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Lucas Maes
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2001-11-21 (17 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Dutch, English


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral


My name is Lucas Meas I was born in Belgium, 21 November 2001, I was an only child that dind't have any social skills and was highly intelligent therefore never really was a popular guy in my home town so me and my parents moved to the UK in 2010 so I would lose all the mistakes and embarassing things I did when I was still in Belgium. I quikly learned english because I was still young and was good in languages. I did my highschool there and even jumped to a year above me and graduated in 2017, I even made friends so they were very happy. My parents were my rocks and said that I needed a break from stress, and they wanted to fund a vaction to Chernarus. I was hesitant at first because I never left their side before and there was a civil war there in 2009 and can still remember vivid memories of it being on the news. They said it had changed alot from then and that the country side would do me good. I accepted packed my bags and got on the plane.

I landed in Krasnostav on July 6th for a two week vocation I had a taxi waiting for me at the airport and he drove me to Cernaya Polana. I was staying with a local couple, Ivan and Elena I was still too young, only 16 at the time so my parents arranged it for me. They spoke little english so we used hand signs most commonly. I helped Ivan that night helping him in the garden which I had never done since I always lived in a city. Some days pass and I can feel stress go away and my mind becomes clear for the first time in a while, the food was great they were good company and we used to play cards at night so I could go to sleep with fun memory's. On the 8th of July I woke up but didn't get right out of bed, suddenly I hear Ivan and Elena talking I don't know what they are saying but they are worried. I got up and went for breakfast, I asked them what was wrong and they said: "Nothing darling eat your soup now",I didn't care for it that much so I just let it slip.On the 10th me and Ivan were going north to Novodmitrovsk to go get supplies for the week. I got more worried when I saw alot of people demontrating on the streets I dind't know why and asked Ivan he said: "Its for taxes, don't worry". I still dind't care to much I was having a good time none the less. We got back home as fast as we could I van said that Elena needed it fast for some reason.

That night my parents called and asked if I was alright with an upset voice, I asked why. They said that there was a border conflict with Russia and that country was unsafe for me to stay. I needed to leave the country the next day I was in shock and very scared I was alone in a different country without my parents. I passed the phone to Ivan and he said he would bring me to the airport the next day at noon. I dind't sleep that night I was dead awake ready to run at any given time. In the morning before everybody was awake I went for a run so I would't think about it I decided I would head north grabbed Ivan's map and left. I runned a long distance to Novodmitrovsk, I get to the cliff looking over the city and see that the city is in chaos I saw a dead looking person chase another person. That was the first time I saw an infected I realized it on the spot that it must be zombies I had seen it on TV and even played games with zombies.

I ran back as fast as I could back to the house woke up Ivan and Elena and told them what happened, Ivan and Elena collected everything that was worth something, grabbed some food and clothes, we hopped in the car and drove south. I was trying to call my parents in the meantime but I could't get a connection. We quikly got into alot of traffic, we were moving very slow. We finallly arrived in Krasnostav at noon but there were too much people there and they said that I could never get on a plane back home and that I needed to wait until it calmed down. He said that we would go to Chernogorsk to his brother Maxim who lived there. We never got there, at the end of the day we were still only in Shakhovka we also had no gass left. We decided to stay in that city and leave next thing in the morning.

On the 12th we got in even more traffic and weren't moving at all we were stuck... Ivan then drove the car in the Black Forrest to an abandoned shed. We were living there for a month. One day Ivan went to chop some wood he was longer gone than usuall, Elena said stay here and I go check on him... they never returned.I was lost in the Black Forest all by myself and have been living on my own scavenging for more than 2 years now...

I am just looking to find a way so I can see my parents again.

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Hey there! One thing! You say he's been living on his own "scavenging for more than 2 years now". The outbreak is 707 days old (you can see this information on the home page), which is about 1.9 years. I'd say make sure you're aware of that, and amend that in your backstory. 

Have fun playing! 🙂

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