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Quiza Udutai
groovy vulf
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1990-02-07 (29 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Burd, Mongolia
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Mongolian, Chernarussian, Some English


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  2. Affiliation
  3. Role





Quiza's family history of travel and immigration dates back to his early ancestors, after all his heritage was that of Mongolian raiders and conquerors. Nevertheless, the Udutai family had uprooted their family from their homes in Mongolia and traveled west, crossing through Kazakhstan and the Russian southern peninsula just north of Georgian and Azerbajin, the crossed over into Takistan. Here they attempted to live peacefully for a year or two, it was all a blur in Quiza's mind, the point being they didn't stay long in Takistan, being chased out by militant insurgents and radical extremists. They crossed the border back into Russia, but then they traveled south again to the small country of Chernarus. Here they traveled through the black mountains and ventured south to province of South Zagoria, and to their capital of the region, Chernogorsk. This is where the Udutai family settled, making home in the old apartment complexes. Quiza's father was a once a steelworker, and knew his way around metal and various inter-workings. He quickly found work at a factory complex, churning out steelworks. His older brother Bardam started to go to school and acquiring an education so that he might better his family. However for the ten-year old Quiza he stayed home for the moment with his mother, learning with her the language of Chernarussian. Eventually Quiza would turn to the age of fifteen and begin to attend school, with a very minor degree of success in all academic fields. He wasn't like his brother in smarts, but what he lacked in that area he exceeded in physical capabilities.









A year of civil war had passed since the breakout in 2009, Quiza, now 'Roman', had reached the age of twenty. Roman had stayed so far out of the war, struggling to keep his family going and avoid the hell-fire that ravaged the countryside. The streets were shelled bi-daily, it became almost routine a affair, daily life in this hell. However the worst was to come when Roman had learned of his brother's execution at the hands of Chedaki militants. His brother had enlisted with the Chernarussian Defense Force, and had engaged them near a ambush at Ragovo. This was where his brother pleaded for his life, and was promptly silenced by that of a firing squad. Roman knew his brother wanted more in life, and that his dreams of bettering his family were gone. Enraged Roman enlisted into a paramilitary group of like-minded individuals and sought out a form of vindictive retribution. He waited outside the town of Myshkino for several days, until a runner spotted a patrol caravan of a dozen Chedaki coming down the road. And with this the ambush was sprung. A storm of gunfire poured down onto the street, massacring the dazed Chedaki who were caught by surprise. With his bloodlust sated for now Roman along with the others who partook disbanded and returned to their homes, praying and hoping that this bloody war would end soon, that no more lives needed taking.





It had been nine years since that day, so much had changed Roman thought to himself. When did it all collapse, how did he come to this point in his life. He clutched his tattered backpack and slung it over his shoulder, carrying on northward. Back in 2013 he remembered just before the civil war's end, a shell had fallen onto the apartment complex and decimated any and all who were inside. This included his aging father and sickly mother. He remembered when the war was over, and promises of a better tomorrow were give. It was all lies. Sure Chernarus had begun to be repaired and mended, but at the cost of everything, his family, his home. Roman simply shuddered the thought quickly passing as he scanned the woods around him. He heard a faint rustle from his right and raised his hatchet in defense, however a lone rabbit hopped out from the underbrush. Both being somewhat startled the rabbit ran first. Roman breathed a sigh of relief, easing his nerves. It was in 2017 when the world ceased to be, and this new way of life had emerged. 'The Outbreak' as they called it. Rumors ranged from a biological attack, to that of religious doctrine exclaiming the end times. Whatever the case may be, Roman knew that it was only him in this cold dark world. There was no time to socialize, or mingle with those who were left. He took to the roads and the countryside as his ancestors did so long ago, and traveled nomadically. Perhaps there will be a day when life returns, but as of now... Death, Death would stalk the land.


sorry but when are you making your child tribal character. 

still waiting

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groovy stannis



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ah!!!!! CONSCRIPT Erdenechimeg GREETS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is a fellow cdf conscript from mongolia. 🙂

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