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Eden Walker
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1995-11-07 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Pennsylvania, USA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Brother: MIA
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    53 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Light Brown
  5. Eyes
    Light Green
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    • Light freckles across her body.
    • Scarring on her left arm.
    • Dark eye bags.
  8. Equipment
    • Dresses in civilian clothing, with some military grade accessories.
    • A golden cross necklace tucked beneath her top.
    • Makeshift medical kit.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Moral Compass


Eden was born the youngest child, with a brother her elder by ten years. Despite their intentions of love and care for their children, hardships in their parents marriage led to a rough, neglectful upbringing for the siblings. Eden and her brother Issac formed a close bond as they grew, Issac becoming Eden's protector in her early years, from the world as well as their parents, guiding her the best he could.

Their tie would be severed however, when her brother would enlist into the military shortly after his eighteenth birthday. Desperate to begin his own life, and unable to provide for himself on his own, he explained it to Eden as his only option. After heated arguments on all sides of the family, with no resolution in site, Issac disappeared one night and didn't return. Eden, left alone and broken-hearted at the loss of her closest friend, would grow into a soft-spoken wallflower as she matured.
Once of age Eden, just as Issac before her, abandoned home to leave for greater things. Reflecting on her life with her new-found freedom, Eden decided to purse higher education in nursing and psychology. As she began her college years, Eden finally began to flourish in the work she dedicated herself to. After the years of mistreatment, and a possible subconsciously taking after her brother, Eden found happiness in the aid she could give others in her work. Despite her still quiet demeanor, she grew firm and calculating with her practice, even taking lead in some exercises. Courtesy of her sleepless nights, with her grades after her first year Eden was offered the chance to study abroad. Hesitant at first to take such a leap, Eden decided to still enter the program, for the experience if nothing else. London was Eden's choice, it being where her family originally immigrated from.

As she settled in over the course of a few months, the culture shock wasn't the only surprise Eden encountered. One aimless Friday night, instead of returning to her dorm to study, Eden decided to join some colleagues in a night out at a pub. She she took a seat at the bar and let her "group" intermingle without her, her eyes wandering the bar. Her eyes went wide with shock, as from across the room she locks eyes with a scraggly bearded man, returning the same expression. Not taking his eyes off her, the man quickly stood and ran over to her. The fear bubbling inside Eden was quickly replaced with joy as the voice of Issac called out her name. She rushed into his arms, completely ignoring those she came with.Through a tearful reunion, and half-accepted apologies, Issac explained his absence from her life. In his service, he tried to write to her, but he assumed their mother and father had kept them from her. Issac also told her of the life-long friends he's made, some of which he was here visiting between deployment. Inquisitive as always, Eden asked where he would be heading next. In a few weeks he would depart to the east, to a place called "Chernarus". Despite Eden's questioning, Issac stayed firm on not sharing more than he was allowed, and she conceded. For the next weeks the siblings would rekindle their bond, as well as Eden becoming close with Issac's local service buddies. This time however, as Eden saw her brother off, there was nothing but love and hope for each other. She waved him goodbye for now, and slowly began to settle back into her normal life, but not for long.

As she had been studying, Eden had landed a part time job working with those afflicted hands-on, in an institution as a nurse. Like the rest of the world, Eden was blind to the incoming catastrophe, too lost in their own worlds to notice the bigger picture. She was on shift as the plague swept over London. Instead of rising to the occasion and protecting those entrusted to her, Eden chose cowardice, as she hid in a locker as the staff and patients where torn apart before her. Watching, horrified, Eden would eventually emerge from the bloodshed alone, to see the world around her. Streets full of fire, cannibalism, and death. Eden froze, just as one of the creatures flayed towards her. From her side, a loud noise broke her from her trance as she leap to the side. The creature out for her blood was demolished as the Humvee skidded to a stop after the collision. With a swift kick, a backdoor to the vehicle opened, and the voice of Roman; one of Issac's allies, screamed out to Eden. With a speed not her own, Eden barreled into the backseat, as one of the men in the vehicle slammed the door behind her. Eden looked around at them all, one question on her mind that Roman could read by her face. With a heavy heart he relayed they had lost communications with him shortly before "this" began. Looking around at the lost faces of these men, grappling with their own reality, Eden plead her case. The words for the first time in her life fell from her mouth like a waterfall, as she tried to convince those remnants of his old squad to take her to him. Recalling some of her dirtier tricks in psychology, Eden fought back and forth with others in the vehicle who disagreed, determined to convince them all to take to the sky at the least, to escape. Roman, hanging his superiority over the other men, took to Eden's side after her emotional call to action. They drove through the city as quick as they could, over some, as they made there way out to a military airfield. The infected hadn't taken over the field, but it was obvious by the scattering it wouldn't be long. With Eden hiding in the back, the group entered the airfield, and scoped out their options. As they searched for an aircraft worthy of this trip, the defenses finally began to fall. Looking at the chaos of other soldiers fighting among themselves for escape, Roman took Eden by one hand and drew his pistol in another. His eyes frantic, they finally locked on one of the smaller, two-seaters. As the infected drew closer, even killing some of the men they came with, Roman took Eden and ran for the plane. As they approached a man ahead of them attempted to climb in and steal the plane from their grasp. Primal instinct taking over, Roman raised his pistol and fired. The lifeless body of the man fell the the ground with a dull thud, as Roman forced a screaming Eden inside. Roman started the engine, taking off down the crowded stretch of runway as fast as they could. Living as well as dead clung to the sides of their plane, but as they finally began lifting off the ground leaving the carnage behind, it would seem they were safe.

In the five hours that followed, Eden sat in silence, the only sound for hours being Roman underneath the whirring of the engine. Roman attempted to break her from her catatonic trance, but resigned himself to focusing on their flight. As they finally passed above Ardistan, their contemplation was broken with a loud bang. Their luck had finally given out, as the plane began a quick downward spiral, one if it's wings sporting an artillery sized hole in the side. Panic overtaking them, Roman wrested with the plane for control, as Eden whispered a prayer to herself, almost accepting her fate. Closing in on their crash landing, Roman barked orders to Ellie as quickly as he could, breaking her concentration on her late prayer. Through the panic, all Eden could surmise, was to find him, and head east. Before she could speak, Roman attempted to pull up one last time, as they crashed violently into the earth.

Eden awoke with a scream, in pain, among the debris of the plane. Staggering to her hands and knees, the pain beats her back down, as she looks to the bone poking out of her left arm. Stopping herself, she steadies her vision and looks around her. The plane lay torn to pieces, wings far from where it slid to a stop ahead of her. Limping towards the body of the plane, Eden sees nothing but flames overtaking the empty cockpit. Eden falls back to her knees, screaming out for Roman, before realizing she isn't alone. From the corners of her vision, she sees figures shambling towards her. Rotting, dismembered, creatures out for her yet again. Her form shudders, but stays immobile, the fight draining from her body. As the footsteps draw closer, Eden shuts her eyes, her last thoughts drifting to her brother... or so she thought. As her life flashes before her, the pain doesn't stand out like it used to, as the good times with Issac come to the forefront of her mind. The nights they spend alone together after their mother's drunken beatings, the food Issac brought Eden when they would be starved for days, all coming back to her in this moment. As an infected looms behind her, it lunges for her from behind. Awoken by these memories, Eden throws herself to the side, dodging her attacker. She scrambles at her surroundings, grabbing a still hot fragment of metal from the rubble. The steel burning the flesh on her hand, Eden raises her arm over her head as she finally fights back. She buries the jagged edge of the metal in the eye of the infected, watching it fall to the ground.

Her eyes quickly dart to the other distant corpses approaching, then back to her own beaten body, as she escapes from the wreckage into the night. Lost in an unfamiliar world, once living on the brink of death, Eden continues forward for however long her body allows her in search of Issac. Determined to never give up hope for finding her brother, and in his own words so long ago, hope for herself.


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