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Thomas Greywood
Character information
  1. Alias
    Brother Axel
  2. Morale
    Held Together By the Grace of God
  3. Date of birth
    1956-10-10 (63 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Czech, English.
  8. Relationship
    One with God
  9. Family
    All His Brothers and Sisters of Christ
  10. Religion
    Radical Christianity


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Occupation
    History Teacher
  7. Affiliation
    The Army of God
  8. Role
    Teacher, Father.



Thomas Greywood is a very religiously biased history teacher from the Czech Republic. A strong believer of Christ coming from a devote Christian family from Prague, Thomas's mother, a single parent, introduced him to the church and to the aspiration of god. Together they worked at the local homeless shelter of Prague. Years passed and Thomas's faith becoming stronger, growing as he did. Thomas had a love for history. When he was a young man he was always fascinated by the order of the Templars,  the Army of Christ. He remembered all the days his mother told him the stories about the devote and adventurous Templars, a childhood memory Thomas held dear greatly. 

Years went by, and happiness became devoured by anger and sorrow as Thomas's mother grew gravely ill. It was a slow and painful illness, but before his mother passed she asked her son: “What do you wish to do in this world? What do you value my dear?” He replied, teary eyed, “To value your teachings and that of god. Help the helpless and show them the ways of our lord and savior! That is what I want, mother!” Shortly after his mother passed away, a victim of the harsh world we find ourselves in.

Half a year passed, Thomas was drinking a cup of coffee on the porch outside of his family home. He had a long day working at the homeless shelter, his whole body ached. Opening letters and bills he become stressful with his overwhelming financial debt. Opening the local paper and wondering what he could do to save his home he looked at the local job advertisement section.

It read: “For the national institution of history at the school of prague, history teacher wanted.”  Thomas’s eyes lit up while he skimmed through the advertisement and, taking out his mobile, called the reception. “Good afternoon, this is Thomas Greywood speaking, is the position of history teacher still open?” A kind voice replied that the position was still open and if it was possible to come this afternoon for a job interview. Thomas, with a decent educational background, was sitting that afternoon on a chair looking into the eyes of an old, kind and humble man. “Good afternoon, Thomas. Greywood was the name, was it not?” Thomas replied, “Yes sir, that’s right.” “Why should I hire you for this position?” Thomas started to explain his passion for history and mostly his love of the Christian religion. The man, listening to his words did not speak, come to think of it he didn’t barely move a muscle. But only looked at him. Thomas continued telling his story about his history at the homeless shelter and his passion to help the helpless. The conversation lasted 40 minutes and many words where shared that day. From this day Thomas did not understand why he got accepted. But it gave him faith thinking of God, and it was God’s will that gave him this position, at least in his own eyes.

Many years past, Thomas became a prideful man, and his religious devotion had became unbearable for some. When speaking of religious history, he could be seen attempting to convert students. Parents became aware and emailed the principal about their concerns about his actions. He was shortly after that fired and returned to the only place that would not send him away. The church.

He became more and more involved with church activities and eventually found himself completely revolving around the church. One day the church was organizing a missionary trip to Chernarus, a primarily Orthodox country. Thomas, intrigued with its higher meaning took this opportunity to move to Chernarus to spread some Protestantism into the devoid country.

A year goes by with relatively little conversions, and the outbreak occurs. For a while the band of Christians stayed peaceful and out of confrontations, and all was well. But then the horde came, and that spelled doom for the group. People were bitten and killed, and Thomas is forced to kill them all with the help of Peter Alexander Reed, a fellow missionary from Tampa. They were the only two survivors, and moved forward. Years go by, and the two of them owe their lives to God. They had to do horrible things, horrible wicked things, just to survive. Killing, torturing, all sorts of madness just to make it. But they always found a way to justify it through God, however twisted that may seem. They spread their faith through whatever means necessary, and hate all other forms of religion other than Christianity. Perhaps you can find them today on your own travels...




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