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Vladimir Letrotski
Character information
  1. Alias
    Big Nose, White Smoke, Red Ruble, Uncle Vlad
  2. Mental
    Chaotic at times.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1975-05-05 (44 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Russia, Vladivostok (Владивосток)
  6. Nationality
    Primorsky Krai
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Russian (fluent), German, Estonian(fluent), Finnish.
  9. Relationship
    Married 2x, Currently single.
  10. Family
    Brother : Joseph Letrotski (Dead), Two nephews : Ezekiel, Drew , Cousin : Isaac
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    192 cm
  2. Weight
    91 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Slowly going white.
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    -On the left side of his ear 3-5 inches long.
    -Old shrapnel wounds on the left leg, from a
    landmine that exploded 7m away from him.
    -4 GSW wounds on his left side, upper torso.
    -Metal plate in his right leg, from a car crash.

    -Left side Eight-pointed star ("rank as thief in law")
    and a normal star ("I kneel to no-one") on the right side (upper chest).
    -Stalins picture on the left side shoulder.
    -Virgin Mary on the right side shoulder.
    -Orthodox church with 9 cupolas, in the middle of the chest.("number of cupolas indicating the number of convictions")
    -Cross with a pearl necklace around it with a cross at the bottom.
  7. Equipment
    -Ghillie hood, Office Cap or NBC hood.
    -Gas mask (White) , NVGs or ballistics mask.
    -CUU Jacket (Woodland), Ghille top.
    -Field vest or Assult vest with buttpack.
    -Tactical Gloves ( green) or NBC gloves.
    -CUU Pants (Woodland).
    -Combat boots.

    -VSS or KA-M (Kobra sights).
    -RGD-5 Grenade.
    -NRS-2 combat knife.
  8. Occupation
    Arms Dealer, Ex-Mob boss.
  9. Affiliation
    The Quarantined


Vladimir Letrotski was born May 05 1975 in Russian Vladivostok (Владивосток).But that did not last long as in august 1975 his family moved to Miami.As he was growing up he found some friends that showed him that the only guys who want anything just take it.So by the time Vlad turned 13 he was running a small cocaine ring with his brother Joseph who was the leader, working for the Letrotski mafia that his dad ran.Year later in 1989 his dad was gunned downed in a Cuban gang war.Joseph Left the ring to become the next Pakhan and Vlad became the main cocaine supplier for Miami with his brother being the main Hand over the city.As years went by Vlad expand the business into Arms trafficking, after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 a lot of Guns from that era were left and Vlad saw an opportunity to capitalize on it so. In 1993 he took a trip to Ukraine Kyiv to meet an old Soviet era Nuclear Scientist and Arms Dealer named Oleg Kirrlov. Oleg offered Vlad from small arms like pistols,Smgs and aks to fully operational missiles.Vlad was hooked so he struck a deal with Oleg for 10 million dollars.Also Oleg asked if there was a need for a man of his status in the group, since Vlad bought some Nuclear missiles he was in need of a man who could make them safe for transport and reactivate if needed ever, so he told Oleg to come to Miami and work for the family. Oleg accepted immediately since the Soviet Union collapsed he had no real job in science at all, this was a clean slate for him again. After this in 1995 Vladimir Letrotski became Sovietnik and 1996 him and his brother planned to take out the Cuban gang leader. They went there and tortured his wife in front of him and turned her into human stew as he struggled to do anything. After that Joseph grab a knife and stabbed him to death. Vladimir knew what was gonna happen so he stayed out of there was and told them to spare the children, they had nothing to do with this the Cubans agreed.Two day later Joseph was found dead with his wife Vlad took the two boys and moved to LA as he was the Mob boss in that town, soon the hole operation was moved to LA.The Nuclear Scientist was also living in LA which is why he chose to move to LS in the first place he wanted to talk to the guy to come back to the family and work again but Vlad had no luck.Vlad gave up on it and moved on with all of it that he still had.

Life in LA and the future.
Vlads life in LA was different from the other cities.He still ran guns and cocaine in this city but not to the amount back then.As he soon thought this won’t last a long time he opened a finance company called BigBlue Finance.He was the Co-Owner of it cause he still wanted to have the boys have all of that since he was more in to arms and drugs.As he grew in power he made friends with other family in this city as he would later find out that the family he trusted most was gonna back stab him anyways.He started by meeting a man named Carmelo Gambino who work for RD later finding out, who knew about the cocaine spot in LA so Vlad made him a deal and bought the Spot for collecting, processing and wholesaler.Long after that Carmelo was trusting us more so he made a special deal with his guns to show Vlad and the boys were to get illegal firearms since Vlad supplier ditched them and he had no contacts on that.When he was shown, Carmelo was killed in the process, Vlad then had a firearms dealer.Now was the time to start taking this city over.He sold guns to other family and didn’t care if the other family knew as he quotes “This ain’t kindergarten my man this is business”.Later he was asked to meet the other families boss to talk about him selling guns behind his back, he got out of that meeting and lived on.By that time he desided to retire from all of it and so he grabbed his 12 millon that he had and moved back to ST Petersburg. He bought a house at in a country side and lived there.He ran some operation here and there but, stayed out of the main mob game.

Ending up in Cherno
While he went on a vacation to the black sea, he got stuck there on a yacht while the outbreak started happening. As the air horn alarms started to go off they rode the boat back to shore and got the first car and started to head towards Novigrad but without knowing that it all started there. Going through all of the city trying to escape all out of Chernarus they drove through Primorsk and lost a good man on the way to the infected, after making to Miroslavl, the car broke down, so they went out in search for a new radiator, fuel pump, water pump and a tire. All of them stayed in the city for 4 days looking for all of it . The team consisted of Vladimir, Sasha, Vasili and Alexander. First day after arriving they went looking for supplies in houses, markets and fire/police stations. Finding what they need for a time of 2 days, they looked for a place to hold out the night. They chose a green two story house on the southern coast side. Holding out the first night they went out looking for parts to find for the car, after looking for 6 hours they found a radiator and a water pump for the Ada 4x4 ( Lada Niva). Day two was a struggle for the group as the afternoon rolled over the sky Alexander the older group member got bit an infected and therefore could not continue on with the problems and he said to the group that there is only on option. "Take him out" so the group decided to do it, Sasha pulled out his service makarov and killed the infected Alexander. The third day, started of on a shock wave, they heard jets flying over, as they looked out the windows they saw SU-25 squads flying over and shooting missiles at the northern part of the town. The plan was to go out and quickly start looking for a new tire and fuel pump. All the fuel pump could not fit so they decide to remove the hole old fuel tank with the pump and take another cars one and modify it to make it fit. As the day came to an end they, head to bed and were woken up with the bombing that was going on outside. They grab whatever they could and ran to the vehicle, "crossed their fingers" as the car started they were glad. They got out quickly and grabbed the tire and screwed it on to the left side and hit the road, to escape "death from above". As they made their way to Chernogorski, they had to escape from bandits and self proclaimed militas, as the day went on and the road sign said 5km away from Chernogorski they were stopped by the National Army and were arrested, on the convoy that they were put on, it was stopped at a nearby gas station with there rest of it west of Bogatyrka. The convoy was attacked by Bandits and as everything was set on fire Vlad got out of the bus and escaped towards Pavloyo. As he escaped, the only thing he could think what happened to Sasha and Vasili. In search of some food and new clothes. He made a mark on, find out what happened to his friends? Who attacked the convoy? and to survive and make a new camp for the time being with helping out people who are in need.
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