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Jackson Rivers
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1997-06-16 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    San Diego,California
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English/Survival German/ French in the making
  9. Relationship
    Georgia Banks
  10. Family
    The maddison's
  11. Religion
    LaVeyan Satanism


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
    Large shoulder span but average
  4. Hair
    Bleached Grey long hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Face tattoos and tattoos on arms and chest
  8. Equipment
    Anything he could find to help him survive.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    The Obscured
  11. Role


Jackson Rivers was born in the state of California when Jackson was 15 he made the wrong friends and started to sell drugs. Jackson was a misunderstood boy who didn't believe in consequences so he did it without thought. One day Jackson was looking up on Ancestry and found blood relatives in Arkansas named the Maddison's. The Maddison's are a family of meth manufactures that specialized in producing meth making a lot of people inside and outside of the united states perk an interest the one that interested the family the most was a business man that lived in chernarus. The man promised a big pay out and since the family was wanted by the FBI they wanted to get out of the united states they took that offer. Jackson did his research and found the phone number of Ruby Maddison his aunt. Jackson after thinking about his recent actions in life decided to call her. Ruby remembered Jackson from when he was just a baby they had lots of conversations and Ruby proposed that Jackson come visit for a little bit. So Ruby bought a round trip ticket and Jackson got on the plane with carry on luggage only. When Jackson got off the plane he saw all the armed police and it made Jackson uneasy. When Jackson got to the front of the airport and was picked up by a taxi and was brought the to maddison's home. Jackson stayed on the maddison's couch at the end of his trip Jackson was watching TV the local news said that the Airports were locked down and Jackson looked outside and people were running and screaming. three minutes later He saw Grover and Ruby maddison dragging their son Ceremor out of the house. This was Jackson's life now.
Likes: Being alone , Masks of all kinds, Making people feel safe, The thought of a better world after the infection.
Dislikes: Heros, Government, His family the maddisons, Wannabe's, Thugs ,The Infected, Big groups of people, Liars, Cowards.
Wounds and scars:
Bullet Holes on back: Healed, Scared
Cigar burn on top of left hand from Uncle: Scared
Craved on his back: "Wash Away a man, Throw Him in the floods" Healing
Craved on his back: "Foreign pig" Healing
AKM bullet hole in shoulder treated
AKM bullet hole in Hand treated
AKM bullet hole in back treated
Mental Wounds from watching his friends die.

Life on the collapse of Humanity: Jackson's main goal was to stay away from everyone no connections, no friends, relationships anything. All Jackson wanted to do was find a house he could live in for a little bit till he could get national support. Jackson forgot and didn't wanna think about his "Family" that hes seen torture innocent people. As Jackson walked from Cherno to his first destination in zelenogorsk he found a couple of 9mm weapons but he needed a rifle he could defend him self with maybe something that would help him hunt so he traveled to the zelenogorsk's Military where he tried to be quiet and calm to not attract anyone or anything as soon as he got in to one of the barracks a zombie screamed and attracted a horde. Jackson Scrambled to another barrack where he locked himself in. As soon as Jackson reloaded his 9mm he heard a Female voice. That females name was "Georgia" Georgia had killed all the zombies around Jackson and saved Jackson's life. Jackson thanked her and began to walk away. Georgia decided to follow Jackson and Jackson wasn't very accepting of it, but Jackson let it happen anyway because she saved him and now Jackson makes her a priority to make sure she is safe from anything or anyone. Now Jackson shows her places shes never seen before. Jackson feel some kind of attraction growing for the girl that saved his life and he believes its dangerous.
Chapter one: Trying to find people who love Jackson is hard everyone is so violent these days
I found someone that might help Georgia and I some people they call the "New hope" ? They seem promising but i dont know if i should trust them just yet they provided me and my girl some medicine but something seems off about them. This man named Levi claimed he has been in some scary dangerous groups and made friends with the co owner of the fortress they made that mans name is Chris. I really hope these guys arent some kind of bandits in disguise. It would be a shame if i had to hurt them, But i wont take any chances. Im no death before dishonor fan but i will fight before i get robbed by a couple of punks. Next I need to find a stable area for me and Georgia. Shes doesn't like anywhere up north so Vybor is off the table she said something about her ex husband dying there and i promised her that she wouldn't end up the same way.
Chapter Two: Trust no one not even yourself.
I got robbed while I was asleep and they left a bread crumb trail, Those dumb idiots. I struck back and took my stuff back and a little extra for the road I'm moving out I'm not letting anyone get close to me again all I need is Georgia. Now im thinking if is should set up somewhere not crawling with back stabbers. I'm annoyed how i started to trust people right off the back.
Chapter Three: This time in the Infection is no place for love
Georgia seems to lose interest. So I decided to go by myself for a little while. In fact i found out where Levi lives now and i decided to stay around him once more he explained the whole house thing to me it doesnt bother me anymore the people who did it are dead. I met a couple of doctors and Levi thinks we should help them and move out of Polana. I'm dealing with some kind of depression home sickness I suppose Levi is all i have left hes like a brother to me we can relate on so much almost to much. Sometimes him and I just sit there with a cassette player and listen to music getting fucked up telling stories or people we miss. I think we both know theres no alternative route out of this shitty place we just hope that we die from something unreal like Old age. I'm not going to lie I wish i was back in the States. All these people i meet give me some kind of red flags.
Chapter four:
I watched a kid get executed today because of a rumor that had spread around poor kid was only thirteen. All he wanted was to find his family, A kid lost in the thick of things got shot and i watched it. It replays in my head over and over again. The concrete where his head was sitting before they brought a slug to it is in rubble painted with a thick layer of blood a bone fragments. Who ever got him ill find them and hang them with their own intestines so I can watch him suffer just how they made that kid wipe his tears with sandpaper.
Chapter Five: The light at the end of the tunnel
Today I saw another friend die, I don't like the outcome of this conflict all the people I knew are dying or are sure to be killed in the future. You wouldn't ever see this coming but i'm in the shit now. After todays conflict I decided to go on a walk to my safe place right under a tree ive discovered a while ago. While I sat down I decided to take my helmet off and let the sun hit my face while I closed my eyes. When I heard footsteps and a familiar woman's voice whisper "Jackson". I Immediately opened my eyes and looked at the familiar woman. After everything ive seen and been through seeing her again put a smile on my face. She sat down beside me and i couldn't help myself to fall into her familiar comfort and began to cry in joy letting my security down. After I stopped crying I leaned in for a kiss. after we stopped kissing i took her hand and walked down the path. I will promise to never leave Georgia again as she gives me the comfort i need. She is the light at the end of my tunnel.
Chapter Six: Battle The Past Demons
A couple of days ago I was at my home and this man named Connor came to me and he knows Hunter from green mountain. Months ago I stole from Hunter and he sent Connor and his boy to me to Blackmail me if I didn't pay Hunter back six boxes of nails and four four digit code locks I would be kicked out of my home and executed but, this doesn't make sense, since I tried to right my wrongs maybe a week prior. A couple days later My boys woke me up telling me that they killed Conner because he was trying to find me to kidnap me. I really hope there isn't anymore retaliation because we all know how to kill a snake taking the head off of it. Georgia isn't going to like it if i have to kill Hunter but he endangered me so what ever happens happens. Long live District and the Obscure. I'm sorry love...


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