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Louw Coetzee
Character information
  1. Mental
    Love-oriented mind - Greed, suppression, neediness, jealousy, meekness and arrogance
  2. Morale
    Confident, Cheerfulness, Discipline, and Willingness
  3. Date of birth
    1991-05-12 (28 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
    South African
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Afrikaans, Basic Chernarussian, Basic Russian, English
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Hendri Coetzee (Father - Deceased) Karla Coetzee (Mother - Deceased)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
    A Mesomorph Body Build
  4. Hair
    Brown Coloured Hair kept somewhere between a Buzz Cut and a Caesar Cut
  5. Eyes
    Brown Coloured Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
  8. Equipment
    ==Basic Essential Equipment==
    * Standard Issued Walkie Talkie.
    * An Emergency First Aid Kit carrying within all the immediate items needed to stabilize a person in trouble.
    * Standard Biological Gas Mask issued to Military and Law Enforcement during chemical threats.

    1) Noticeable Attire:
    * An old Olive colored Backpack handmade and gifted to me by the town of Kamenka's Mayor/Elder, Pepa Prochazka, at my welcoming ceremony after a hunting trip.
    * A personally engraved knife.

    2) Civilian Attire:
    * Green Ushanka.
    * Green Shemagh
    * Green Combat Sweater.
    * Black Fingerless Gloves.
    * Brown Hunting Pants.

    3) Weapons Trained in:
    * MP-122 Shotgun, * CR527 Carbine, * Glock 19 Pistol, * CR75 Pistol, * FN FAL (Referred to by me as the R1 South African Rifle)

    4) Preferred Weapons of choice:
    * MP-122 Shotgun, * Glock 19 Pistol, * FN FAL (Referred to by me as the R1 South African Rifle)

    5) Currently equipped Weapons:
    * CR527 Carbine, * Glock 19 Pistol
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Zuid African Surveyors (ZAS)
  11. Role
    Scouting, Repairs


The Early Stages of Outbreak
At first we weren't even sure what it was. Once the news coverage started we chalked it up to something like Ebola or the Ukraine situation. Something that is bad, but not really impacting us so why should we care? As time passed however and the crises seemingly starting to spread further and further it was inevitable that it would arrive at our doorstep. Yet again we mistook it for what has become the norm in our Country. An carjacking that went to far, with the criminal attacking and biting the driver. However, it wasn't long before we realized that what we were dealing with was a biological threat as the news had talked about. Civil unrest started to take over the Country. With the local law enforcement or military being unable to calm down the masses. Riots started forming. People lashing out at one another in fear that anyone could be the next one to turn and harm them.

A Long Journey ahead
We had no choice. We had to leave South Africa and find either a cure or a new homeland. With friends and family banding together for what seemed to be a suicide trip. Most of us laugh at the prospect. We had become our ancestors. The Voortrekkers who travel and colonized South Africa in the beginning. Now we would be the Voortrekkers in hopes of finding answers to our questions.

The Sahara and ZAS
Even though we liked the idea of being compared to the Voortrekkers, the name never really stuck with us. It was while we were traversing the Sahara that our name become cemented. The Zuid African Surveyors. During the Second World War they were tasked along with British Forces to navigate and patrol the Sahara. They knew how to make us of the land and travel it safely. Even though we were not planning to remain within the Sahara the name tagged along and became what we identified ourselves with. The Zuid African Surveyors out looking for answers to the questions of the Outbreak.

Welcome to Kirovograd. Hope you enjoy the stay
It had been quite a few grueling kilometers behind when we finally reached the Chernarus Border. Our trucks were barely holding together, but still hummed the soothing rumble of a beating engine. We had achieved so much to get here. We'd lied, cheated, steal and even murdered to insure our goal remained within our reach.

The First Contact with South Zagoria
It has been more then nearly two years since the outbreak started. We have traveled up the spine of Africa. Crossed deserts and rivers with paralyses odds. Fought raiders and savages at every turn. We had lost some close friends in the process, but our goal is finally in front of us. With the main convoy still traversing the sandy deserts of Takistan it falls upon me to take the first steps into South Zagoria. Our researchers have established that our answers lay somewhere within this vast province. So here I go. One man against the odds...what could go wrong?

=Still W.I.P=

Mental Health
Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders.
Hyperalgesic Trypanophobia - Fear of needles.
Claustrophobia - Fear of confined spaces.

Scars and Damage

Making jokes
Playing the harmonica
NotaCola Drink
Red Meat that has been BBQ
Canned Tactical Bacon

Being at heights without proper safety
Dishonest people


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Lovely page, hope you enjoy!

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