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Johnny Withers
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1991-07-03 (28 years old)



Johnny grew up on a farm with his two brothers in a small town in Kentucky, USA. He was the little brother of the three. He was also the trouble maker of the family. Always drinking, getting into fights at the local bar and being a menace to society and the black sheep of the family. Johnny was going nowhere fast. Not being able to hold down a job he helped his brother Doug around the farm and went on hunting trips now and then for food. One day his oldest brother Steven came home after a long time of being away, not that Johnny really noticed he was gone, but his brother returning would change his life forever. His brother had found GOD and after talking and listening to him for about a week he found his salvation. He stopped drinking and getting into fights trying to become a better man in GODs eyes. Finally the day came where his brother wanted his own place of worship. So the brothers started a local church. He was now closer to GOD then he has ever been before. His older brother wanted to go even farther and spread his holy word around the world, helping whoever in the process. Him and his brothers set on a pilgrimage, there first stop was the Vatican in Rome. After that they went to Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. From there they got on a ship bound for Georgia, they would never make it there. While at sea something was happening that could not be explained. The boat stayed at sea for a long time fearing what was going on. The boat became in bad shape and didn’t hear anything on the radio for weeks. That night a storm hit, one of the largest ever seen in the area as if GOD wanted them off the boat. The ship crashed on the coast of Chenarus. His brothers and the ship captain were the only survivors. The group stayed in the woods keeping to themselves until they were fully recovered from the crash. Johnny is now ready to venture out to bring salvation to the people of Chenarus.
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