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Radek Radomir
groovy chow
Character information
  1. Mental
    Perfectly Sane
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1990-10-31 (28 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Novigrad, Chernarus
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian, English
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Mother (Vera), Father (Danek)
  10. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    73 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown. Shaved head
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    Left Arm-

    -Tattoo of the Chernarussian star with stripes.


    Right Neck-

    -Cut running from his jaw to his shoulder.

    Right Leg-

    -Long scar running across the back of his calf. Impedes his running at times.
  8. Equipment
    -Full TTsKO CDF Kit
    -Long Range Radio
    -ID Tags
    -AKM Standard Issue
    -Makarov PM
  9. Occupation
    CDF Soldier. Combat Signaller
  10. Affiliation
    CDF, 31NBC, 12 Conscript D.
  11. Role
    Combat Signaller. Rifleman


e31a35ebacf927b1aba18e297ce13536.png.85fd71e8d9df3ff3df9e8a2f6a15ecf0.png   deec368098060d8a66d090f6fafd1e3a.png.21114b46ab682c50374aa2cb994831f1.png









Radek was born out west in the capital of Chernarus, Novigrad. He was born from his mother, Vera, and Father, Danek. Radomir was too young to experience the collapse of the Soviet Union and the effects on his family. His father, born into the life of a soldier, served in the armed forces prior to the Soviet collapse and shared his patriotic views with his son. This led Radomir to be raised in a house of patriotism, believing service for the country should be everyone's duty. His mother, a house wife, raised Radomir when his father went to work to support the family.

Radomir's childhood was like any other child growing within the capital. He attended a Christian Orthodox school and was taught biased information about his country and the Soviets. When he was not attending school, he was exploring the city. Radomir's life being an urban explorer in his youth allowed him to gain experience with climbing around urban environments. Perfect for his future career choice. At home, his father owned a long range radio transceiver, which Radomir was strangely fond of using in his past time. His fondness for the radio would be iconic for his future.

In his teenage years, Radomir became invested in his father's tales of service. His father convinced Radomir, unknowingly, that the life of a soldier is what a man is born for. Radomir spent his teenage years looking forward to joining the armed forces, hoping that his time in the military would teach him new life lessons and possibly a life of valor.




In 2009, Radomir's country was thrown into civil unrest. Being far west, the conflict never fully reached the city of Novigrad. However, Radomir saw it as an opportunity to enlist in the CDF to defend his country from the Russians. Little did he know, the Russians that he would be fighting would be his own countrymen. Radomir enlisted as a Combat Signaller, a soldier designated on the frontlines to communicate combat orders. He was stationed with the 313th Elektricky Signals and Electronic Warfare Company. During the civil war, their job was to secure communication posts to relay information primarily from South Zagoria back west.

Radomir made his first foreign contact during the civil war, when he was designated to make communications with US Soldiers during their intervention into the conflict.

His vision for a life of valor quickly faded from view as the Chedaki Insurgents slaughtered Chernarussians, both civilian and soldier. He experienced multiple instances of war crimes and death. The civil war horrified Radomir, and his combat during the conflict leaves lasting scars to this day.

Years later, Radomir was promoted to Corporal during his time, becoming a much different man than during the civil war. He has become much more mature, and understood the difference between propaganda and fact. He knew now that the life of a soldier is not full of valor, but rather a life of death. In 2012, the country saw combat in a war of terror on their neighbors, Takistan. Radomir was once again deployed to combat, and absolutely despised his time during the tour. Despite his personal feelings, he did not complain. Rather, Radomir did his duty and did it well. He was inflicted two major injuries during his time in Takistan.

After the war in Takistan, Radomir was finished with being a soldier. He left with the rank of Corporal.





By 2017, Radomir retired back to his life in Novigrad. His family and friends being extremely proud of his service during both the Civil War and Takistan. Radomir himself was extremely proud, but his days of fighting have left him with PTSD, and a fear of Muslims.

Sadly, his now peaceful life would see conflict as, once again, South Zagoria falls into a state of decay. An unknown outbreak ripping across the country, heading west and north. Without choice, Radomir was conscripted back into service under the same unit prior. He was relocated to Tisy and was tasked with assisting combat and salvage operations. As the infection grew, so did the struggles at the Tisy base. Radomir's first contact with the infected individuals was a smaller horde attracted by a helicopter flying overhead. The mangled features of the damned horrified Radomir beyond belief, he likened their appearance and behavior to the undead.

After South Zagoria became too unstable, Tisy was evacuated and the personnel were transferred to Miroslavl. Miroslavl would become Radomir's new home for the coming years.




Of course, Radomir thought Miroslavl would be his new home. After two years of hard work on his radio post at Miroslavl, he was met with a letter addressed to him.




Radomir wanted to kill himself upon receiving the letter. Any letter of conscription to head into South Zagoria meant death for many that went. South Zagoria was the worst Oblast, being a wasteland compared to out west. Radomir had only a couple weeks to prepare for transfer, and when the day finally came he was rounded up with a number of other men and dispatched towards South Zagoria.

Upon entering South Zagoria, he immediately got a taste for what he was getting pulled into when they came across heaps of mass graves scattered throughout the forestry. With a large Soviet radio on his back, Radomir made his way to Upper Berezino, where he finally met the rest of the men he would be serving with during his time.






Novotny is a young officer. Younger than the other men I take orders from. He has trouble keeping us in line, and at times will even join in on the games. I know very little of him, though, so I am holding my judgement. I only hope he begins to step up for leadership more often.



Krat, a fucking beast from hell walking the earth. He can kill you without thinking twice, and you wouldn't even have time to respond. I'm glad I am on his side, I'm afraid of the skills he has. He is a great officer who prefers watching over the commotion rather than causing it. Hopefully when this is all over, we can share some drinks without worrying about being shot.



Janousek is a sergeant for the men in the NBC. He seems to have a hard time getting along with us conscripts, but only because he tries his best to uphold his duty. He definitely has a loud mouth, being very quick to anger and start yelling. Sometimes I only wish he would start yelling at our enemies more instead of us. Regardless, he is a soldier and he does his duty for his country.



Sargeant Doubek keep us conscripts in line, and he is damn good at his job. Most of the men are afraid of him, he'll make us run laps until we are sweating blood. I respect him, being a man of action. He has no remorse for those that wrong us, and he gets shit done. He is exactly the type of soldier this military needs.



Katerina is our nurse, mainly to assist the men in the NBC. She is good at her job, making sure we are healthy. It seems every conscript has a thing for her. From what she told me, she misses the hospital back in Miroslavl, and I do not blame her. She is very timid, and recently she was given orders to prepare for combat, despite having little to no training. She's going to need to learn how to fight properly. I only hope she is holding herself together mentally.



Belinsky, exactly what you'd expect from a conscript. He doesn't want to be here as much as the rest of us. Last interaction I had with him was him hitting me across back of head with shovel.



Lesnitsky, apparently a butcher from Miroslavl. He told me he was attempting to steal supplies from us in Miroslavl, and was conscripted willingly after being caught. Normally I would say I'd like to have him shot, but he has grown on me. Maybe a pain in my ass, but regardless, he did a hell of a job helping me get our relay stations up and running. For that, he has my thanks.



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