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Gary McLarry
Character information
  1. Alias
    Mac Man
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    non existant
  4. Date of birth
    1990-05-06 (29 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    England, Uk
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Jorgen Family
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    203 cm
  2. Weight
    98 kg
  3. Build
    Tall and Fat
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    Big belly, really tall, unusually strong
  8. Equipment
    Machete, and a german stein
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Gary, used to be a normal man, who lived in Brighton, England, he lived with his mum and dad when he was young, however when he turned 19 his dad moved to chernarus and his mother didnt want to look after Gary anymore so Gary was forced to live with his dad in chernarus. His mum disowning Gary through Gary into a dark place, Gary started to comfort eat badly, he developed an eating disorder. As the east of europe doesnt follow the EU food regulations the fast food joints in chernarus were full of MSG and extra calories, he discovered the Big Mac, and he developed an addiction; this led to Gary developing diabetes, after developing diabetes and his dad fell ill, this caused Gary to have to get a job to support his dads medical bills, this caused Gary to work with some bad people as he got out of breath doing any form of labour.

So Gary found himself working for a extremly rich class of people who were known as the 'Jorgen Family' who of which had the fantasy of being vampires, but realistically they were just being canabalistic, Gary didnt know this at the time and worked for the Jorgen family for multiple years.

Then the outbreak happened Gary, went home and his house was broken into and his dad had been murdered, with nothing and no one left to look after him, he returned to the only people left the Jorgen family and this is when Gary found out their secret that they feasted on human meat, Gary was not into this he only drank the human blood, it's not as good as a big mac he thinks, however its all the food he can get in the apocolypse, he roams the lands with friends and a machete looking for his next drink.


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