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Anton Lesnitsky
Character information
  1. Mental
    Stricken with Grief
  2. Morale
    Broken and Tired
  3. Date of birth
    2000-09-15 (18 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Czech, English, little bit of Russian
  8. Family
    Grigori Lesnitsky (Father) Melanie Lesnitsky (Mother)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
    Tall and Skinny
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
    Squinty and Hazel
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Puffy cheeks and squinty eyes. His head is quite large despite him being quite skinny. He was made fun of in school a lot for this often other kids would associate him with a bobble head ornament.
  8. Equipment
    He wears whatever is useful to him, but he has kept the camo pants from his old CDF uniform. Wears gorka jackets mainly and does not like body armor. His small frame doesn't cope well with it. He has kept his unit patch from the 31st NBCP and keeps it in his bag along with a few dog tags he recovered from his fallen comrades.
  9. Occupation
    Ex-CDF Conscript
  10. Affiliation
    Dalsi Stranka
  11. Role


ʟɪғᴇ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛʙʀᴇᴀᴋ


Anton was born from a Russian father in Novigrad who fled to Chernarus to escape his criminal past and married a local Chernarussian actress/singer. Once Anton was born, his father decided to settle down and open up a butcher shop that became quite well known in his local community. Anton's family was considered upper middle class in the sense that Anton was quite often more privileged than the other kids in his town. His mother, who would often travel to different parts of the country to perform, would always spoil Anton with various material possessions that every kid his age could dream of because of the money she would make. Because of this, Anton grew up to be kind of a brat with his Father struggling to keep him in check.
While his mother was always very nurturing and kind to Anton, his father on the other hand was extremely harsh on him, forcing him to work in his Butcher shop in order to teach him a good work ethic and to keep him out of trouble. This grew exponentially worse when he became a teenager as he would frequently get into trouble with a bunch of local street thugs from his high school, they would harass the teachers, steal from local general stores, and just be all around dick heads. Unfortunately, Anton had no idea that they were only using him because of the large amounts of allowance money he would get from his father. They would use the money to buy matching jackets, bicycles, and various other things to sustain their juvenile delinquent operations. However, once Anton's father found out about this, it scared the shit out of him because he feared Anton would follow his past. He took Anton out of High School and moved his family to Miroslavl right around the time the outbreak was about to start. Anton's mother eventually divorced his father as they kept arguing over the decision to move. His mother stayed in Novigrad where Anton would frequently visit. 
When the outbreak came, Anton and his father began struggling to survive as the overall economic state of the country began to decline. Unfortunately, Anton and his father were unable to escape and were trapped inside the city during the initial outbreak. Anton's stubborn father decided to hunker down into the city and attempt to hold out. Their family business quickly became impossible to keep going and with no news from his Mother and his father's unwillingness to travel outside of the city, Anton could only assume the worst fate for his Mother.    

Then on May 31st 2018, the terrorist attack on Miroslavl would change Anton's life forever. His father was unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time during the attack and was killed from chemical contamination. Anton was now alone in this hostile city, the pain of his father's death effected him more than he could have ever imagined. However, instead of having a change of heart his delinquent tendencies grew beyond that of just a simple street thug, he would lie, steal, and use violence to get what he needed. For the remainder of that year, his selfishness and greed consumed him more and more as he was trying desperately to survive. That was until he attempted to steal food and water from a CDF outpost, he was foolish to think he get get away with it and was caught almost immediately. Eventually, he was conscripted into the CDF as a way of giving Anton a second chance. When he completed his training he volunteered to be deployed to South Zagoria after hearing rumors that the terrorists who bombed Miroslavl were from that area. In a naive sense of vengeance, Anton was completely unaware that he just sold his soul to the devil. Everyone, including his commanding officers regarded him as either crazy or stupid, but they were certainly not going to question it. 

ᴅᴇᴘʟᴏʏᴍᴇɴᴛ: sᴏᴜᴛʜ ᴢᴀɢᴏʀɪᴀ

Anton was assigned to the 31st NBCP stationed out of South Zagoria. Throughout his solo travels to link up with his unit he was absolutely astonished at the state the province was in. It was complete lawlessness, no government presence whatsoever. It was no mystery to him why so many people flock to this region, including terrorists. When he arrived to his unit, he wasn't exactly given a warm welcome and it certainly didn't take him long to adopt the other conscript's pessimistic morale. He began to question why he decided to come here. Everyone in the province seemed to have to some sort odd nature about them, but Anton couldn't quite figure out what it was that seemed off about these people. The more people he met, the more uneasy he became and he couldn't even confide in his comrades as they had given up trying to put any reason to anything. He had been told numerous times that it's best he not think about it all and simply just follow orders. Sgt. Doubek and Sgt. Janousek were keen to reinforce this idea into him through countless hazings and extra labor. Anton almost couldn't stand the amount of manual labor he had to do, it seemed as if that's all he did at first. Was he conscripted to fight or was he actually sent to a work camp? At this point, Anton couldn't tell.

ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏsʜᴋɪɴᴏ



At this point, Anton prayed for something to happen. Anything other than manual labor. He begged and pleaded with any deity that he thought might exist to just have him be shot or at least get shot at already.  However, one of the first lessons Anton learned in South Zagoria is to be careful what you wish for.

Late in the evening, Lt. Kral, one of Lesnitsky's commanding officers, kicked everyone out of their racks and told them to grab their gear. Anton instinctively grabbed his shovel instead of his weapon, as did many other conscripts. "NO YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!" The Lieutenant shouted. "Grab the shit you use to kill people with! Bring plenty of ammo!" 

They were only given a short briefing, but the gist of it was that, Jaysh Shallah, a Takistani terrorist group, were executing the villagers of Myshkino. They were going to go and rescue them. The journey there was grueling and tiring, as it was on the other side of the province and they had very little time to get there. Once they arrived, his squad met up with a group of armed foreigners dressed in civilian and military clothing. Anton assumed they were NATO remnants or something and there were a lot of them. At least a platoons worth. The plan was simple, the Militia, having greater numbers, would move in to secure the hostages while Anton and his Squad would cover their retreat. The element of surprise was on their side and the Takis had no idea they were coming. The adrenaline was already pumping through Anton's veins as the combined force of 20-22 men moved into position. 
When the first shots rang out, the Militia secured the hostages while Anton and his comrades made short work of Jaysh Shallah forces however, unbeknownst to them, a Russian separatist group was also in the village and there were enough of them to launch a counter attack up the hillside they were holding. Lt. Kral order his men to fall back as their primary objective was already completed. The Militia had already secured the hostages and had gotten them to safety and it wouldn't be long before the Russians would overwhelm them. Unfortunately during the midst of an intense firefight with advancing Separatist forces, Anton got separated from his squad and was left to wonder behind enemy lines.....alone.

He ended up coming across a lone Militia member who seemed to be in the same predicament. An American who appeared to be almost the same age as him. They navigated their way behind enemy lines, dodging numerous Separatist patrols before they managed to regroup with Lt. Kral. Although Anton let out a sigh of relief, he soon realized that this wasn't gonna be the end. The Lieutenant had offered the Villagers and Militia to stay at the their FOB at Berezino, in order to do so, they would have to escort all of them back across the entire Province. There was nothing the young boy could do to prepare him for the grueling fight that laid ahead. 

Ambush after ambush, every treeline seemed to have snipers, every town seemed to be occupied by them. And no matter how many he and his comrades killed, they just kept coming. By the time, they reached Stary Sobor, Anton was running dangerously low on ammo, and finding it more and more difficult keep his cool. His nerves were being stretched thin from the constant fighting. He had to keep moving, there was no other choice. If he got separated again, he knew for sure he wouldn't make it. This was Anton's first taste of combat and while he was loving the thrill and rush it gave him during the beginning of the battle, his body and mind were now being pushed to their absolute limits. 
After fending off yet another ambush in Stary Sobor, the Militia and other Villagers had regrouped with them and were now making their way through Novy Sobor where they would make a B-line straight through the hills and forests towards the FOB. As the massive caravan was leaving Novy, the remaining Separatists had followed them and set up positions behind them in the town itself and opened up on them with a hail of gunfire. Tracers zipped past Anton's head as he dove into a shallow ditch, however he had not realized that the others did not do the same. They instead darted up the hill to take cover in the treeline. It seemed like Anton's worst fear was about to come true. There was no way he was going to be left behind again. There's no way he would ever be that lucky again. Panic overwhelmed the young boy, as he sprung up out of the ditch sprinting up the hill as fast as he could. The dirt kicked up around him, there was no one else out in the open, he was the only visible target. Unfortunately no amount of luck could've saved him from the volley of gunfire that finally struck home. He felt his legs give out and fell face first into the dirt. The gun fire had stopped, they must've believed he was dead. Anton could hear a voice call out to him, but he couldn't make out who it was. He was too scared to move. His vision began to fade and the last thing he remembered was someone beginning to try and carry him on his shoulders, however the blood loss soon rendered him unconscious.


Anton awoke sore and weary. He found himself in a hospital ward laying on his side at an awkward angle on an old rickety hospital bed. For a moment, he thought he was back in Miroslavl, until Katerina, his unit's primary nurse practitioner came into his room and was astonished to find he had awoken. At this point Anton wasn't sure he should be relieved to be alive or dread that he was still stuck in South Zagoria. A few moments later, Lt. Kral and a number of his other Squad mates came to visit. 

"Oh! Well.....shit." The Lieutenant stood at the foot of his bed scratching the back of his head with an awkward half grin on his face. He looked back the others. "I guess we have to go back outside and fill in his grave. This one's still kicking!" 

"Should we hold on to the tombstone we made for him as well, sir?"

"Absolutely!" Lt. Kral replied. "However, instead of his name it should say, 'Here lies some dickhead Brat who thought he could come out here and play Soldier.'"

They all had a laugh. Anton attempted roll over on his back, but a sharping stabbing pain immediately caused him to almost roll out of bed.

"OI HOVNO!" Anton winced at the pain. "Wait....was I shot in my....my....."

"Ano Lesnitsky, you were shot in the ass." 

"He has ass of steel ano?"

His comrades stood around him making fun of him, trying to cheer him up. For once, Anton began to feel bond between him and his fellow Conscripts. 

"You're one of us now kid." Lt. Kral said as he left the room. "Welcome to the shit!" 

ᴀ ʜɪɴᴛ ᴏғ ʜᴏᴘᴇ



The entire province seemed to change from then on. The Villagers they had rescued decided to stay in Berezino and settle into the town itself. They identified themselves into two separate groups. The largest of the two were known as, "The Wolfpack" while the smaller group called themselves, "The Watch". The Wolfpack were the ones who constantly grabbed Anton's attention as they made up a majority of the town's population. He didn't quite know what to think of them. They were an odd bunch. At first glance they looked quite imposing and intimidating as they dressed in almost all black with yellow scarfs or armbands, wore masks, some with skulls, and were armed to the teeth. They were mostly comprised of foreigners, most of which had little to no combat experience or training and mainly relied on others to help protect them. The Watch, seemed to be in a similar situation, however, they were slightly more willing to fight back. To Anton, the Wolves and Watch seemed like a good group of people who were just trying to survive any way they could. For once, Anton felt like his duty as a soldier was finally being put to good use. He felt an obligation to protect and provide for these people, as did many of his fellow conscripts whose morale seemed filled with hope. They were helping people, and were seen as heroes by many of the people that flocked to the town for safety.

However, as time went on, more and more groups of survivors showed up to this supposed Safe Haven. The more people there were, the more responsibility the small unit had on it's shoulders. The 31st NBCP's original mission to monitor the radioactivity of the Kamensk military base, was most likely going to be put on hold for the foreseeable future. The obviously frustrated commander's who were struggling to provide for a growing population just as much as trying to keep their conscripts from sneaking off to go get drunk at the local pub that was set up. None of the local populace really seemed to understand that this small Recon detachment was not properly prepared to protect and provide for the hundred of survivors that sought refuge with them. Before long, doubt seemed to creep in with the conscripts as the towns people became more and more needy. Some of the NBC troops even started to see the survivors as an annoyance and hindrance to their original mission. Unfortunately, it came to a point where Anton had to ask himself.

How in the hell were they going to defend all these people?





Anton knew it was bound to happen eventually. There was no way Pamyati and The Muslims wouldn't retaliate from their defeat at Myshkino. When it finally did happen, the small recon unit came up against a force unlike anything they had ever faced before. A combined army of Russian Separatists and pissed off Muslim extremists smuggled in from Takistan went on a relentless campaign against the town of Berezino. Luckily however, the towns people were more than willing fight alongside them. Night after night they attacked in droves from a seemingly endless supply of manpower. They just kept coming....
Supplies began to run low and more and more casualties began to mount up. The unit's already small amount of forces, were beginning to dwindle. Every night amounted to more casualties both from the civilians and the 31st, whose nerves were beginning to be stretched thin. 

However, on one day in particular, the enemy attempted to capture both The Watch and The Wolfpack outside of Berezino. Having had enough of being the victims in need, they fired back at their captures and fell back to the FOB where a 4 hour long siege ensued. The Watch, Wolfpack, and CDF all banded together to hold off the enemy attack. However, as the siege began to drag on Lt. Kral, having had enough of the constant attacks, decided to bring the fight to the enemy. The Lieutenant gathered Anton's squad to charge up the hill overlooking the compound in a desperate attempt to drive the enemy back to Gorka. Anton stayed behind to mediate communications between all three groups. All he could do was provide covering fire with the civilian militias as his comrades made a valiant charge up the hill to the enemy position. He could only watch as a few of his friends were gunned down at the base of the treeline, but the remaining squad pushed the enemy back into the hills and disappeared into the forest. The cacophony of gunfire rang out through the valleys as Anton could only guess what was going on. Only a handful of the original squad that went up into the treeline returned. Many of Anton's good friends never returned that day and he still regrets not going with them. The remaining militia members and CDF conscripts went house to house clearing out all remaining enemy forces until finally they seemed to retreat for the time being. The events of that day would most likely stay with the young boy for the rest of his life. 

As the days went by, their numbers became fewer and fewer. Ammo and other supplies became dangerously low and the situation was deteriorating rapidly. Fear and paranoia began to creep in the command staff as well as some of the conscripts. They feared the Muslims and Russians were infiltrating their town and there would be no way to tell who was who. A lot of the townsfolk seemed to be wearing masks for some reason and at times it was even hard for Anton to remember people's names. Thus, the 31st NBCP enacted the infamous "Mask Law."  Civilians were no longer allowed to conceal their faces whilst in the town. Anton would have never guessed that such a simple regulation would spark so much outrage. The whole thing seemed silly to him. He felt as if it wouldn't solve the issue, but also found the townspeople's outrage just as ridiculous. People who did not obey the regulation were forced to leave town. Doubt among-st the townspeople began to fester. Every attack made it more and more difficult for the people to live in the town and the weakened CDF forces were now on the fence of whether or not they could hold out for much longer.

It wasn't much longer before people began to pack up and leave. They had grown tired of the war, and no longer trusted the CDF's to reliably protect them. There was nothing Anton and his comrades could do. One by one they left, leaving behind harsh words for our fallen comrades. It became too much for the command staff to deal with anymore. They grew angry with the civilians as they believed they were disrespecting their efforts to protect them and took their presence for granted. Finally, the decision was made to abandon the FOB, where the remainder of the unit retreated into the forest to set up camp elsewhere. Where they would now refocus their efforts into their original objective to monitor the Radioactivity in the north. Morale was low. Many of the conscripts left with harsh feelings towards the civilians. Anton didn't know what to think, he found it better to focus on his day to day tasks as they built their new home. 





CDF soldiers.jpg

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Love how much you added to the page! It's a nice read and nice to look at 🙂

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