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Noah Russo
Character information
  1. Alias
    Noah or Mr. Russo
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    2002-08-20 (17 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Charleston,South Carolina
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English. Morse Code
  8. Relationship
    Riley Russo
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
    Skinny Toned
  4. Hair
    Brown and combed
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    Red Plaid Shirt
  7. Affiliation
    The Syndicate
  8. Role


Where it started

Growing up in his fathers shadow, Noah was held to very high standards while growing up. His father kept him sheltered away from what was going on around him. He kept Noah focused on school and tried to make Noah a better person than himself. This did not last though. Noah was a trouble maker from a very young age. He would break into homes and steal peoples stuff. He would bully kids at school for being disrespectful little assholes. At age 11, he and his friend took knives and robbed their first person in an alleyway. As Noah got older, he started noticing different things going on around. Stuff that was way worse than what he was doing. He noticed how his father was always on his phone and having to leave at any part of the day or night to go into "Work." When Noah was 13 years old, he followed his father through the rain to see where he kept going. He followed him to the port where a boat was coming in. Noah observed his father and 7 other men hastily unload the boat and put the crates into big SUV cars. Noah turns around from where he is hiding and sees 2 security officers with their lights walk up to Noah and start yelling at him. 2 gun shots ring through the air. 2 Bodies his the floor. Jack Russo, his father, looking over Noah stares at him until 1 of the security officers starts reaching for his radio to call in backup. Jack Russo kicks the security officer and takes the radio and hands 12 year old Noah a Pistol.

"You're already deep into this now kid. Might as well see if you got what it takes." 

Noah not wanting to disappoint his father, lifts the gun, and pulls the trigger. *Blank* Jack takes the gun out of Noah's hand, throws it into a car and shoots the security officer himself.


Getting Started

After the previous events, Noah was introduced to his fathers line of work. That line of work was running a crime syndicate. Noah was taken out of public school and was given private lessons. All while this is happening, Jack is showing Noah what is right and what is wrong.

"Nobody is above you Noah, why let nobodies tell you what to do or question you? Put disrespectful people in their place. You do it correctly, they will never disrespect you again."

Noah follows in his fathers footsteps eager to actively start helping and learning about what exactly it is that they do. Noah studied how to do thing the correct way.

"Why learn from your failures? Just don't be a dumb ass and do things right the first time"

Noah wanting to be very close, steals a gun and sets off as he wants to prove himself. He heads to the next town over from Charleston South Carolina. Summer vile.


The Mistake

When going around Summer Vile, Noah runs into trouble. Rival Gun Dealers. 3 of them. They approach 14 year old Noah asking what hes doing in this part of town and try to recruit him to their gang. Noah without saying a word, fires off his entire mag into 2 of the 3 guys killing both of them with the third one running away for cover and calling for help

"What the Fuck! This little kid just killed Julian and Omar. Kill this little shithead! Chase his ass down!"

Noah runs back to Charleston being followed the entire way home. That night, was a shipment night for The Syndicate. Noah being forced to stay home because of the trouble he had caused, was not there for this shipment. Automatic gun fire rings out across the town towards the docks. Noah having a bad feeling runs to the docks where he sees dead bodies. Syndicate Bodies, Summer Vile Gang Bodies. There are automatic weapons. As Noah approaches he is stopped by police officers that ask if hes lost. Noah doesn't respond. Police are investigating the scene and start loading bodies into the ambulance. The last body loaded is Jack Russo. 

Tears would fall from Noah's eyes realizing that this was his fault

A Envelope would fall from his fathers Trench coat pocket, un-noticed by anyone. Noah grabs the envelope and opens it.

A Letter would be found

"My dearest son Noah,

"Everyday is closer to my last. Its this creeping feeling that I have. It seems as though I am closer to the end than I am the beginning. I have spent my entire life dedicated to making sure that your life would be secure Noah. I didn't want you to be involved with The Syndicate. Somewhere deep down, when you were born, I knew that you would be clever and I knew you would figure it out soon enough how this corrupt and evil world works. My life work has gone into this syndicate. I wasn't able to finish the work. You need to finish what I started. When my end comes, you will be the leader of The Syndicate. Guide these people, my people, they are your people now. They will follow what you say no questions asked. Use them. They are your family. If they are more of a liability than a asset. Take care of the problem. And remember ... The Syndicate is always first above everyone else

-Jack Russo"

 Taking over and Moving

After a few weeks since the Incident, its time to start packing up. Noah becoming the new leader of The Syndicate at only the age of 14, needed guidance.Many of the remaining Syndicate would take their chances at leaving as they felt that there was no hope for the group. The few that remained loyal moved with Noah to Chernarus to continue their business. They start importing their weapons into Chernarus and business is going amazing and at about a year in, the outbreak happens.



The Mafia

A Name that is dead to Noah. Dean Lockwood. A Traitor to his own cause. Leaving everyone behind in chernarus while he parties in Russia. What got Noah Started and on his feet. After it ended and everyone left him, he stood alone against everyone. Alone, by himself and naive, Noah would stand atop The Mafia and better than they could have ever been. The Mafia is what started Noah's problems but ultimately made him a stronger person regardless of the turn out,


Chapter 2

Not with them for long but the closest thing to a normal Family Noah had. Not around with them for long, they taught Noah core values. He would call all of them friends and some of them even family. He would find who he thought to be his first love in the form of a women named Kira but would be mistaken. From Kira came her father Arnost, a real father figure to Noah. Maybe not looking up to Arnost but having a great deal of respect for him. Noah would move on quick but stay in close contact with them before he decided to start what his father left him with. The Syndicate


The Syndicate, first form in Chernarus

Starting back up what his father left him in the states, Noah builds a group up around him to protect himself. With Wolfpack and Legion Corp around they remained relatively quiet and striked where they could. They did their weapons reclaiming and re-distribution until anarchy came along and Syndicate changed focus on them entirely. Having the first gunfights against anarchy and having mild success, Syndicate was confident. They helped get a coalition going in turn with another group called The Messengers but both groups would ultimately not be in the final fight against anarchy but only see the coalition they started without being part of it. This Syndicate, was a bust. Noah moved on to the peace in quiet after having the height of everyone after him once again.


New Hope Federation

A group that Noah wanted to see succeed desperately and saw a lot of potential in. Coming off the Syndicate Noah understood NHF's will to fight Anarchy. A Group of Hero's that wanted to do the world a Favor and get rid of anarchy. Noah understanding this joined them but struggled to do civil deeds. Following their rules of not robbing people, not torturing people, not getting even. He wanted to change but couldn't adapt. Brothers in Arms but only while with them. After trying to coach them into battles he hears of Black Roses return and reaches out to Bobby Kalo to take him up on his previous offer and leave The New Hope Federation.


The Black Roses

The Closest thing he has felt to a Brotherhood up to this point. Being the first group of Power Noah was apart of since The Mafia, Noah felt good. He was able to fight against what was left of anarchy and be in control. A group more fitted to Noah. He would meet 2 People that Noah Valued. One person he would meet through Black Roses would be Jackson Rivers. The Closest thing Noah had to a bestfriend. Often being the 2 of them running around and getting into any and all trouble. Noah thought of Jackson Rivers as a True bestfriend. He would meet aswell while with the Black Roses The love of his life and wife to be, Riley Lux. Noah started confiding in her and priotizing her over everybody else. The only person Noah would ever tell about how he truly felt about all the things he has done. The only person that would ever know that Noah truly does feel for what hes done and wishes things different. On the downhill of Black Roses ended in Jackson Rivers Shooting himself and everyone else going into hiding. Black Roses not being the most liked group and hated by many was bad for Noah once again, caught in a situation once again where he was head hunted by every other person they ran into. Shortly after Roses ended Noah would hear a old friends voice again, Ronnie.


The Mob

After coming from the roses Noah was with the Mob. The Mob actually seemingly starting out with a good reputation Noah was happy to be part of it. Finally a chance for him to clear his name and become friends with groups like Wolfpack after a long hated rivalry. After some twists and turns The Mob falls into not only a worse Status than the Black Roses, but a worse group at combating problems. The Mob would quickly fall into the ground but not before Noah would make some good friends that would start Noah on his biggest path of Power yet. The Syndicate.


The Syndicate, Chernarus and Livonia

Noah Starting with a nice group of people from Mob and from Black Roses was happy to get started with this. Not planning on being in power but planning on co-existing with other groups things quickly changed. After running into a man that Calls himself DJ Chance and exchanging some of the times they have actually shot at each other they have a good laugh when Noah Learns of the Wolfpack Situation and the distrust internally of Wolfpack. Noah would take in what was called Zeta Squad which was wolfpacks fighting force and show them what real Loyalty was. Them leaving to join because of their old leader Preaching Loyalty but also making their members get marked by the Jackals was a big no sign from Noah and showed them what real group loyalty was. Prioritizing his own boys over other group relations. With this big influx of fighters Noah quickly found himself in a spot of high power. Noah wanting to immediatly go and take out Wolfpack who has long disturbed him and shit talked him Noah held back and approached Wolfpacks Leader wishing and offering Neutrality but was turned down to which was the last Straw for Noah. After a couple of Gunfights and Sabotage Missions on Wolfpack they would seemingly dissapear so Noah moved on to other priorites like taking control of the Southeast Coast. Getting into fights with Praetorian guard and running sabotage missions Syndicate would prevail easily against the Romans, The Knights of Georgia, Cartel, Corporation, and the Samaritans. Realizing the true power Syndicate had, Noah would branch away to Livonia and carry out his plot of reclaiming Western Weapons in the region and redistributing them with licenses. Quickly kicking Cartel out of the Prison and taking it as his own they would establish the North as their territory. The Morreti's threatening Syndicate would lead to gunfights between the two with Syndicate coming out on top before a unsigned quiet came about and Syndicate decided to rest. Thats the Story. Syndicate is a tired fighting force that will always be around aslong as Noah is.




Arnost Kovar


The closest thing Noah has to a Father left. Has been missing for a while now but believed to still be alive. Noah wishes to see him again as Noah lacks guidence as is. He helped Noah establish his core values as a person after riding the wave of a Mafia. He helped guide Noah into a direction that would help Noah not become a Mindless killing Machine and a person that feels for his actions and calculates. Arnost Would Teach him to not be impulsive but to calculate and plan ahead. The only person Noah would ever consider his father.


Riley Lux/ Russo


Noahs Number one Priority and the only thing that keeps him sane. The love of his life that he would do anything for. Riley is the only one that Noah has told about his full past and what his true feelings are for his actions. The only one that understands Noah. Meeting back on the Road and seeing her upset and beaten, Noah picked her up in a car and brought her to a warm place and helped her. After a Growing friendship it would turn into them dating which is when Noah would truly begin to realize how he felt. With her Past and His past it was almost like Romeo and Juliet, Noah being with The Black Roses at the time and her being with everyone Against The Black Roses, it was special. Realizing his priory changing from day to day work and focusing on Riley, he decided that she was the one. After finally giving up the Black Roses and The Mob Noah decided it was time and he proposed and Married while in Syndicate. Without Riley Lux, there wouldn't be a Noah Russo right now.




Jackson Rivers



Jackson River, the best friend of Noah. Countless nights sitting around a fire and getting drunk and sharing stories and having a good time but also a gun buddy. Meeting him while with the Black Roses Noah was very annoyed with Jackson a lot but it turned into a brother like relationship. Noah trusted Jackson to watch his back in gunfights and was happy to fight along side his brother in arms. Getting themselves into many situations that they should not have gotten out of, they would by blasting their way out of it. Number one canidate for Noah's best man at his wedding but would ultimately fail do to Jackson shooting himself in a Bunker. Never really getting sad that Jackson was gone but more pissed off than anything. Noah does not remember him as a his friend but more as a coward who shit himself. Noah will never forget Jackson but Noah will also never Mourn Jackson's Death.















So good

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Just now, Vandire said:

Fat lore updates. My favorite 💯


Thank you 🙂 im not good at graphical stuff or essay writing so thats the reason I dont have Graphics and the reason the details lack 

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You did some work, I see. >:)

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>14 year old leader of Syndicate
You almost made me shit myself out of laughter mate, thanks for the laugh tho

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Just now, Cablo said:

>14 year old leader of Syndicate
You almost made me shit myself out of laughter mate, thanks for the laugh tho

17* and I dont remember asking you but thank you

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5 minutes ago, Masonn said:

17* and I dont remember asking you but thank you

After a few weeks since the Incident, its time to start packing up. Noah becoming the new leader of The Syndicate at only the age of 14, needed guidance.Many of the remaining Syndicate would take their chances at leaving as they felt that there was no hope for the group. The few that remained loyal moved with Noah to Chernarus to continue their business. They start importing their weapons into Chernarus and business is going amazing and at about a year in, the outbreak happens.


Tsk, tsk. Seems like somebody doesn't even remember what they have written and also you didn't ask me, just stating my opinion about what I've just read buddy :^)

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