited and hopeful she went on her way to Sinistok, being so up in the hills she knew it was going to be a great spot to find any sightings and of course, it's the popular place for the sightings to be seen! 


On her travels to Sinistok, a man stood at her glance, as he was hunched, she tilted her head in curiousity, not judging she smiled and waved asking how he was, but with hunger in his eyes he had noticed her, he sprinted in her direction, Popets little innocent face switched to an agressive, serious manner, with quick reflexes she grabbed her guitar and slammed it across the mans head. Popet did indeed break her guitar by doing this, sighing she stood on the infected, she looked down at him with her hands on her hips. "What's your problem!?" she spoke in her high pitched tone. With no response since the man was dead she grabbed her bag and made her way to her destination. On her travels she came across a lady, grabbing onto Popet she was desperate, crying and wounded, trying to explain to Popet what was happening, but as she was explaining desperately she turned right before Popets very eyes. Popet took no time, she grabbed the ladies knife that was located on the side of her boot and decapitated her. Soon as this had happened, Popet made a run to a near by house, locking it up and keeping cover, she needed to gather what was really going on here. 

Maybe you will find out what her theory is, if you meet her.



d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifTruthful at all times d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifTrusts to easily d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifAbsent minded

d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifBrave d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifUnpredictable d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifLoyal

d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifRude d51rbe8-193c0b83-c146-4dfb-bd45-24aa04e1918b.gif.18756ecca3aaba676aaedd74d5a105e8.gifStrange




d9tcieu-4618721f-3816-4072-acea-1627ac2a5b9b.gif.2bf24f9324b4687465f3d9e61ab49c71.gif Nancy Sinatra - These Boots

d9tcieu-4618721f-3816-4072-acea-1627ac2a5b9b.gif.2bf24f9324b4687465f3d9e61ab49c71.gif Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love

d9tcieu-4618721f-3816-4072-acea-1627ac2a5b9b.gif.2bf24f9324b4687465f3d9e61ab49c71.gif Mamas & Papas - California Dreaming

d9tcieu-4618721f-3816-4072-acea-1627ac2a5b9b.gif.2bf24f9324b4687465f3d9e61ab49c71.gif Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

d9tcieu-4618721f-3816-4072-acea-1627ac2a5b9b.gif.2bf24f9324b4687465f3d9e61ab49c71.gif The Turtles - Happy Together


277877065_cyttah.regular(14).png.ef55a0beedb99c4533d12b45f865e8e6.png     90.png.2a42456705eaecbd8e627cc266398506.png

dak0onf-22b3c8f8-35c6-4f0b-9b08-33d749431a53.png.aea2c3fb27536f321ab621c4940987df.png Candy dak0p01-2099beec-3712-4a42-9921-51aa5104317d.png.d9bc81d7a7a3b3a744c696c668a88667.png Fish

dak0onf-22b3c8f8-35c6-4f0b-9b08-33d749431a53.png.aea2c3fb27536f321ab621c4940987df.png Music dak0p01-2099beec-3712-4a42-9921-51aa5104317d.png.d9bc81d7a7a3b3a744c696c668a88667.png Arguments

dak0onf-22b3c8f8-35c6-4f0b-9b08-33d749431a53.png.aea2c3fb27536f321ab621c4940987df.png Dancing dak0p01-2099beec-3712-4a42-9921-51aa5104317d.png.d9bc81d7a7a3b3a744c696c668a88667.png Listening

dak0onf-22b3c8f8-35c6-4f0b-9b08-33d749431a53.png.aea2c3fb27536f321ab621c4940987df.png Aliens dak0p01-2099beec-3712-4a42-9921-51aa5104317d.png.d9bc81d7a7a3b3a744c696c668a88667.png Hate





Don't forget about your brothers, lass.

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Just now, GalloWB said:

Don't forget about your brothers, lass.

Of course not. 😉

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You take care of them kids

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23 hours ago, Xliplop said:

holy shit


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17 minutes ago, MajooRB said:

You take care of them kids

She has other priorities like looking for sign of alien life. 😄 

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6 minutes ago, Aisling said:


Much love!

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