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Zachery Philipps
Character information
  1. Alias
    Agent Philipps [or Useful since that is what his Co-workers used to call him]
  2. Mental
    Stable [Worried, But calm]
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1992-06-28 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    San Francisco, California
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Bits of German, some Portuguese
  9. Relationship
    No S.O.
  10. Family
  11. Religion
    Christian (non-observant)


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    120 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    Background Check [Passed]

    Financial Stability: Good

    Medical History: 2 healed scars (Neck, and Back), 1 Healed Broken bone (Collarbone, Right Side) Immunities: Valid and Up to date

    Work History: Construction Supervisor (1 Year), Accountant for Bank of America(2 Years), [Current] Employees Rights Lawyer (3 Years+)

    Social Media Summary: Humbled individual, Enjoys Life, Enjoys meeting new people, Can be very defensive when topics that are against the agents country of origin are brought up in a negative manner.
  8. Equipment
    The Smart Watch is a piece of equipment Division agents carry at all times. The single most iconic and identifiable piece of kit an agent carries, the watch - with its signature glowing orange outline - serves as a means of communication between agents (only if radio is in inventory) and as the nexus for most all of an agent's personal functions and technology, including projecting an augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD) for various features and points of data.

    As mentioned, the Smart Watch is an active agent's most identifiable piece of hardware. Allies, enemies and civilians alike can learn to identify a Division agent on sight just by looking for the glowing orange watch. Enemies will come to attack anyone on sight wearing one, and some - including the Hunter(s) - consider the watch a trophy to be claimed.

    (OOC: Tldr: smart watch = Orange Armband, SHD Agents will be wearing the Orange Armbands to signify that they are in fact Division Agents, and so they are easily identifiable among players)
  9. Occupation
    Civilian Occupation: Employees Rights Lawyer [SHD Occupation {Pre-Activation}: Human Rights] [SHD Occupation {Activation}: Research and Devlopment]
  10. Affiliation
    Strategic Homeland Division (aka The Division)
  11. Role
    SHD Depmartment: Support


Agent Recruitment Information

Testing [Score: Barely Passed]

Virtual Reality Scenario Tests Score: Average

Loyalty {Strong}: “When it comes to my country and protecting it from threats I will throw everything away including my life to protect what they’ve [Founding Fathers] have built; As for your question about other countries, my main focus is protecting our country but if innocent people are involved then I may prioritize helping them first before anything else.

Mental Resilience {Needs Improvement}: When subject was put through Virtual Reality tests the subject came into contact with a mass grave that included a large civilian populace and was visibly distraught, Subject also stated that he experienced tunnel vision as well as symptoms of early stages of fainting.

Judgment and Decision Making {Perfect}: We believe that due to the occupation of the subject he is naturally good at making split-second decisions and character Judgement when coming into contact with other humans [Scored a 9/10 when evaluating individuals who were tasked with being either friendly or hostile]

Field Leadership {Good}: Subject is good at working with others and is willing to hear what everyone has to say before a decision can be made.

Technical Skills {Poor, Needs improvement}: Subject is definitely not technically keen unless given clear instructions on how to use a new piece of technology when given, Knows basic survival tool creation but anything past that is unknown to the individual.

Commitment to Peak Physical Fitness {Healthy Habits}: Subject has always kept a strict weight lifting routine as well as working on cardio every 5-6 hours after working out.

Raw Survival Instincts {Decent}: Subject tends to confuse themselves when it came to this test and tends to work on too many tasks at once but overall can get tasks done but not in a timely manner.

Training Status: Complete

CQC training: Complete, 8/10

High-Intensity Workout Schedule: Complete, 8.5/10 (Subject needs to hold this score constantly)

Advanced Firearms Classes: Complete, 6.5/10 (as stated before subject is highly familiar with American made firearms but is less than proficient with foreign firearms.)

Mission Overview

SHD Assignment: Agent Philipps has been assigned to retrieve information on the status of the outbreaks ground zero, and to assist the local government establish order, as well as establish a secure connection with Core 3 (Located in Dallas, Texas) to report back with an Internal Affairs Officer to give a status report on the severity of the spread of the infection and if there is any cure in the works.

Agent Philipps has been assigned to work with Agent Mauro and both are currently en route to the Takistani border, Both agents are expected to work together and help each other complete their tasks.

Estimated Assignment Completion: 2 Months (If need be operational status may be extended by another 2 months depending on mission status)

Agents Philipps and Mauro are to be deployed (UNARMED) Into turkey and then proceed to be Inserted into Takistan (Via Coordination with Turkish air force) and then continue to enter the border by foot or by Land vehicle by July 7th, 2017; afterward both agents should proceed to the Takistan/Chernarus border and proceed to enter the country and begin to complete their objectives; They then need to proceed to investigate the specifics of the virus (Ex. if it is Airborne, Transmitted via Contact, if it is Viral, etc.) and to then proceed to search for a location to establish a long-range connection with Core 3 to report findings. If need be Emergency Extraction is unavailable but agents are allowed to deactivate their watches if need be but their status will then be turned to Rouge and will be considered hostile among other agents unless said agents are clearly peaceful. Both agents are approved to join Civilian settlements to gain information or safety to complete their objectives.

IA Handler Side Notes (Backstory)

Agent Philipps had quite a privileged upbringing he experienced little to no struggles compared to his peers and had both parents present in his life [Father Occupation: Accountant] I believe his father had a part of Zachery becoming an accountant but I presume since he did not enjoy the desk job or lack of excitement, [Mother Occupation: Doctor] Now what I don't understand is how when Zachery comes into contact with deceased individuals he proceeds to "Zone Out" and seems to have trouble focusing on tasks when his own mother dealt with that as her job, now my presumption is that his mother was attempting to protect him from that and by not talking about it she may have been trying to shield him but in reality he needed to get accustomed with it and learn how to cope with it. Moving onto his childhood he was quite the troublemaker and tended to get into quite a bit of trouble with his teachers but was also apparently crafty and coordinated well with his peers to achieve a goal, a shining example of this was when he and 5 other classmates stole a bag of starburst from their teachers and used cherry bombs to distract the school staff by dropping them into the school bathrooms and when the teacher ran out to investigate 2 of the students blocked Zachery while he grabbed the bag and stashed it; Although he was later caught for stealing the bag the other 2 children got away with "blowing up" then bathrooms. Moving onto his adolescent years he was more mellowed out and humble towards others as well as teachers, this time he was compared to a security officer since he basically kept people out of trouble and report to teachers when a student was planning on doing something that may interrupt the class, now during both his elementary and middle school years both private schools had their doubts with Agent Philipps and his work ethic seeing as how he excelled on the tests he was given but when it came to his homework he was… more of an underachiever having both failed Math and English in middle school (Note: Correction, his parents did have him redo both classes during his breaks since the private school didn’t have a summer schooling option). As for high school he was still a humble individual but with the added trait of him always wanting to avoid conflict and to come to a peaceful agreement which sometimes meant directing the aggressor onto a separate individual, Now nearing the end of his high school year his school had planned a trip to Germany which he went to and he, in turn, showed great interest in studying the culture there and how people behaved with one other as well as staying out of areas where he thought conflict would be likely, He also assisted the embassy staff at the US embassy with tasks that were difficult for the workers which made him a favorable individual among the staff and populace nearby. Finally we move to the present time now there were issues with us validating his degrees and apparently he only has a bachelor's degree in business, now this can truly be his only degree but I have my suspicions about his past dealings with people in his family all of which cannot be confirmed at this current time; Anyways I digress, After a bank statement came out saying that Zachery’s financial stability dropped dramatically but as soon as we started investigating the madman donated half of his savings and proceeded to make a pledge to a local hospital saying that he would pay for any/all expenses for the hospital to update their equipment, now after we saw this one of our recruiters came into contact with us saying that he did it voluntarily and that he was in a stable mental condition as for the reason why he did it and I quote “I don’t know I was just feeling generous and wanted to help in a way where it’d impact a community and not just an individual” now with this being said we had quite a few doubts as he then would have failed the financial stability portion of the background check which would make him unable to become an Agent, Though shortly after he one a case that was quite a big deal that had a large portion of money attached and became financially stable again. Now after that incident Zachery then went on a long vacation across 4 different countries (Portugal, Germany, Russia, and finally Turkey, he spent an estimated 2 week long stay at each country) to our surprise he became familiar with the local populace and even began to learn fragments of their languages, similar to what he did while he was in high school he also assisted the embassy staff members at each embassy to make sure everyone was doing okay and didn’t need any more help.

Conclusion, Agent Philipps is most likely not the best individual for this mission but with him being a sociable individual we believe that he may succeed in his mission and may even help improve relations between the populace and possible hostile factions in Chernarus; With that being said I am now approving him to commence his mission and he is expected to be inserted into Turkey (Via Turkish Air Force coordination), and will then proceed either on foot or by land vehicle to the Takistan/Chernarus Border and at which point he will cut communications and continue on to complete his objectives.

Signed by Internal Affairs Assitant Director [REDACTED]

Date: June 29th, 2017 (6/29/2017)


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