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Evelyn Sylar
Character information
  1. Alias
    Eve, Sy'
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1997-05-15 (22 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Wollongong, NSW, Australia
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Family
    Emma Sylar (Missing)


  1. Height
    164 cm
  2. Weight
    45 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly slim, skinny
  4. Hair
    Long Blonde hair
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Strange tattoo on the back of her neck


Evelyn was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her mother and father were fairly well off with money, until Evelyn was three years old, they announced they were having another child. Ecstatic at having a little sister or brother, the family of three moved to Wollongong to save on money, and soon her father landed a job while her mother stayed at home and took care of Eve, and her unborn sibling. It was a girl, she was going to be having a little sister, a little version of her to play with and to grow with. She soon realized that little Emma would take up the majority of her mothers time. Once Emma was older, the two got along well, though had their sister moments where they fought. Once the two were in their teens, they got along much better. Going to school together, and even going to the beach by themselves since their home was close by, in walking distance.

Their father took them fishing and to the beach often. But the two girls would also wander off either with the two of them, and with their friends from school. One night the two sisters snuck out after dinner, and decided to walk the beach close to sunset. They dangled their legs off the piers, walked and splashed in the water, and simply just walked along the beach to enjoy their time. Their favorite spot was underneath the pier, often hiding from the heat or simply to sit and talk. Little did the two girls know that it would cause trouble, that their lives would change. Underneath the pier as they were talking, sitting and letting their guard down, they were greeted by a small group of men, with a female amongst them. The female was sweet, and very friendly with the two girls. She offered to walk them from the pier, and into the parking area to cool down with some water and snacks.

But it wasn't as simple as water or anything else. It was as simple as trusting the wrong people, as the two teens were drugged. Evelyn felt her mind slipping into a sleep. She remembers her sisters head lulling to the side, and one of the men picking her up. She remembers the woman smiling, that sweet, sweet wicked smile. She remembers falling in and out of consciousness. Waking up in the back of a van, her hands and feet bound, tape over her mouth. The panic coursing through her veins as her sister was across from her in a similar state. They were separated after that, constantly either on the move, or staying in abandoned places for a rest. The abuse was unreal. All she wanted was to not exist anymore. Her sister was likely going through the same thing, and she cried for her every night. She cried for herself, and for the other girls she met along the way that were being hauled along with her.

Eventually they were smuggled on boats, likely to another country that Evelyn was unaware of. There were girls of many ethnicities along the ride with her, but her sister was gone. She recognized other Australians, girls that had American accents. Girls that were British, even Spanish, and there were a few with Russian-like accents once they had reached their 'destination.' New girls joined them daily, and others simply were taken away. That same woman was there, often giving Evelyn that same smile that she'd seen in the beginning. She was soothing, but Eve could tell she couldn't be trusted, that she lied alot.

It was unknown how long Eve had been with the woman and men, with the small girls and teens that were in her same situation. Most of the time, she simply lost track of how long it'd been. Months, years had passed. She counted the days when she was able to, when she wasn't stored somewhere for the time being. She missed her sister daily, often confiding in the other girls with her for emotional support. They shared it with her, being taken from their families and friends the same way she was. Each time a new girl was introduced, they were given a similar tattoo on the back of their necks. A long and painful process with a needle and ink, poking time after time. She couldn't see her own, but could see the other girls'. They were like barcodes, numbers underneath them. She assumed hers was similar, a way to identify them. They were dehumanized, simply just objects who were forgotten over time. Now she was in a strange country that she didn't know, with people she didn't know. Scared for her life daily, and crying every night.

Then it hit. The infection. They had been resting in what was assumed an abandoned house, the girls all piled into it. She was drugged again then, along with the majority of the other girls. She remembered hearing the gunshots, the growling and screaming. Then it was quiet outside. The woman from the beginning had been staying inside with Eve and the girls, a gun in her hand, simply waiting to see what was outside. All that was heard was low moaning. They waited for what seemed like a lifetime inside that house. The drugs were wearing off, the girls were becoming more aware that something wasn't right. The woman, Eve had overheard her name to be Heather. Heather stood, going to check what the commotion was about since it had died down, the slightly distant moans still going on. There was a snarl, and a few gunshots. The girls shrieked in fear, unaware of what was happening, a few peaking out the windows to see. Eve joined them, curious yet terrified. One of the men was attacking Heather. There was a chunk missing out of her arm, bleeding heavily as she fired a few more shots at the man. He dropped to the ground.

Heather came back inside, telling all of them they had to move. That it wasn't safe. Eve almost laughed to herself. She was never safe with Heather or the men. It was another one of her lies probably. The girls all reluctantly followed, moving towards the van. The girls where whispering amongst each other, Eve catching a few of them, "What's happening?". "Is she going to die?". "Is this our chance to leave?". "What do we do?". There were a few whispers in a language she didn't know. Eve stayed silent, but more low moans and growls were heard. Heather was attacked again, one of the men coming from behind the van. This time she wasn't able to shoot. He was stronger than she was, and she was easily taken to the ground. Eve and the rest simply watched, both in horror, and relief. Heather was gone, the other men too. Now there was a greater risk involved. One of the girls who had a 'leader' like personality since they had met, Macey, took them away from the scene. They wandered, some getting separated or going their own ways. Within a few weeks, the group had gotten smaller. Only four of the girls remained including Eve. They were tired, hungry, and scared.

They were attacked again, by strange feral people. They snarled and tried to bite like the rest. Macey told them to run, and they scattered. Eve hadn't run so fast in her life. It was tiring, she barely had enough energy to stay on her feet. But she kept running, running further into a country that was unknown to her. Once she figured she was far enough, she posted up in a small hut in the forest. Occasionally, she heard more gunshots, screaming. She didn't know how long she was alone for, or if the other girls survived. Would she run into them again? Or were they just simply gone, like Emma? She lived off by herself, scrounging up food and things she figured she needed. Generally, she stayed away from the infected, only trying to kill them if she really had to. It felt wrong to. They were people, deep inside. But so was she, and she was more human than they were. For now.


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