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lesley decker
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Hi My name is Lesley Edward Decker, but everyone calls me Ed, at least they used to anyway.  I know no one will probably read this but i feel like its important to leave a discription of whats happening in these dark days.  This is the story of how i wound of this death ridden place....


 I was a soldier in the British in that was shipped to Afghanistan by NATO, I was stationed in a village outside of Camp bastion.  It was a normal day like every other.  We were rolling back to hq when our truck hit an IED. I had three separate bits of  shrapnel in my arm. six months later, i was looking for a job...


The biggest thing i missed about the army was the travelling,  i missed seeing the world which is why when bbc offered me a job has a world wide news reporter i jumped at the opportunity, my first story was to cover a riot happening in greece over there default, lots of interviews and lots of hot,musty,sweaty airports...


I was falling in love with my job, i loved seeing the world. When i my boss told me about the marshal law declared in South Zagoria and central Chernarus, i knew this was the story for me,  it was a very dangerous time to visit, i was set up to be flown in by helicopter to a military airport right near Chernogorsk, we had heard about the looters and the cannibals but i didnt expect what happened next.

I heard the flares POP. i immediatly knew what was happening, years of military experience kicked in and i strapped on my press vest and got ready for a, how did the pilot put it"Tactical stop".  BOOM the rocket propelled grenade hit our tail rotor we were in a tailspin....


All i remember was the headache and lying on the ground for a long time, i heard the looters come when i realized i was hidden in between the cockpit and the back seats! the looters might not notice me, i watched has they looted the dead bodies taking the hired pmcs, Ammo, medical supplies, Guns, and all of the tactical bacon... 


thats when the dead started to rise.  The dead pilot and security started to rustle. I had no idea the stories were true... i did all i could do, RUN LIKE HELL.  I ran and ran and ran a little more. Im not sure how far i ran, i stopped at a small town, where i locked myself in a room, which is where i found this pen and pad, and to any one who reads this ill be at the light house on the coast setting up a camp.. all are invited and know that i will defend myself.


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