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Oscar Mendoza
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1995-09-23 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Spanish.


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Oscar Mendoza was born into a life of poverty, his mother forced to stay home and raise her children, while his father earned worked as a farmhand on another man’s ranch. Despite their meager wealth, the Mendoza family found ways to keep themselves fed, and they were a happy household. Oscar’s childhood was often rough, and he was sent to work alongside his father as soon as he was able to pull roots. It was hard work for very little reward, but his parents were kind and his siblings were lively, making for a pleasant childhood. From the moment Oscar first saw the full expanse of the ranch, spanning over rolling hills and reaching past the horizon, he knew he wanted to own a farm of his own one day, big enough to put any other rancher’s to shame.

Unfortunately, Oscar soon discovered that nothing good can ever last forever, and that sweet childhood quickly turned sour. Drought and expansive famine forced the owner of the ranch to cut a large amount of his work force, including Oscar’s own father. Without an education expanding past high school and still in the midst of a terrible drought, the Mendozas struggled to find work. Hoping to find opportunities beyond the countryside, the Mendoza family moved to the city when Oscar was 14. Predictably however, job openings were just as strained in their new home, and all they earned was a change of scenery. Oscar’s father worked every small odd job he could, but it was never enough, and the man soon fell into alcoholism. A once bright and compassionate soul was stained by substance abuse, and Oscar’s father became bitter and abusive toward his own family.

An early onset of liver cancer put Oscar’s father to rest, leaving the Mendoza household without any form of income. Many of his siblings were far too young to fend for themselves, and he could not bare the thought of his mother having to abandon them to find work. Taking responsibility for the wellbeing of his family, Oscar dropped out of school and went on the prowl for any work he could find. It was not long before he fell into the extensive Mexican drug trade, making far more money slinging dope than he ever could sweeping floors and washing windows. As Oscar grew into a young man, he had fully embroiled himself into crime, committing himself to sin for the sake of his family. He had started down this path out of necessity, but soon enough, business and pleasure began to mix. Oscar was a talented salesmen and soldier, and was recruited as a loyal Sicario for the local cartel. Gone were the days of slinging drugs on the streets, and Oscar began earning a reputation for his cunning and his viciousness. Theft, narcotics, and even murder all became commonplace for the once bright eyed farmhand. It became obvious that Oscar was the most talented Sicario among his peers, and he soon became something of a folk legend for his work, and his undefeated streak of raids and hits on rival gangs. Both his allies and his rivals began to call him El Platino, the Sicario with a quicksilver mind and an even quicker gun. But Oscar Platinum had forgotten that vital lesson that life had taught him many years ago.

Nothing can last.

Revenge is a spiraling hole that swallows everyone it can get a hold of. Oscar Platinum graduated from soldier to an officer within his cartel, and was given the authority to organize an execute a major raid on the home of a rival gang. It was a sweeping success, and Oscar himself led the charge, executing rival gangsters left and right. They left a trail of bodies behind, making their quick escape with millions of dollars worth of narcotics in their hands. Platinum was praised as a hero among his peers, but that success would soon reveal itself to be his ultimate downfall. Oscar was returning home to Mexico from a trip to Miami when he heard the news. He could not even muster the strength to scream when they told him, not until he returned home and witnessed the scene for himself. Bullet holes and casing riddled his family’s home, and the bodies inside were found in a very similar condition. Revenge had finally caught up to him, and it was believed that the cartel he had raided had done this as payment for the drugs and lives he had stolen.

Platinum lost his mother and his siblings, and in the throes of despair, he realized how far he had fallen. He could not bring his family back, but he could at least try and honor their memory by leaving behind his life of crime and sin. Platinum knew he would not be able to escape the cartel so easily, and he became desperate for a way out. Memories of his childhood dream came flooding back, and he realized where he belonged. When his cousin approached offering the opportunity to own his own farm, Oscar could not refuse.

Of course, the cousin omitted the fact that the farm was located in an Eastern European country up until the moment Oscar gave up every cent of his savings. When he finally realized that his new farm was in Chernarus, Oscar was initially furious. But he knew he had no choice now, and that Mexico was probably far better off with him gone any way. Now 23, Oscar abandons his life back home to pursue a new start in Chernarus, unsure of where life will take him next, but finally able to accept whatever it might be.


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