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Jacinto Campos
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2000-11-23 (18 years old)



Jacinto Campos, or Jack to his friends, was always traveling. He was born to an American diplomat and a spanish mother. Therefore, he was always traveling, always meeting new people, and never settled in one place for more than a few years. His father was a wonderful diplomat, and while Jack didn't really know the details, he knew his father helped calm very serious situations. That's probably why his family traveled frequently. That's also probably why his father was assigned to the American embassy in Chernarus. This time around his mother stayed home, knowing the volatility of the situation. However, Jack wanted to go. As a way of convincing his father to let him go, he said he would train with the security team and learn about survival. Just in case. During the first week of the "event", things seemed more or less under control from their position: armed security, food, water, everything you could ask for. Unfortunately, the spreading of whatever it was cares not for your guns. He managed to escape into the countryside, but his father was lost. Now, he's on a mission. A mission to survive.


wow a youngin huh? Mikayla would love to meet him and be a motherly figure or be like an older sister. 

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:D.  He's lost, he could certainly use the help, and hopefully be helpful!

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