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Arnost Kovar
Character information
  1. Alias
    Arno, Einar Sharma
  2. Mental
    Peace, no matter the cost
  3. Morale
    Good and focused
  4. Date of birth
    1983-06-17 (36 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Stary Yar, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, Norwegian
  9. Relationship
    Wife, Eirin Sharma-Kovar, Deceased.
  10. Family
    Sister, Izabela Kovarova, Alive. Daughter, Liah Sharma, Alive. Daughter, Kira Kovar, Alive.
  11. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox (not practicing)


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    78 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Both arms having scars of infected attack. Multiple healed bite marks, scrapes and cuts.
    Left abdomen having a scar from gunshot.
    Back, thighs and legs scarred from grenade shrapnel
  8. Occupation
    Oil rig technician
  9. Affiliation
    Ex-Chapter 2 leader
  10. Role
    Father, Leader, Loud mouth


Arnôst Kovar was born in 17th of June, 1983, In Stary Yar, Chernarus. In his youth, Arnôst was calm, warm hearted and happy person. He enjoyed reading books than help around with housework and family's business. He excelled in school, soon getting approval from his parents for college. His younger sister, Izabela was very close and dear to him and usually they spent their time together, adventuring the countryside, looking for places and sights that others might not know. 

In 2001 Arnôst turned 18 and got conscripted into CDF for his 18 month service period. He got sent into 415th "Skála" Supply battalion, where his book wise and calm personality got noted, and he was made a corporal. After the conscription ended, he decided to travel the world and see where it would take him. in 2002 he found himself in Norway, studying in NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) learning how to become a technical engineer. In the school, he met Eirin, his soon to become wife. In 2006 when he had already finished his studies, Eirin told him that she was pregnant. 6 months later, Liah was born. 

His first daughter took most of his time, besides working for a company producing and maintaining Oil rigs at Norways coast. In 2009 Civil war breaks out in Southern Zagoria, and Arnôst feels the call of his country, and the need to defend his people. His friends and family. With long stare, Eirin let him go, not knowing if her husband would come back. When Arnôst returned to the country to heed it's call, he got set into front line motorpool, close to Zelenogorsk. Over there, he saw plenty of small skirmishes with Chedaki and soon got promoted to Sergeant, in charge of team of engineers, tasked on repairing the combat vehicles. After the war was over, He spent some time with his family and sister, before returning to Norway. 

His familys days felt normal and distant at times, at things he had witnessed during the civil war. So... bizzare. Liah was growing well, but her parents could see that not everything was normal with her. Sometimes she stared at things that werent there, and spoke about things that were not real. In 2016 she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This broke Arnôst a little, making him fear that she could not lead a normal life. But soon, the medication started helping, and improving her condition. 

in June 2017 Arnôsts family heads to Chernarus to visit his parents and other relatives. Over there, he introduced his family to his sister, Izabela, whom took a liking on them. But soon, troubles started arising. Infection started spreading around the area, turning people into horrid monsters. On 10th of July, Izabelas family got infected, and it tore her down. Arnôst struggled to keep his sister with him, keeping her hopes up and making her live. 

They took Izabelas husbands car and evacuated themselves to vest, towards Novigrad. When barely making it there, they spent next 2 years over there, Arnôst working for city's management, taking care of the common needs of people. Electricity, gas and water planning and maintenance, with the other technicians. During this time, Liah's medication ran out, and it was harder and harder to find, her Schizophrenia getting worse. But the family coped with it. Soon after, Izabela managed to convince the family to move back to Stary Yar, that it wouldn't be so bad. They were wrong.

Stary yar was abandoned, empty and decaying. The area had random civilians, soldiers and bandits quarreling for power. 

They stayed at the village for few days, before suddenly, at evening a large horde of infected managed to ambush the family while they were looking for supplies at other village. Eirin got surrounded by the infected, Arnôst desperately trying to save her. His gun empty, he swung his knife at them, but for naught. There was too many, and only thing making it so that he wouldn't follow her was Izabela. Pulling him away from them. Amidst the chaos of descending night, the three got separated from each other. 

Now Arnôst is in search for his daughter and sister. Only things he has left in this world, abandoned by god.

Story so far

After searching for his daughter and sister from all across the Northern parts of Chernarus, he finally found her in the care of group called the Wolf Pack. A group of rugged survivors, dragged into constant fight for survival and their own existence. But, what he didn't realize, was that his daughters Schizophrenia had turned the events at Stary yar into something macabre. That he had killed his own wife. Which was not the truth, but everyone seemed to believe the sick 13-year old little girl. Arnósts little viking. He started slowly but surely gaining trust with the pack, trying to see his daughter more often, but things happened and they slowly and surely turned against each other. Only thing keeping them from slashing against each other being Liah, Arno's daughter. 

By his own words Arno managed to get CDF turned against the wolf pack by small lies, old information and actions that he later realized were wrong, and fixed them as best of his extent. But this didn't fix the thing that he was not liked by many. Later, he managed to get his daughter to come with him to the cabin at Black lake with her friend Elijah. At first everything was good and well, but soon he noticed that his daughter was not well, and the scitzophrenia had gotten worse, with new sides to it. Being called Calvin plagued her, and it seemed to slowly seep onto other people around her. Infecting them with the delusion. Doctor Shock came to the rescue and as he tried to help her, she stabbed her, nearly killing him, But the group of doctors were near by and helped to save the Doctors life. Few hours later, Liah had another seizure making her escape, making Arno chase her. As Arno got a glimpse of her, he decided to scare her to stop by shooting past her with his rifle, but he slipped on the muddy hill, hitting her daughters shoulder. She got treated by the same doctors, and then the doctors banished Arno away from her. For time being. Later, she got kicked out of the wolfpack, and returned to the care of her father, later to be transported further west, to a safe location.

During this time, Arnóst had found out that he has a second daughter, Kira. 

Chapter 2

Soon after this, he met with three persons. Sofie, Kruger and Alexander. Three Germans who took him under their wing, in hopes to live the life to the fullest, help each other with their goals and problems. They built their first home at Kozlovka, away from the wolf pack and the Legion. Over there they had nice times, traveling around meeting with people, making friends and allies on the way. During this time, Arnóst met Mary, a Scottish combat medic that he started enjoying to be with. Soon after this the Legion came knocking at the door, telling that they would be moving to Chernogorsk. Soon after, the home that the group had started getting robbed during the night times making them move. Soon, one of the previous acquaintances, Maxim and his Chernarussians suggested a meeting between Chapter, Slovaks and his people. From this, a fragile alliance was formed, and Chapter moved to it's new home at Orlovets. 




Another great character hope to met you ig soon old friend

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Very nice, very nice

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