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Roland Trifani
Character information
  1. Alias
    Dr. Trifani
  2. Mental
    Sane | Protective
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1982-07-14 (37 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Detroit, Michigan
  6. Nationality
    United States Citizen
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Sheridan Trifani (Wife | Assumed Deceased)
  10. Family
    Assumed Dead
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    206 cm
  2. Weight
    97 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    Tattoo of a Caduceus on upper back
  8. Equipment
    Scalpel | Tweezers | Clamps | Retractors | Stapler | Scissors
  9. Occupation
    Medical Doctor | General Surgeon | Pediatric Surgeon
  10. Role
    Doctor | Surgeon


ExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gifEarly LifeExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gif


Roland Trifani was born and raised in the great city of Detroit, Michigan, more specifically in the northern district of Bagley. Roland was the only child of a stable lower-middle class family, the son of a hardworking laborer of a father and the pride of a most loving mother. Roland was originally educated in the public school system before being transferred into the private sector due to his excellency in education, Roland would enter high school with a history of straight A’s and perfect attendance, unfortunately the first major epidemic of his life would come in his senior year.


Roland’s mothers health suddenly began to decline, after urging from her son and husband she would eventually seek treatment, later Roland's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He witnessed his mother change from the supportive and caring mother she once was to a shadow of herself, when she finally passed away the pain of her loss and the happiness that she no longer would have to suffer were equal in his heart. The loss and helplessness he felt as he had watched a disease with no cure was unbearable and shortly after her death Roland made a pledge to himself go into medicine so that one day young men may never have to feel the pain and loss that he had felt.


After finishing his last year of high school Roland applied and was accepted to the University of Michigan. Coming to terms with leaving his father to attend school was hard for Roland, but the memory of the way they both suffered pushed him onward towards his new-found dream. Roland excelled in college and eventually finished his first 4 years with a Bachelors of Science in Biology, a further 4 years later he would finally earn his M.D. Shortly after attending his graduation Roland’s father would pass away, no official reason was ever discovered but Roland always felt that his father was still heartbroken from the loss of his wife and only held in long enough to see him finish what he had started.


ExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gifMedical ResidencyExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gif


After burying his father and taking time to mourn Roland would relocate to Rochester, Minnesota to start his residency at the Mayo Clinic. Every night going to bed Roland would sit down and talk to his mother as if she was still there with him, there was something comforting to him to have someone to speak to even if he knew no one was listening. For three years Roland would use the skills he had learned to help anyone he could, as well as learning the ins and outs of working in an activate medical practice and hospital. Roland saw many people drop out of their residency for one reason or another, he could never understand what would make a person turn away from giving out the most precious gift anyone could, a second chance.


After completing his residency Roland decided it was time for a break and took a year to be himself, he adopted a dog he lovingly named after his mother and traveled abroad taking time to clear his head and prepare for the reality and mortality of life and the practice of medicine. During this time Roland would meet the woman he would eventually call his wife, Alyssa was a beautiful young pharmaceutical representative and was a spitting image of the vibrant and caring person that Roland himself was. In lieu of a fancy and prolonged wedding Roland and Alyssa would pull the trigger during a music festival in Nevada, no family, no friends, just the two of them and the experiences they shared.


Shortly after settling back down Roland would return to the Mayo Clinic to begin his three year internship with the surgical team. The first two years of his surgical internship were a blur of learning and beautiful moments, Roland would never forget the first time he made the cut to save someones life or assisting in the cesarean section to bring new life. During his third and final year of surgical residency Roland would be assisting with the on call surgical team for the emergency room. Being on call for the ER was never a pretty site and you never know what you would see but Roland took it in stride, by the end of his internship Roland was an accomplished surgeon and had performed and assisted in a number of operations. Roland destroyed his ABS certification test and was finally at the end of his dream and was ready to begin his career.


Before leaving the Mayo Clinic to pursue his career Roland was confronted by a colleague from the pediatric surgical team, he offered to take Roland on another two years to train him in pediatric surgery. Seeing this as yet another way to help people, to keep parents from losing their children and to give children a second chance Roland gladly accepted. Two years later Roland was qualified in pediatric surgery and once again aced his ABS certification for the pediatric field of surgery.


ExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gifMedical CareerExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gif



Finally finished with all of his training and internships Roland moved back to Detroit to work at Henry Ford hospital. For the next few years Roland now confidently going as Dr. Trifani operated as a pediatric and general surgeon at the hospital. He would like to think that the miracles he performed touched peoples lives, this after-all was the reason he went into medicine. Dr. Trifani became great friends with the staff of the hospital while also becoming known for being kind and diligent in his work. In only his 4th year of employment Dr. Trifani became the head of pediatric surgery at Henry Ford.doc1.png.ef6e3c97be39a57e90e74adb5916350b.png

Sadly being a surgeon wasn’t always a rewarding experience, Dr. Trifani struggled with death whenever a patient would be lost. Always bringing back sharp and painful memories from his childhood. His peers helped him to wrestle these feelings to the best of their abilities but it was something he just needed to come to terms with. After losing a young patient suffering from major internal bleeding after a drunk driving accident, after having to tell the child's parents they lost their only child, after seeing the pain and heartbreak he knew too well, Dr. Trifani decided to take a vacation.


ExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gifThe OutbreakExaltedVagueFruitfly-max-1mb.gif.b2833a07ff27d7e1e35c25019a2d4aae.gif


Dr. Trifani spent some time choosing a place to vacation before he settled on a beautiful place to go rock climbing, a small stretch of rocky cliffs lining a valley in the country of Chernarus . Dr. Trifani had not heard much of the country before his initial search but it looked beautiful and like a good place to get away from the world for a while. Before he knew it Dr. Trifani was on a plane heading for what would hopefully be an amazing vacation away from the rest of the world.


The aircraft Dr. Trifani was on landed on a small airfield in the southern part of the country, here he boarded an arranged taxi and headed north towards the town of Myshkino. It was from here that Dr. Trifani began the hike west towards the valley and cliffs he was ready to climb, not before popping some rounds off at the local shooting range first of course, he could never find weapons like these at the ranges back home. Along the way to the valley Dr. Trifani marveled in the beauty of the country, it would be so peaceful if not for the jets and helicopters that kept passing overhead doing some sort of training exercise he presumed.


After spending two weeks camping and climbing in the valley, Dr. Trifani started his hike back to town to catch his cab. This time it actually was peaceful, not a sound but mother nature herself. Shortly before reaching the small town Dr. Trifani heard something that sounded like a gunshot, which was followed by many more. His inner doctor kicked in and he dropped his gear and ran towards the sounds believing someone may be injured, little did he know he was going to come across the start of humanity's worst disaster.







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