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Rae Kalani
Character information
  1. Mental
    Anxious, Guarded, Depressed
  2. Morale
    Truthful, Respectful,
  3. Date of birth
    2000-09-12 (22 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Vermont (USA)
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Mother: Anna Father: Manny
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    160 cm
  2. Weight
    53 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long, Brown Hair
  5. Eyes
    Deep Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Cigarette circular scars on the palm of both hands. Jagged Knife scar on left shoulder.
  8. Equipment
    Brass Knuckles, Backpack, Books, her pinky bone on a necklace.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation



My parents were born and raised in Hawaii. Going to a small school together they went from best friends to high school sweethearts. They felt that they needed nothing else in the world except each other. Once graduating high school their journey became. Starting chasing waterfalls in Hawaii, to mountain climbing around the United States. Once they found out they were pregnant with me, they decided to settle their growing family in a small town in Vermont.
Growing up in Vermont, life was close to perfect. Mom and Dad were in love, constantly smiling and laughing. Dad would come home Friday nights and surprise mom with flowers. Her face would light up with joy. It was the small things that made me happy as a kid. I was determined to find a man that treated me like my father treats my mother. I guess that was my first big mistake as a child.
On my 9th birthday, my friends came over for a party. The sun was out, we had the water slide set up, snacks, every child dreams of. Life was good. I flung my body down the water slide, a smile plastered across my face. Looking around, my father is drinking beer with the other days, laughing and having a good time. Looking at the group of moms by the food table, mine was missing. I wrapped myself in a towel, and I wandered in to ask my mom if we would cut the cake finally. It was perfect. Two layers of pink and yellow frosting with Disney Princess Aurora on top, she was my favorite. Seeing the door cracked I went into her room bouncing with excitement, till I saw her. Her limp body was on the bed, eyes open staring at me. A needle laid next to her on the bed. Fear flew through my body and I screamed. My father ran in a wild and panicked look in his eyes. His wailed and screams echoed throughout the house. After the cops showed up all the parents took their kids home, that was the last time I would see any friends at my house. It is interesting to see the different ways people can treat you when your life becomes dirty and messy instead of the perfect life everyone sees.
My father turned to drinking, he was a stranger in a home that used to feel so familiar and safe. The morning of my mothers funeral I had to lay out an outfit and wake him up with a pitcher of water to the face. This was the first time I realized that I wanted to be like Aurora , wishing to be put in a deep sleep until the one I loved saved me from this nightmare. A few years later my father ended up losing his job due to showing up drunk one too many times. His boss let him go and he came home fuming, breaking and throwing anything that he could get his hands on. This was the first time he had turned his anger on me. A lamp in hand, he ripped the cord out of the wall and flung it at me. Soon the abuse turned into a normal habit. I got a job and dropped out of school at 16 to help pay the bills. He made no effort in trying to find a new job, he just wanted to lay in his faded recliner watching Jeopardy repeats on tv.
I cared for him though his anger could be too much. I thought if I worked hard enough and got the bills under control, my old father would come back. I ended up getting really good with his signature when I signed the checks to send off to the banks, the house was the only thing we had holding this family together. The rest of the money went to my father. At first I tried to stop him from getting more booze to drown his life in, but the abuse got worse. He went from throwing small things from around the house then his firsts. I ended up giving in, letting him ruin his life. I figured this was my only way to make him happy. Until one day I came home with a short check. I had dropped plates at the small diner and had to pay to make up for the cost. Unfortunately this didn't go too well. He burned cigarettes into the palm of my hand, saying it was a teaching moment for my hands to get stronger so I won't drop any more plates. This was also a learning less for myself to get the fuck out of this house.
Soon each paycheck had a bit less money in it, and soon under my mattress there was a little bit more stored away cash. By the time I hit 18 I left, I left his drunk ass on the ground in the middle of the night, his face lit up from the television screen. For a while I just traveled, I didn't know where to go or what to do. Everyone in my town looked at me with sadness, pity for the death of my mother and the drunkenness of a father. I didn't want their pity. I went up north to a quieter town. I found a job at a car wash that paid enough for me to save up a bit of money and stay in a motel till I figured out where the hell I was gonna go.
While at the car wash I met my best friend Benny. All the girls in the town swooned over him. With his curly brown hair and baby blue eyes he looked like he was something out of a romance novel. But he wasn't happy. He hated the small town as much as I did. We put funds together to fly away, from this town, from this land and hopefully find a new life together.
Arriving in Nyheim, life was supposed to be good, happy, maybe even a bit successful. Until the fall happened. Everyone was getting sick and infected. Finding a safe place to rest your head was hard, finding kind people who wouldn't betray you was harder. Benny and I tried to stay within the woods, worried about those in the cars and how they would react to those not from the land. I tried to find berries and canned food to keep us alive, Benny was better at hunting. Soon though, the super markets were starting to have less and less food, the berries on the bushes were a fight between us and the deer.
Over time I could tell Benny was changing a bit. Instead of the fun, laughing carefree man I used to work with, I turned into a tired, stressed and quiet guy. He would no longer crack jokes and goof around with me. One day we struggled to find food, I think this was his breaking point. He was screaming at me for not finding any food on my trip into town. He was in my face, screaming. The veins on his forehead popped out as the violence started to consume him. I felt myself as a little girl within my fathers house again, Scared and fearing for my life. When he reached for his knife I knew I had to do something.
Next to me within our small stockpile I reach for his gun. The cool metal pressing to my hands, never having held or used one before. As he started to swing on me I pulled the trigger, his knife cut my shoulder as his large body fell limp onto me. My ears rang from the blasting sound of the gun and left me stunned for a moment. His warm blood pooled on me, bringing me out of my daze. Shoving his body from mine I backed away shaking, I just killed someone, someone I loved.
Since then I have learned, don’t trust too easily, look out for myself, and don't let others know too much. Now, I have kept traveling on my own. Never settling down in one spot for too long before moving again. Moving from tree to tree to sleep in each night. When the sun rises. I move again to my next location. If I don't stay in one spot, I cannot be tracked. If I don't get close to someone, I cannot get hurt, at least too bad. For now my only goal is to stay alive. Nothing more nothing less.



2029884173_OhanaTattoo(Smaller).png.dd4b3214a3d8662222b18b145092b82e.png- Right ribs 767620145_HandTattoo(Smaller).png.bd08269f1c1daaace9504f56d6c17d57.png- Tattooed over Left hand1551695100_TreeTattoo(Smaller).png.a889925d6bf3c90bf46bfb7e67deb652.png - Right Wrist





Cigarette burns on the palm of both hands (Scarred)
Jagged Knife scar on left shoulder (Scarred)
Wolf bite, Right Thigh (Healed)
Smile cut into face [mouth](Scarred) 

Jagged Slice on right side of face (Scarred) 

Cut on right shoulder (Healed)

Slice down right side (Scarred) 

GSW, Right Leg (Healed, Scarred) 

GSW, Left side (Healed Scarred) 

Left hand, Pinky Finger. Missing (Healing) Right arm. Small amount of missing flesh (Healed, Scarred) 


Zero:  @FrankyBob



Nat: @Fae



Dimes: @Wolfington



Sammy: @Zenithiy



Niya: @Taryn




Ryan: @Misky



Adam @That Hotdog



Richi: @Siberia



Fisher: @Salted



Crow: @ChaoticCutie



Uncle Brick: @Zinc



Uncle Lee:  @Pug Lord



Sunny :  @zsmith1111










3 hours ago, Pug Lord said:

Fuck Yeah Yes GIF

Im hoping to see Uncle Lee running around and kicking still when Nyhiem comes back O.O 

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