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Louis Gardner
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stable, scared
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-06-17 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Camden, New Jersey
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    Caucasian/White, Italian
  8. Languages
    English(C2), Turkish(A0-A1)
  9. Religion
    Christian (non-practicing)


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown, Kept short but poorly maintained
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Equipment
    A Coloring book with crayons found in the backseat of a BMW
  8. Occupation
    IT Software Specialist
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Childhood & Growing up

Louie was born 6/17/1994 too Shelby Gardner and Stefano "Fat Fingers" DeVita. His father, Fat Fingers, was a Capo working for the DeCavalcante crime family in New Jersey. Louie was never smart, he would always fall for the oldest tricks in the book, and be easy prey for anyone that wanted to take advantage of him. Louie grew up with a strong sense of morality, with a strong tie to his blood relatives and "extended" family. Louie spent a lot of time with his pops and many uncles. His Favorite uncle Giovanni "Sneaky G" Bruschi always took him out on the weekends for banana splits. He used to run around the "La Piatto" an old Wine bar the DeCavalcante's operated out of. He was there even when they were talking business, they knew Louie wasn't bright enough to understand what they were saying. When Louie was 14 his father was whacked for being suspected that he was ratting to the FBI and wearing a wire. After this Louie's mother decided to legally change Louie's last name to hers for his safety and to prevent any misunderstandings. Sneaky G would drop by once a month after this with an envelope of cash to give to his mother. After Louie turned 18 Sneaky G offered to hire him to a racket/laundering IT company basically doing no real IT work or work in general. Much to Louie's mothers chagrin, Louie took the job opportunity. 


Louis "Louie" Gardner, IT Office Worker, New Jersey

Wake up, coffee, traffic, clock in, work...work..., clock out, traffic, get home, go to sleep, repeat. The walls of your cubicle creep closer everyday. Down to the point you may go postal if your claustrophobic. Your only escape is too escape. Everyone has a breaking point, some people choose video games or mindlessly following popular culture to escape the reality of their dreary office space lives. Louis' only escape is waiting patiently while the walls are closing in for his vacation days to be approved so he can plan his next trip. Having visited the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, and China. Louis loved a small Turkish restaurant that was down the road from his work he frequented, and made good friends with the owner Kadir. Kadir would often tell embellishing stories of his home town Istanbul, and Louis loved to hear them. So he set his eyes on his next destination, Turkey. 

July, 3rd 2017

Vacation days approved, and the trip planned Louis boarded his flight setting off for his 2-week Mediterranean adventure. 

July, 14th 2017

News and rumors spreading about an illness that causes the infected to become unresponsive and attack people. Airports are shutting down as precautionary measures to prevent the spreading. Awful timing as Louis was meant to fly back home that evening. 

July, 19th 2017

The precautionary measures were too late, the virus had already spread to parts of Turkey. Louis is hardly a fighter, his mental fight or flight mechanism is hard wired to flight. He ran cross-country in high school and was a pretty gifted distance runner. He fled on foot out of the city limits. 

July, 30th 2017 - March, 25th 2018

Things become desolate, clueless in a place he's unfamiliar with and hardly speaks the native language. Louis hopelessly follows the Black Sea coastline to Zonguldak, Turkey. He meets a woman, Semra, boarded up in her house on the out skirts of town, low on food and starving. He scavenges what he can so she can survive at least until help arrives... if it does. Louis finds a market with plentiful canned goods, Semra invites him to stay and wait for help to arrive with her. After waiting for months, fleeing buildings, living in the shadows to stay away from the infected eventually you'll make a mistake. Some mistakes are fatal. One night when trying to relocate their hiding place running across a street Semra kicked a tin can. A simple accident from a clumsy girl, caused a fatal attraction from an infected swarm down the road. The infected closed in quickly, it all happened so fast. The only hope was to out run the swarm, at least in Louis' mind. Semra couldn't keep up and eventually tripped and devoured. Louis heard her fall but never turned or looked back. This decision still haunts Louis, he can still hear her screams. Louis is a coward. 

March, 26th 2018 - May, 24th 2018

Louis sticks to the coastline traveling to Samsun, Turkey. In the town he finds an abandoned police station and acquires a combat knife, and a lock box labeled "Yavuz 16" but can't find the key. Louis decides to ditch the lock box, as it doesn't do any good for him to keep it. The city is dilapidated and lifeless. Louis decides to not stay long and keep going along the coastline. 

May, 25th 2018 - September, 27th 2018 

Along the way Louis meets a shady man with a car was heading the same way, the man didn't want to share much. Perhaps it was because of the language barrier as he spoke little to no English. Maybe he was nervous and thought Louis was infected somehow. Regardless the man was gracious enough to allow Louis to hitch a ride to Batumi, Georgia. As long as Louis helped scavenge fuel. It was a long, and quiet car ride. After reaching Batumi the man and Louis parted ways, the man continued east and Louis continued following the only thing familiar to him at this point, the coastline.

September, 28th 2018 - May, 15th 2019

After a long walk, nights spent in the shadows, only surviving because of strokes of dumb luck, and sheer instinct. Louis makes his way to Salkhino, Georgia. A border town to Russia in Georgia. In the town a group of 3 men hold up Louis and force him to surrender all of belongings and force him into their encampment, past the desolate southern Russian border. Louis has no idea want they want from him. He's held captive by a group of former soldiers that formed a militia. They called themselves "Zmei" they only spoke Russian, Louis couldn't understand them or their demands. They kept Louis well-fed but kept him captive for 2 weeks. Until one night one of the soldiers wives found a cute dog outside of the camp and smuggled it in, one of the stricter leaders found out and dragged the dog outside and executed it. The commotion caused a near-by horde of infected to attack the camp. In the panic of an overrun camp a younger soldier, the one that usually brought meals to Louis, Unlocked his cell and let him run free before he fruitlessly went back and tried to defend the camp.

 May, 16th 2019 - June 18th 2019

With nothing accept what he managed to scavenge on the way. Louis makes his way across the war torn border keeping his head low and sticking to the trees to Chernarus with only survival on his mind.

To be continued...


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