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Albert Lawson
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-04-20 (29 years old)


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    363 kg


His name is Albert Lawson from. He is from Los Angeles, California and is a captain of a charter boat he uses for deep sea fishing guides for the public to purchase tickets. Albert used to be a terrible alcoholic since his wife died and has been clean for five whole years since the incident. His wife Gwen died giving birth to their son Henry. Albert, having to deal with the situation in his drunken state was awakened and for the first time in his life feels a pressure lifted from him. Gwen and Albert did not have a happy marriage and it would seem as if once they were married things took a turn for the worst. Having been together since high school they have come along way and interests have been forgotten and stayed together because they felt obligated to one another. Albert would stay out all day working and drinking to either forget or remember what life means to him, some times sleeping in his boat at the docks. When they knew that Gwen was pregnant the love they once had re-kindled and began to bring them closer again, Albert stop drinking so much and spent more time with Gwen at home. After Gwens death he promised her that he wouldn't drink anymore and raise their son to become a man. He managed to keep his business running and raised Henry efficiently while maintaining his sobriety, which he still kept his liquor cabinet in his cabin as a reminder. On Henry's fifth birthday they did a father and son fishing day out, which Henry enjoyed doing so much. Albert did not to take him because Henry has been ill for the past week with fevers and terrible cough, but Henry insisted that it would make him feel better. Albert couldn't deny his son's will to go and they packed to go, not leaving Henry's teddy bear "Twinkie" which was always with him. Out at sea, Albert hooked on to a big fish which took a couple of hours to reel in, while Henry went into the cabin to rest do to his fever. Albert in excitement went to get Henry to show him that it was a shark he had caught, only to see that he was asleep. Albert proceeded to wake him, but found that he wasn't responsive and began to panic. Using the radio to contact emergency help to meet at the docks. Henry was taken to the hospital and the doctor told him that his son has passed, due to Typhus disease. Typhus had been recently found in the downtown area, which is where they lived. Albert not knowing what to do walks straight out without a word and drives off. He makes his way to the harbor and gets in his boat opening his liquor cabinet and tries to wash everything away. In a drunken state Albert is out at sea with no destination, cabinet full of alcohol and clutching on to Twinkie, Henry's teddy bear. After blacking out and leaving the boat running forward he's beached in a place unknown. Upon waking he cries and weeps while opening another bottle and staring at Twinkie, not caring of where he is, but safe and away from everything on his boat.
It's been two years wondering around with nobody to talk to but Twinkie and myself. Dealing with my alcohol addiction has been tough since sometimes I go without a drop for weeks until I find something, which lasts only in the moment. Endlessly walking through ghost towns I often think of setting up somewhere to call my own, but resources are scarce and hard to find on my own. Twinkie and I hope to settle down somewhere and crack some cold ones by a fire with some new faces....if any exist.


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